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Gospel Partnerships: Many Lives, One Mission PowerPoint Presentation
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Gospel Partnerships: Many Lives, One Mission

Gospel Partnerships: Many Lives, One Mission

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Gospel Partnerships: Many Lives, One Mission

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  1. Gospel Partnerships:Many Lives, One Mission Missions Month at OIF/PCCOPhilippians 1:1-30

  2. Introduction: (Acts 16:11-40) • This is the first city on the continent of Europe where the gospel was preached, and a small culturally-mixed church was established. • Here, Paul and Silas came in answer to the Macedonian mission call. • Here, they met a group of women gathered together, where one called Lydia, the seller of purple received the gospel. • Here, the imprisoned Paul and Silas experienced an earthquake that eternally changed the lives of a jailor and his whole family.

  3. Gospel Partnerships: Many Lives, One Mission Philippians 1:1-30 Intro: Acts 16:11-40 • Mission At Its Core Is A Partnership! (v. 3-11) II. This Gospel Mission Changes Lives (v. 12-26) III. One Gospel – One Shared Mission (v. 27-30)

  4. Mission at its core is Partnership! • A partnership in the Gospel (v. 5) • A partnership bathed in thanksgiving and prayer (v. 3-4) • A partnership based upon confidence in God (v. 6) • A partnership of intimate relationship (v. 7-8) • A partnership where love abounds more and more (v. 9) • A partnership filled with the fruit of righteousness that comes through Jesus Christ (v. 11)

  5. Partnership Of Thanksgiving & Prayer a. “how constantly I remember you in my prayers at all times” (Romans) b. “I have not stopped giving thanks for you, remembering you in my prayers. I keep asking …” (Ephesians) c. “we have not stopped praying for you” (Colossians) d. “we constantly pray for you” (2 Thessalonians) e. “night and day I constantly remember you in my prayers” (2 Timothy) f. “I thank God every time I remember you. In all my prayers for all of you, I always prayer withjoy…” (Philippians)

  6. Gospel Mission Changes Lives • Paul’s prison situation gave him the opportunity to become a witness to all the palace guard and many others as well (v. 13) • Paul’s prison circumstance strengthened most of the brothers to speak the word of God more courageously, more boldly (v. 14) • Paul testifies that his chains are the result of hisdefense and confirmation of the gospel. (v. 7, 16)

  7. One Gospel – One Shared Mission • Paul calls us to stand firm in one spirit and to contend together for the faith of the Gospel without fear. (v. 27-28) • It is a Gospel mission that brings about amazingresults – Salvation (v. 28) • The Gospel mission teaches us to accept faith andthe suffering that it brings as being granted byGod and shared with all the saints(v. 29-30)

  8. Great Civilizations • From bondage to spiritual faith; • From spiritual faith to great courage; • From courage to liberty; • From liberty to abundance; • From abundance to complacency; • From complacency to apathy; • From apathy to dependence; • From dependence back to bondage.

  9. George Muller (1805-1898) • An English evangelist who founded orphanages in Bristol England.  He trusted God for his daily needs to feed the orphans. • One day George Muller began praying for five of his friends. …………..

  10. Gospel Partnerships: Many Lives, One Mission • The Gospel mission must be rooted in God’s grace and peace (Phil. 1:2, 7 4:9, 23) • It is fascinating that two decisively different motives bringone continuous result as the message of Christ was proclaimed(v. 18) • Paul knows that both his life and his deathare meant to bring the same result – exaltation of Jesus Christ. It is this central purpose that Paul lives by. (v. 20-21)