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Larry Coppenrath

Larry Coppenrath

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Larry Coppenrath

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  1. 12502 SE 273rd Place, Kent, WA 98030-8504 Cell 206-883-6700, Fax 801-905-9187 Larry Coppenrath • Executive Team Leader • New Technology Delivery • Focus on Endorsement • Original High Tech Research • Client Advocate

  2. Variety of Environments(Startup - Global Enterprises) Multi-Discipline Management Experience Hardware Product Development Software Product Development Professional Services Development General Management Western Regional Office Technology Management Business Development Product Management Workout Management Shared Values Driven Executive Team Leader

  3. New Technology Delivery • Web Based NT (SQL & Oracle) Syscon Justice Systems, Captura Employee Payables™, ITP/Boeing Sheet Metal Factory Automation , Onyx Sales Force Automation Application Delivery, Onyx Add-On Application Development. • Director of Technology(Excell Data) Ensured Technology was Available to Achieve the Business Objectives of this Consulting Services Firm. • VP Engineering (Symbolics) 1st Gate Array Based and Custom VLSI Based LISP Processor Product Families for the Artificial Intelligence Market. • Senior Engineering Manager (Digital Equipment Corporation) 1st MicroVAX / MicroVMS (1st VAX to use Custom VLSI, Fastest VAX Development), VAX 11/750 (1st Gate Array Based VAX, Pioneered Product Assurance Concepts).

  4. Focus On Outcome • Hardware and Software Products Developed or Delivered To-Date Exceed $ 1.5 Billion • Teams Managed Have Successfully Operated In A Number Of Environments: • Large Multi-Nationals (Raytheon, DEC, Boeing, Microsoft) • Small Multi-Nationals (Symbolics) • National System Integrator (ITP Systems, Excell Data) • Startup (Symbolics, ITP Western Region, Impact, Captura)

  5. Original Research • Original High Technology Company Research • In Association with the University of Santa Clara, Graduate School • 25 Silicon Valley Company’s • Research Directed At Growth Patterns and Traps Encountered • 18 Month Project at Impact, Inc. • Re-Tooled Education & Experience Toward Customer Advocacy • “Endorsable Outcome Methodology” was Conceived as a Direct Result of this Work

  6. Endorsable Outcome NPS Rating NPS Rating NPS Rating Common Endorsement Methodology

  7. Endorsable Outcome Methodology Reduced to Practice on the Microsoft Rollout Project Enhanced for Commercial Application Delivery at Excell Data Complete Corporate Integration Achieved at Captura Client Endorsement Methodology Integrated at Syscon Justice Systems Client Advocate

  8. Knowledge Transfer Internet Management Dynamics Competitive Dynamics of Internet Time B2B Market Place Success Creating a Virtual Company Creating an e-Culture Cyber-Staking Value Based Consensus Building Pursuit of Excellence Getting to Expected Results Idea Generation Selling in 2000’s Project Management 101 Shared Values Client Advocacy Total Satisfaction Management Site Package Methodology Customer Relationship Management Endorsable Outcome Methodology Business Development Managing Change Business Process Re-Engineering Managing Radical Change Critical Strategic Issue Development Integration Management Creating New Market Space Alliance Fundamentals VC Myths & Realities Competing For The Future Product Evolution & Process Technology Capability Maturity Model (CMM/SEI) Assessing Business Potential of Products Tactical Development - Speed When You Need It Rapid Development Biometric Technology Overview Biometric Privacy – The Issues

  9. Larry CoppenrathL. F Coppenrath & Associates12502 SE 273 Place, Kent, WA 98030-8504(T) Contact Me