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ERP2Web 4.6 JD Edwards Real-time B2B/C eCommerce Storefront PowerPoint Presentation
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ERP2Web 4.6 JD Edwards Real-time B2B/C eCommerce Storefront

ERP2Web 4.6 JD Edwards Real-time B2B/C eCommerce Storefront

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ERP2Web 4.6 JD Edwards Real-time B2B/C eCommerce Storefront

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  1. ERP2Web 4.6 JD Edwards Real-time B2B/C eCommerce Storefront Presentation To: JD Edwards ERP Customers July 8, 2009

  2. Real-Time B2B and B2C electronic storefront The Web Solution for JD Edwards WorldTM and EnterpriseOneTM

  3. Agenda • Introductions • CDI Company Background • ERP2Web Overview • ERP2Web ROI • ERP2Web Marketing • ERP2Web Integration • ERP2Web Demo • Questions and Answers

  4. About Computer Discoveries, Inc. (CDI) Established in 1991, JD Edwards partner since 1994 Headquarters in Chicago (Lombard), IL Provide value-added solutions & services for customers in the J.D. Edwards enterprise systems marketplace Have provided software & consulting services to over 500 customers. Currently we have over 175 active customers. Business Partners: Oracle, Microsoft, IBM, SAP, Symbol & Intermec 4

  5. Partial List of CDI / JDE Software Clients

  6. CDI – ERP2Web

  7. 12 Months 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 Custom Plan Develop Test Deploy Deploy Plan Impl. ERP2Web, “Out-of-the-Box” – Rapid Time To Benefit ERP2Web

  8. Click the “Full Screen” Icon which is a box with 4 outward pointed arrows.“Esc” takes you out of full screen • Click the “Full Screen” Icon which is a box with 4 outward pointed arrows.“Esc” takes you out of full screen CDI – Complimentary JDE Software Solutions

  9. CDI Product Positioning

  10. ERP2Web - ROI Capitalizing in a Tough Economy with New Economy Self-Service Solutions from CDI

  11. ERP2Web Enables Corporate Goals • Helping you Reach your Buyers & Suppliers More Effectively • Improve Customer Acquisition & Retention • Increase Business/Market Share • Open New Sales Channels • Streamline Order Processing • Provide Superior Customer Service • Optimize your Supply Chain

  12. No Longer Hype of ‘90’s – It’s Mandatory Business-to- Consumer • E-Catalogs • PO or Credit Card Payment Processing • Personalization • Empowering Web Savvy Customers Business-to- Business

  13. Why e-Commerce ?

  14. How Do Most Companies Progress? Leverage Your Experience Transact Business Access Data Publish Integrate Web With Business Systems Transform the Way You Conduct Business Your Information on the Web Security Chasm Business Value Chasm

  15. ROI Categories – Direct (Measurable) & Indirect Benefits

  16. B2B/C e-Commerce = High ROI • Increased Revenue • New Customers in Geography not Previously Covered • Increased “Share of Wallet” (Average Order Revenue) by Effective Cross Selling, Up Selling, Promotions, Coupons, etc. (Impulse Buying) • Increased Customer Satisfaction & Revenue with 24/7/265 Storefront • Improved Customer Retention & Purchasing Rates • Increased Customer Service & Customer Satisfaction • Questions Answered Online – Significant Phone Call Reduction (Call Deflection) • Reduce Marketing & Catalog Costs • Significantly Reduced Customer Transaction Costs

  17. Decreased Cost of Customer Service • Customers Answering Questions via Self-Service • Order Status (Shipped, Backordered Items, Arrival) • Pro-Active eMail Alerts for Order Acknowledge & Ship • Item Customer Pricing & Availability • Credit & A/R Information – Pay Invoice with Bankcard • Future Hiring Avoidance • Reduced Support Costs (Phone, Facilities, etc.) • Focused on Customer Service & Satisfaction Other Than Order Creation • Free Up Sales Force to Close More Business

  18. ERP2Web – e-Marketing • Innovative/Creative Promotional Campaigns • Promotions, Coupons, Special Offers, etc. • Integrate JDE, CRM, BI, Marketing, Affiliate, etc. Programs • Results: • Increased Sales • Reduced Cost for Order Fulfillment • Larger Average Orders • New Streams of Revenue • More Impulse Buying • Additional Up & Cross Selling Opportunities

