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  3. JENIN Villages of Jenin A bout the city Jenin camp Photos of Jenin BACK

  4. jenin Jenin Enter Back

  5. Jenin • Location: a city in the West Bank's The city of Jenin overlooks both the Jordan Valley to the east and the Marj Ibn Amer to the north. • Population: 46,000 Palestinians. • Economics: mainly agriculture . • Religion: Islam , Christianity. • Educational institutions: The Arab American University . • Community centers: first center of excellence , freedom theater , creative cultural center. The Arab American University First center of More Back

  6. *Entertainment places : Hadad tourism village , the green valley park , Jannat park. *Restaurants : you can find many restaurants in this small but amazing city ,such as Pizza hot, fried chicken . * Tradional food: Jenin is well known for its delicious food such as musakhn and falafel. back

  7. First center of excellence • The First center of Excellence is part of the Relief International Organization in Jenin city . It has become part of the community with its activities and voluntary work which all aims to improving the society . Photos BACK

  8. Jenin camp 1)Population : 12,000 Palestinians. (42.3% of the population of the camp is under the age of fifteen. ) 2) Community and voluntary centers : The freedom theatre . The freedomtheater BACK

  9. The Freedom Theatre About the theatre : Using the arts as a model for social change, the freedom , Theatreis developing the only professional venue for theatre and arts in the north of the Occupied Palestinian Territories. The aim of this project is to empower and give voice to the children of Jenin Refugee Camp through a unique programme of workshops and activities in theatre, supporting arts and multi-media, ranging in their emphasis from the largely therapeutic and healing, to the presentation of high-quality artistic products. .. Photos BACK

  10. The Arab American University-Jenin was established on September 1, 2000 as the first experience in private education in Palestine. AAUJ was designed to offer distinguished education in a number of specialties relevant to the needs of the Palestinian community. AAUJ is committed to recruit highly-qualified faculty members and places great emphasis on scientific research as the means to evaluate their achievements. back

  11. Jenin’s villages Jaba’ Arraba Ya’bad Zubabdeh Yamun Jalbun Back

  12. Jaba’ • Location :on the main road between the town of Jenin- Nablus, 20 kilometers away, that is midway between the two cities . • Population:348 people in 1987, the total number of expatriates around 8000 people. • Economics: growing grains and legumes, fruit trees and olives, almonds, figs, depending on rain water .Raising cattle, sheep , producing large quantities of Dairy products, meat . It is also famous for its pottery. • Tourists sites : the city contains many springs which are being depended on for farming. back

  13. Arraba Arraba *location: about 13 km south west of Jenin city . * population: 10000 people and abroad (50000) people, all Muslims * Economics: mainly agriculture. * Tourists sites : is known for its it famous well which is curved (dug ) in the rocks, and consisting of two parts. back

  14. Ya’bad *location: Near to Jenin city ,located on high mountains, close to the Green Line . *population: it has a large population in comparison with the rest of the villages surrounding Jenin. *Economics: agricultural products, foremost tobacco and production of olives and cheese, milk, olive oil and coal . *Tourists sites :it has a very beautiful view with lots of trees and planted fields a long with an amazing small forest (in the picture). back

  15. Zubabdeh *location: located to the south-east of Jenin. * population: It Has a population of about 3000 people ,Most inhabitants are Christians . *Economics: mainly Agriculture ( with different crops). * Tourists sites: it has more than 3 churches from different ages ,and one of them has the second longest minaret in the west Bank. back

  16. Yamun *Location: located to the north-west of the city of Jenin in northern West Bank ,and 9km away from the city of Jenin. *population: about 18.000 inhabitants . * economics: Planting in the grain, vegetables, almonds and apricot, figs and olive trees ,depending on the water coming from its many wells , and water springs. *Tourists sites: you can find many amazing natural sites and trees . back

  17. Jalbun *location: located in the eastern city of Jenin, about 12 kilometers away from the city. *population:2500 people . *economics: Agriculture (grains , olive trees) . *Tourists sites: there are many beautiful sites that you can visit in Jabun . back

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  34. PREPARED BY : Dina Abu Shraim . In supervision of Relief International (First Center of Excellence) –Jenin. This is a very small glimpse about my beautiful city Jenin , I HOPE YOU GET TO KNOW SOMETHING ABOUT THIS Interesting Palestinian city which has lots of brilliant people , along with amazing natural seen . back