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Best Speakers for Laptops (Part TWO) PowerPoint Presentation
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Best Speakers for Laptops (Part TWO)

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Best Speakers for Laptops (Part TWO)

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Best Speakers for Laptops (Part TWO)

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  1. Best Speakers for Laptops(Part TWO)

  2. INTRODUCTION • In the first part, we looked at three speakers that you’ll find useful for your music and movie needs - two from Altec Lansing, and one from Logitech. Now, let’s look at three more to round out the list. • Best Speakers for Laptops (Part One)

  3. Creative Gigaworks T20 Series II • The Gigaworks speakers are a very good choice, especially if you have a dedicated table where you place your laptop every day. • While it does look a little dated, the sound quality really backs it up. The speakers are adorned with quality plastic that doesn’t look cheap. • It has detachable speaker covers, if that’s your thing. • The speakers may not be that portable, but they do provide great value for your money.

  4. Veho Mimi Qube Wi – Fi • This is one speaker that’s very cute. In fact, you can place it in your hand, but it’s actually very capable. • Wi-Fi speakers aren’t unheard of. With plenty of devices getting Wi-Fi capabilities, speakers are also joining the fray. • It works by inserting the USB dongle into your computer, and you can place the speaker anywhere within 30 meters. Aside from that, it has six hours of battery life and you can recharge it by plugging into a USB port.

  5. Jawbone Jambox • The Jawbone Jambox is a wireless speaker that delivers impressive audio. It has hi – fi speakers that have ample volume. In fact, it can deliver up to 85 decibels. • To make use of the speaker, you’re going to have to use Bluetooth. It’s feature packed. For example, you can connect it to your PC. Afterwards, you can put in features such as Voice Dial and noise cancellation. You can even update the firmware.

  6. CONCLUSION • With 6 different speakers, there’s no shortage of choices. Every product has their own special place, and it’s up to you to find out what works best for you. • If you want a good laptop to partner these amazing speakers, then go sell your old laptop to and buy a new one.

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