  19. Traditional & e-Marketing Work Together • E-Marketing Fact • 90% of People Utilize Web for B2B Inquiry • 35% From Web Research Initiate Contact with Supplies • Create Marketing Campaigns - Example • (1) Web Pages/e-Mails with hyperlinks to ERP2Web e-Catalog • (2) Print Catalog Tied to ERP2Web e-Catalog – • (3) Delivers POWERFUL Revenue Results

  20. Web-based Static Product Info. ( Customer Care Center Calls Sales Rep • Tell story one more time… • No knowledge of promotion • Product not available Can’t Order! MarketingPromotion Order Expected call back does not come... Problem: Web Marketing and Storefront Not Integrated Sales cycle extended for weeks -- if customer still interested!

  21. Live Chat (optional) ERP2Web ( Customer Care Center Call me button to speak to rep • Ask questions • Receives Assistance • Makes Additional Purchases • Check Availability • Order Products • Cross-sell/Up-sell e-Marketing Order • Online Promotion • “Buy it Now!” Button ERP2Web: Seamless link between Web, JDE & Marketing • Sales cycle accelerated to minutes • High customer satisfaction

  22. Evolve From Traditional Marketing, Sales, and Service Model to… Internet-Centric With Integration Across all Channels of Customer Contact E-Marketing Targeted Promotions, Personalization ERP2Web Personalized & Customizable Online Storefront JDE Order-To-Cash Integrated Order Payment Processing and Routing Auto e-Mail Notice In/outbound e-mail management, Auto response Configurator Integrated to JDE Configurator for Guided Selling CDI Support Help Desk, Help Page, FAQ, Tutorials & More

  23. ERP2Web – User Type Personalization • Multiple User Types Served from same content/eCatalog • Serve Needs & Buying Patterns of Target Segments • ERP2Web Environment Specifics: • Page Design Styles, Color, Font, Logo, etc. • Personalized eCatalog • Shopping Cart Specifics • Checkout Process Flow • Payment Option Specifics End-Customers ERP2Web eStore & eCatalog Major Accounts • Product Catalog • Item Categorization • Page Themes/Templates • Media Files • Store User Defaults Consumers

  24. ERP2Web Benefits & Differentiator • Eliminate manual intervention by automating campaign-to-order-to-cash process • Coordinated selling across sales channels • Access to accurate information in real-time • Effectively collect and apply customer JDE & eCommerce knowledge

  25. ERP2Web Integration SHARED SCHEMA BusinessIntelligence OrderManagement • Actual JDE SO # • Customer Pricing • Product Availability • Orders/ Order Status • Utilize Existing BI & Reporting • Google Analytics • MS SQL Reporting • Rapid ROI JDE ERP Marketing Accounts Receivables • Robust e-Catalog • Personalized • Promotions, Coupons • Up-Sell, Cross-Sell • Integrated with JDE ERP2Web • Tax Integration JDE or Vertex • Credit, Balance & More • Pay Invoice with Credit Card Intranet & Extranet Users Inventory Service • Real-Time with JDE • Categorize JDE or Other • Personalized • Increased Cust. Satisfaction • Improved Cust. Service • Reduced Cust. Calls • Improved Order Accuracy • Increased CSR Utilization Product Customer Pricing Comp. CSR Opportunity Sales Rep

  26. Product Architecture (EnterpriseOne)

  27. Product Architecture (World)

  28. ERP2Web - Technical • 100% Microsoft .NET based B2B & B2C Storefront for JD Edwards World and EnterpriseOne • Always presents Real-Time Information on the Web Working With Your JDE Business Logic & Data Tables Requiring no Changes to your JDE software • For JDE E1, XML Adapter calls JDE XML Business Objects (Interoperability) that processes JDE EnterpriseOne Master Business Functions • For JDE World, Utilize Superior IBM Virtual Terminal (Server) API’s • Supports Event Rules, any Customizations (Mods) and Future JDE Upgrades • Centralized Application Maintenance to Easily Create & Maintain your Electronic Storefront. • Fast Response Time • Scalable and ERP2Web can run in Multiple Instances

  29. ERP2Web Integration, Real-Time & Synchronization Integration with JDE and other servers (email, marketing, logistics, etc.) basically occurs, in three ways. They are: • Transactional Integration – Real-time for JDE order creation, retrieving customer (advanced) pricing, item availability, customer credit information and JDE address book revision. • Database Integration – ERP2Web works directly against JDE tables. Example, for order inquiry/status they would be directly inquiring against JDE sales order header (P4210) and JDE item line detail (P4211/P42119) tables tied to their login JDE Address Book ID association. Thus, order information such as “status” would be real-time. • Synchronization of Data – For most customers an easy to manage Excel spreadsheet integrated with SQL import executables are scheduled on a daily (nightly batch update) basis. Some customers schedule the executables to run every hour. Optionally, CDI could create intelligent SQL Import executables to the JDE Item master and other (e.g., Marketing for graphic files) servers.

