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World Religions PowerPoint Presentation
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World Religions

World Religions

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World Religions

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  1. World Religions Where Do Catholics fit in?

  2. Saint Matilda is the Patron Saint of Misbehaving Children What’s a “World Religion?”

  3. World Religions In 2003, over 100,300 Catholics went to prison defending their faith. • Religions most often included in world religion surveys • Religions studied in world religion classes • There are 12 Classical World Religions

  4. Judaism - 2000 BC Sikhism - 1500 AD Bahá'í - 1863 AD Christianity - 30+ AD Islam - 622 AD Monotheistic Religions From the Greek word meaning “single god” The Catholic Mass is virtually unchanged after 2,000 years

  5. Jainism - 420 BC Hinduism - 4000 to 2500 BC Buddhism - 560 to 490 BC Confucianism - 500 BC Polytheistic Religions Religions with “many” gods The Vatican sits on 108 acres of land.

  6. Around the World There are 2.2 Million Catholics in Pakistan.

  7. Top 10 Catholic Populations The U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops assists between 1/4 and 1/3 of ALL refugees into the United States!

  8. Lowest 10 Catholic Populations Catholicism in the U.S. grew by 1.5% in 2009 with 68 Million Catholics – more than any other U.S. Religion!

  9. Top 10 Countries with Most Total Priests The Catholic Church owns about 237,000 acres of land in America. Lowest 10 Countries with Least Total Priests

  10. Top 10 Countries with Most Total Female Religious The most common sins for men are lust and gluttony – for women its anger, pride and envy. Lowest 10 Countries with Least Total Female Religious

  11. Top 10 Countries with Highest % Atheists/Agnostics 3% of Iraq is Roman Catholic – the Catholic Church has been in Iraq for over 400 years.

  12. Top 10 Countries with Lowest % Atheists/Agnostics Pope Benedict XVI loves cats and has 2 of his own , named Hodge and Chico.

  13. A Catholic Monk named Dom Perignon invented champagne in the early 1500’s

  14. Polka Masses are popular in Minnesota!

  15. Welcome to the State of Alabama Catholics represent 25% of the U.S. Military. • Population – 4.5 Million • 2.3 Millions are “Church Goers”(affliated with one of 149 different religions) • 1.38 Million are Southern Baptist • 2nd largest religion is Methodist (350,000) • 3rd largest is Catholic at 150,000

  16. Am I alone?

  17. Did you know these people are Catholic?

  18. How about these guys? Bing Crosby Jimmy Durante Christina Aguilera Sonny Bono Mike Piazza Cathy Rigby Sammy Sosa Farrah Fawcett Nick Nolte Susan Serrandon Nicole Kidman Conan O’Brian Regis Philbin Celine Dion Nicholas Sparks Jules Verne Rudolph Valentino Antonio Banderas Oscar Schindler Nicholas Cage William the Conqueror Sylvester Stallone Pierce Brosnan Matthew McConnaughty Pele Justice Clarence Thomas George Harrison (“Beatles”) Paul McCartney (“Beatles”) Pablo Picasso Nick Saban

  19. Mel Gibson Martin Sheen Rudy Guiliani (NY Mayor) John Wayne Frances Ford Copola Cyndi Lauper Bruce Springsteen Arnold Schwarzenegger Vince Lombardi Brooke Shields Sean Penn Mick Jagger (“The Stones”) Al Pacino Robert DeNiro Al Capone Napoleon Tennessee Williams The Folgers (Folgers Coffee) The Hiltons (Hilton Hotels) Kevin Kline John Voight Jenna Elfman George Clooney Tom Hanks Tommy Hilfiger Claudia Schiffer Danny DeVito Jim Carrey

  20. Jennifer Lopez Kelsey Grammar Chris O’Donnell Meg Ryan Tom Clancy Jack Nicholson Jerry Garcia Kid Rock Tara Lapinski Alex Trebek Chris Farley Rocky Marciano (Heavyweight) Enzo Ferrari (As in Ferrari) Marco Polo Gil Hodges Knute Rockne Barry Bonds Babe Ruth Roger Maris Mark McGwire Joe Paterno Bobby Allison Melanie Griffith Patrick Swayze Mary Lou Retton Patrick Ewing Nancy Kerrigan Sting

  21. Elijah Wood(“Lord of the Rings”) Chris Everett Doris Day Mike Golic Don Shula Joe Montana Dan Marino Joe Theismann Elvis Costello Linda Ronstadt Timothy Leary Fabio Frankie Valli Bo Derek Paul Rodriguez Joe Torre Kelly Ripa Vijay Amritraj Bob Hope Don Siegelman Sophia Loren William Shakespeare Alfred Hitchcock Eddie Van Halen Peter Criss (drummer-KISS) Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart Ludwig van Beethoven Michelangelo Christopher Columbus Fernan de Magellan Faye Dunaway Jeb Bush

  22. Ray Romano Charlie Sheen Claudia Schiffer Colin Ferrell Frank Sinatra Engelbert Humperdinck Gary Cooper Grace Kelly J.R.R. Tolkien (Author of Lord of the Rings) Jackie Gleason Jimmy Buffett Mae West Martha Stewart Bryant Gumbel Jodie Foster Ben Affleck Jean Claude VanDamme Bill Murray DesiArnaz Jessica Alba Dennis Rodman Richard Simmons Henry Ford (Automaker) Steffi Graf Vince Lombardi Matthew McConaughey Bill O’Reilly Sean Connery Catherine Zeta Jones

  23. Open your heart! Dick Hoyt