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  1. Animation ARENA MULTIMEDIA The “Hot” New career Option

  2. Flow of the Presentation • Aprotrain • Arena Multimedia – an overview • Academics • Marketing • Sales • Student Satisfaction Building • Placement • Q & A


  4. Founded 2005, private JS Education business / vocational traning Service: Provides career courses for young learners Distribution: young learners in metropolitian cities Lines of business (Software Enginering - APTECH, Multimedia Design – ARENA) Business model: network of franchise centres About APROTRAIN


  6. Established brand in multimedia education since 1996 Specilize in Animation, graphic designing, web designing, advertising, gaming, audio-video editing, special effects, film-making, e-learning, et al. Present in 15 countries, 250.000 students worldwide About ARENA MULTIMEDIA

  7. Comprehensive curriculum, quick response and adapt to market need through strong course design team Skill-based and job-oriented approach Career course training, Credit transfer (New Zealand, Australia, Singapore) Very good location, in the heart of city About ARENA MULTIMEDIA

  8. Oppotunities • Big education market. Potential education for multimedia • Huge market for multimedia in the city. The city itself a dynamic economic hub of the country • Consumers, companies are more aware about design and style. • Vietnam as follower in multimedia and advertising, will receive positive global influence • Partnership with industry, foreign schools of multimedia / design • Credit transfer with other foreign schools • Expand the current network to other district and city. • Education business is stable one and little elastic to economic crisis.

  9. Threats • Certificate not accredited by Ministry of Education • Political change in disadvantage of vocational training. • Increasing competition • Followers spoil the market • Sustaining internal capabilities when growing (additional area, money, people) • Slow society awareness


  11. Academics • Faculties profile: industry experts, artists, working professional • Delivery methodology: hybrid • Concept, theory in class, practice in lab right after that • Online portal a big resource for reference materials and interaction • Group discussion, assignment, project

  12. Academics Ad-on academic activities • Implement a lot of academic-related activities: workshops, seminars, design competition, company / studio visit, internship, design shop,… • Make the centre as a platform for students to play out their skills, applying those acquired in the class into practice. • Make the centre as a “small society” for designers, for young people about to enter in the creative and entertainment industry.

  13. Academics Ad-on academic activities • Invite artists and professionals in the industry to come and exchange knowledge with students • Set up student club (Arena & Friend) covering different diciplines: photography, film, graphics design, 3D & animation, fashion. Each group is responsible for implementing activities for the group and mobilizing other students to join. • Set up the design workshop, where students can work on real orders from companies or from the centre itself.


  15. Marketing • Generate enquiries (walk-in, phone, online interaction) • Target audience: youth (18-23), +12 pupils, university students • Activities: Advertising, PR, direct marketing • Advertising: Concept, Design, Multi-channel • PR: Educate publics about new and exciting job opportunities, build up the image and value of an “typical” Arena students. Strongly promote non-academic activities to outside world, to the public, make them desired to be in or at least associated with the community.

  16. Marketing (cont.) • Direct marketing: post mail, email, education fair, go to high-school, university, talk with pupils and students, give trial classes, invite them to the centres • Make Arena Multimedia centre as a “happening centre”. People always see something happened at the centre every time: Tech seminar, workshop, design competition • To have marketing activities connected with academics and non-academic activities. • Digital marketing => Social marketing => Mobile marketing

  17. SALES (Career Counselling)

  18. SALES (Career Counselling) • Counselling is important. • We sell the belief, the dream • Understanding customer’s need • Propose a solution to their need • Let customer decide • Problem: Parents do not have the same passion and same view as their children, but parents are sponsors and decision-makers


  20. Student Satisfaction Building • Reserve, Dropout, Upgrade • Word Of Mouth (WOM), Social Media • Make the students satisfied • Feedback system (Direct feedback, Open House, Parents Meeting, Meet faculties, Student Survey) • Clubs: photography, film, graphics design, 3D & animation, fashion. • Events: Birthdays, Valentine, Women Day (*2), Spring Trip, Summer Trip, Mid-Autumn, Halloween, X-mas, Tet


  22. Placement • Final goal, most interested by parents • 3 forms of job: work for company 60%, set up business (5%), freelance (35%) • Placement Service function • Industry link: through faculties, website platform, association, forum • How do we place: Recruitment fair, company email via website, job information, internship, projects • Training soft skills for students: communication, teamwork, professional working environment, CV, Portfolio

  23. Q & A

  24. Thank You!