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World Religions PowerPoint Presentation
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World Religions

World Religions

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World Religions

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  1. World Religions Judaism & Christianity

  2. Essential Standards • 6.C.1 Explain how the behaviors and practices of individuals and groups influenced societies, civilizations and regions. • 6.H.2 Understand the political, economic and/or social significance of historical events, issues, individuals and cultural groups.

  3. Clarifying Objectives • 6.C.1.2 Explain how religion transformed various societies, civilizations and regions (e.g., beliefs, practices and spread of Buddhism, Christianity, Confucianism, Hinduism, Islam and Judaism). • 6.H.2.4 Explain the role that key historical figures and cultural groups had in transforming society (e.g., Mansa Musa, Confucius, Charlemagne and Qin Shi Huangdi).

  4. Essential Questions • How was Judaism & Christianity different from each other? • Whowas Jesus Christ? • How did Christianity spread? • Why did Christianity spread & not Judaism? • Compare & Contrast Judaism & Christianity?

  5. Judaism & Christianity • The reason we talk about Judaism & Christianity at the same time is because • Without Judaism we never would have had Christianity

  6. Judaism • Monotheistic • Worship Yahweh • Torah • 613 Commandments • Only descendents of Abraham could practice Judaism

  7. Christianity • Monotheistic • Worship Jesus Christ • Bible • 10 Commandments • Anyone who accepts Jesus Christ as their Lord & Savior can practice Christianity •

  8. Monotheism • Judaism & Christianity center around the concept of Monotheism • This is the belief in just ONE god • Judaism/Christianity was the first religion to believe this (monotheism)

  9. Abraham • Judaism starts with a man named Abram • When Abram was 99 years old he went to a mountain to meditate and God appeared to him telling him to walk with him • He quickly changes his name to Abraham meaning “father of many”

  10. Covenant (Promise) • Abraham & God make a promise to each other • God promises… • You will have many decedents • Land of Canaan “Promised Land”

  11. Judaism Grows • Abraham does have many descendents as God promises • Judaism grows as a religion and there are many followers of it

  12. Rules of Judaism • There were many rules of Judaism • These rules were enforced by the Pharisees & Sadducees • There were 613 commandments that all people of Judaism had to follow if they wanted to go to heaven

  13. Romans • Ancient Rome eventually conquers the land of Jews (Judaism) • It becomes a Roman province called Judea • Judea got it’s name because it was where all the Jews were from

  14. Jesus is Born • Jesus is born in Rome (Bethlehem, which was part of Rome) • Jesus was a man that didn’t agree with all the rules of Judaism and said that God doesn’t require you to follow all these rules

  15. Jesus Preaches • Jesus instead preaches of Love, Peace, Justice for all • He would preach to the poor people • He was very charismatic & performed miracles

  16. Jesus Preaches • Jesus preaches messages like • It is easier for a camel to fit through the eye of a needle than a rich man to get to heaven • The meek are blest • The last should be first & the first should be last in the Kingdom of God

  17. Why do People Believe Jesus • Jesus preaches that he is the Son of God & the Messiah (savior) • Jews had long believed that a Messiah would come to them in a time of trouble • This was a time of trouble for the Jews

  18. Why do People Believe Jesus • Prophets that had prophesied about the Messiah had described someone who was poor, misunderstood & mistreated • Jesus fit those categories

  19. Time of Trouble • This was a time of trouble for the Jews • They had become part of Roman Rule that would not respect the practices of the Jews • It was prophesized during a time of trouble a messiah would come to bring an everlasting Kingdom

  20. Angered the Romans • First of all Romans were under the impression that the Cesar was the son of god • This began to anger the Romans because the Jews started believe Jesus Christ

  21. Jesus Crucified • Romans were getting mad & afraid of Jesus Christ and these people calling themselves Christians • So they arrested him gave him a fake trial & crucified him • • 0:00-6:20

  22. Romans make things Miserable for the Jews • The Romans attack the city of Jerusalem (Jewish Holy City) and expel the Jews from the city • They no longer had a city to call home (homeless)

  23. Jews Face Decision • Christians decide that instead of going back to Judaism they will open up the faith to all • This was the split point of Judaism & Christianity • Judaism was only for the chosen Jews • Christianity was for all people

  24. Christianity is Born • Christianity is born to all people who believe in Jesus Christ & accept him as Lord & Savior • Christianity spreads fast & becomes a world religion because now it was open for anyone to join • But why did it spread so FAST

  25. Saul, I mean Paul • Christianity spread so fast because of Paul • He would write letters to the people of the Mediterranean Area (Corinth) • He also walked around Rome spreading the word of God • He was a Roman citizen so he could travel freely throughout Rome • He converted many, many, many people to Christianity • • 30:15-34:50

  26. Women & Slaves • Women & Slaves latch onto Christianity • This is because women & slaves had no rights • It gave these people hope for a better afterlife • • 34:00-41:57

  27. Emperor Constantine • Eventually Roman Emperor Constantine allowed the public worship of Jesus in Ancient Rome in 337 B.C. • He went even further by converting himself to Christianity before his death • From that point on Ancient Rome became Christian which is why we say Roman Catholic Church today • • 41:57-64:06

  28. Christianity a World Religion • Christianity spreads around the world • Christianity spreads from Rome to the Middle East to Europe & eventually to North & South America • Missionaries were sent after civilizations were conquered to convert natives

  29. Essential Questions • How was Judaism & Christianity different from each other? • How was Jesus Christ? • How did Christianity spread? • Why did Christianity spread & not Judaism? • Compare & Contrast Judaism & Christianity?

  30. EOG Questions • How did early Christianity spread around the world? • A) Missionaries followed conquerors and colonists. • B) Bibles were published in all languages. • C) Christian sea captains sold fares to other Christians. • D) European monarchs practiced the religion when they traveled.

  31. Important Points • 6.C.1.2 (Religion) Judaism & Christianity centered on Monotheism • 6.C.1.2 (Religion) Christianity spread through MISSIONARIES being sent to conquered lands • 6.H.2.4 (Key Historical Figures) Jesus Christ is the Son of God