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Larry Souders

Larry Souders

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Larry Souders

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  1. Larry Souders Larrythelibrarian

  2. My History • I was born in Shawnee, OK. I attended Earlsboro High School and graduated in 1965. I was President of my Senior Class and enjoyed all the aspects of public school. I was in the Navy during the Vietnam War and was aboard the USS Saratoga . The Saratoga was an Air Craft Carrier. • After the service I attended and graduated from the University of Central Oklahoma with a degree in education. • I taught school in Meeker, Seminole, and Tecumseh many years ago. I became very interested in rare books and after many years of struggling opened a rare book store, Landrun Books. My store was located in Oklahoma City and I actually had it located here in Stillwater for one year back in 1999. I appraised libraries for the court and sold many rare library collections over the years.

  3. Here I am with my princess! I am an avid reader. I enjoy classic literature but also read many of the current authors. I love libraries and am a reference librarian here in Stillwater. I have a beautiful wife (Tammy) of fourteen years and an "angel beautiful" ten year old daughter named Scotland. They are the joy of my life. Together we have a total of 6 children (10 to 43) and 7 grandchildren (5 granddaughters and 2 grandsons). I like to golf, bike ride and swim as well as watch all of my daughter's activities (Karate, Swim Team, Dance, 4-H speech, Girl Scouts, etc).

  4. This is me with my two older daughters. The one on the left, Jennifer, is leaving this week for Seoul, Korea for a six week economics class. The one on the right, Janel, is a social worker in Denver, CO. I read to them constantly when they were children and they still ask for a story now and then.

  5. Papa and Peyton • When this young lady was born I knew it was time to move back to Stillwater so I could be close. This is my granddaughter her name is Peyton. When she was born I took a Reference Librarian job at the Stillwater Public Library. I am there now so come and see me. I have been employed by the SPL for two and half years.

  6. Prior to returning to Stillwater, my wife and I, managed the Niobrara River Ranch located on the Niobrara River in Nebraska. These falls (Smith Falls) are on the river beside the ranch. They are the tallest water falls in Nebraska.

  7. Granddaughter Tatum Yes, she is a young star! She loves stories. She will say, “read it again PaPa.” We have had some power struggles over Papa’s new Nook Color. She has taken liberties and purchased several books on it (it’s now password protected).

  8. Emma This is my oldest Granddaughter. Emma is a math whiz. She scored the highest grade in her literacy test. She has been picked for a special advanced math school in Denver. Emma is 8 years old.

  9. This is me at the Stillwater Public Library getting ready for the Christmas Parade Float in The Stillwater Christmas program.

  10. This is my Youngest Daughter Scotland. She is a poetess. Here she is reciting a poem to the OLLI class at the Oklahoma History Center.

  11. This wonderful picture was taken at Disney World last Thanksgiving. You really are never too old to go to Disney World.

  12. Our family dog is Waggles. He has been a part of our family for six years. He is a chug! The horse is Sequelie and he loves me.

  13. My granddaughter (Peyton) and daughter-in-law (Heather)…My cup runneth over!

  14. One of my favorite quotes!Rumi – There is a field Out beyond ideas of wrongdoingand rightdoing there is a field.I'll meet you there.When the soul lies down in that grassthe world is too full to talk about. Rumi

  15. I love to play pool.

  16. My Dream I love books and libraries. I desire with all my heart to introduce literature to everyone no matter their age. My dream is to finish my Master’s degree in Educational Technology with an option in School Library Media and continue doing library work as long as I live.