  30. ERP2Web Item Import From Excel Process Description, Images etc, from Marketing Database ERP2WebSQL Database ERP2Web Item Import process Schedules nightly to run Excel Spread-sheet Imports Items, Item Description, Category, and Associates Item Category Relations From JDE Database

  31. ERP2Web – JDE E1 Integration Details • ERP2Web using XML Interoperability (XML CallObject) for Sales Order Creation & Pricing works with the JDE Sales Order Master Business Functions: B4200310 • For Customer A/R Finance Information (Accumulated A/R Balance, Dates, Etc.) ERP2Web works Against Those Relevant Business Functions • For Address Book (Create New Ship to, Add New Bill/Ship to, etc.) ERP2Web works Against Those Relevant Business Functions

  32. Final Goal • To provide you with an eCommerce solution that will allow your business to succeed! • Questions & Answers • Nest Steps…

  33. Contact Us Doug Palaske Manager of Sales & Marketing (630) 599-0620 x225

  34. ERP2Web JDEEnterpriseOneTM Get more out of your JD Edwards Investment! Increase your ROI with ERP2Web!

  35. ERP2Web JDEWorldTM Real Time Transactions! Harness the Power of the Internet!

  36. ERP2Web Overview • Web Enable & Leverage your JD Edwards Investment – Full “Browser Based” JDE Order Management Extended to Any PC • Easy 24 X 7 Personalized, Convenient Access to Products • Competitive Differentiator – E-Commerce Strategy To Stay Ahead of the Competition • Rapid Implementation With Tangible Results • Cost Effective - One Price for All Functionality • Used for B2B, B2C and/or Internal Intranet Application

  37. Customer Comments Keith Neely, VP (Mizuno Sporting Goods) “Having a tightly integrated JDE ERP eCommerce solution is a priority at Mizuno. ERP2Web is our 3rd generation solution and it has achieved all of our expectations and more. This is proven by month after month of significant increases in percentage of web orders. Our ERP2Web web order creation channel is now easily over 25% of all orders! This translates to huge savings and increased customer satisfaction.” • Marilyn White, Business Analyst (Hill-Rom) "Competitive Challenges and our major customers demanded a robust and easy to use e-commerce solution resulting in implementing CDI's ERP2Web solution. The project resulted in high customer satisfaction and helped us secure additional strategic business."

  38. ERP2Web E-Commerce Functional Spec’s – Page 1 • Flexible and Robust Electronic Catalog that can be personalized • Familiar shopping cart style of order entry – credit card optional • Payment – Credit Card and/or Invoice • New Customer (B2C) – Automatic Address Book Record Created from ERP2Web Registration Form • Automated e-mail order confirmation with JDE order number & e-mail with shipping notification • Customer Order History Inquiry • Real Time Status Check of Open JDE Orders • Web/Browser Based 24/7 Order Entry • Order from: 1. E-Catalog 2. Search – Basic & Advanced 3. “Re-Order” from customer history 4.“My List” (pre-defined items) 5. Quick “SKU Number” & Qty. 6. Excel Upload to Shopping Cart • Work through JDE Business Logic (i.e., Advanced Pricing) • Real Time Item Availability Inquiry • Promotions & Coupons, Etc.

  39. ERP2Web E-Commerce Functional Spec’s – Page 2 • Creates JDE Sales Orders and/or Sales Quotes • Cross Selling & Up-Selling Items Functionality • Invoice Inquiry • Self-Service for Invoice Payment with Credit Cards • Create New Ship to Address • Order Carrier Tracking Capabilities • Offline Ordering Support Store (encrypted) Multiple Credit Cards per Customer Searching - Simple or Advanced, (exact phrase or “any words” by description, part #, manufacturer, features and specifications View ALL JDE Open Orders (web & others) & Order History Simple hardware requirements Utilize existing JDE User Licenses Administrative Console - Powerful yet Simple