8 th grade powerpoint n.
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8 th Grade PowerPoint PowerPoint Presentation
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8 th Grade PowerPoint

8 th Grade PowerPoint

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8 th Grade PowerPoint

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  1. 8th Grade PowerPoint By, Your Name

  2. Directions • Slide #2: Title Google Docs • Give some bullet points on using this program • Indicate what you learned • Indicate how it works

  3. Slide #3 • This is the Prezi slide • Link your prezi to this slide: using the share feature & paste the code on this slide • Talk about what you learned & how you liked using

  4. Slide #4 • Using a “blank” slide layout option. • Copy & paste your college letter into this slide from MS Word

  5. Slide #5 • Use this slide to share with me what you learned about using your student email account. • You will be using email at the high school quite a bit to correspond with your teachers; Using a “blank” slide format: design an email to me & tell me what you liked most this trimester in my class.

  6. Slide #6 • Although we didn’t write a blog this year, you did have to do an Edutyping exercise on “What is a Blog”. Tell me what it is using bullets on this page.

  7. Slide #7 • Wiki’s are becoming more and more wide-spread. You have used a wiki a lot this year through my classroom wiki & you hopefully, have edited one yourself by now. Use this slide and bullets and tell me what you think of wikis at this point. Also, find some kind of picture that represents a wiki and include in this slide.

  8. Slide #8 • Keyboarding has been a big part of your computer time at DMS. You are supposed to be proficient in it going to the high school. Use this page to share with me your memory of what you were like in keyboarding in 6th grade and how it compares to your growth in keyboarding now. You can use data like accuracy and wpm #’s from this year too on this slide.

  9. Slide #9 • Using a “blank” layout slide, copy and paste your CandyExcel exercise onto this page.

  10. Slide #11 • Information Literacy: We did a whole mini unit on this topic. Now that we have worked on that for a couple of weeks, what did you learn on this topic that you might not have known before. Remember, plaigarism policy, video,, plaigarism scenarios, etc.

  11. Slide #12 • What do you remember the most important thing being in the cyber-bullying video that we saw. What did you take away from that information? Explain here; using bullets. Remember no full sentences in PowerPoint.