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English 10 Grammar & Writing #22 Mr. Rinka PowerPoint Presentation
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English 10 Grammar & Writing #22 Mr. Rinka

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English 10 Grammar & Writing #22 Mr. Rinka

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English 10 Grammar & Writing #22 Mr. Rinka

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  1. English 10 Grammar & Writing #22Mr. Rinka Cause and Effect Essay TOEFL Vocabulary List #17

  2. Cause and Effect Essay A cause and effect essay is your explanation of what caused a result (effect), what the effects are from a cause, or a causal reaction, (domino effect) in which one cause led to an effect that became another cause and continued until a final result occurred.

  3. Cause and Effect Essay You will write a 5 paragraph cause and effect essay using one of the three formats we will study.

  4. Cause and Effect Essay Example: Cause Multiple Effects A college degree has a positive influence on one’s life. Three of the most significant effects of obtaining a college degree are increased salary, chances for advancement and a fuller life.

  5. Cause and Effect Essay Example: Multiple Causes Effect Getting good grades is the result of engagement in class, nightly studying, and strong test preparation.

  6. Cause and Effect Essay Example: Causal Chain/Domino Effect EFFECT Ironically, cleaning up air pollution will accelerate global climate change.

  7. The 5 Paragraph Essay Although an essay can vary in length and structure, the 5 Paragraph Essay is a classic format.

  8. The 5 Paragraph Essay Introductory Paragraph 1st Body Paragraph 2nd Body Paragraph 3rd Body Paragraph Concluding Paragraph

  9. Introductory Paragraph Starts with a Hookthat grabs the reader’s attention. Includes some General Backgroundinformation. Presents the Thesis Statement.

  10. Body Paragraphs Paragraphs 2, 3, and 4 are the Body of your essay. Each Body Paragraph follow the form we have studied. Topic Sentence Supporting Detail Concluding Sentence

  11. Concluding Paragraph Restates your Thesis Statement. Summarize your 3 main points. A final definitive statement that concludes your points.

  12. The Writing Process Step #1 = Prewrite Step #2 = Rough Draft Step #3 = Reread & Share Step #4 = Revise Step #5 = Edit Step #6 = Final Draft

  13. Step #1 = Prewrite Brainstorm for ideas & then: List Outline Map Graphic Organizer

  14. Step #2 = Rough Draft Keep your prewrite in mind. Write your ideas down on paper in sentence and paragraph format. Do not worry about spelling or grammar. Better more than less.

  15. Step #3 = Reread & Share Read over your rough draft out loud and eliminate, add or rearrange ideas and details. (mark up your paper) Have another person read to you your piece and make suggestions. (if you accept, make changes)

  16. Step #3 = Reread & Share Make sure you have: a topic sentence. strong supporting details. a closing sentence. not strayed from main idea.

  17. Step #4 = Revise Take all the changes you have decided to make and rewrite your paper. Concentrate on the presentationof your ideas, the organization of ideas, and your choice of words.

  18. Step #5 = Edit By yourself or with another person, carefully go over your revised paper. Carefully check for: Sentence Variety. Grammar Mechanics. Correct spelling. Correct punctuation. Presentation of ideas.

  19. Step #6 = Final Draft Using your edited revised draft create your final paper. Now Publish your paper.

  20. Cause and Effect Essay You will write a 5 paragraph cause and effect essay using one of the three formats we will study.

  21. Writing Rubric Does the student: use the 5 paragraph essay format? (15 pts.) use a proper cause/effect format? (15 pts.) follow a Thesis Statement? (20 pts.) punctuate correctly? (10 pts.) create a variety of sentences? (15 pts.) use proper grammar mechanics? (10 pts.) spell correctly? (15 pts.)

  22. Cause and Effect Essay http://www.buowl.boun.edu.tr/students/types%20of%20essays/Cause%20and%20effect%20Essay.htm

  23. Cause and EffectEssayhttp://www.buowl.boun.edu.tr/students/types%20of%20essays/Cause%20and%20effect%20Essay.htm The aim is to explain the causes or the effects of an event or situation. Causes of air pollution (multiple factors leading to air pollution). Effects of watching too much TV (many effects of a situation).

  24. Cause and Effect Essayhttp://www.buowl.boun.edu.tr/students/types%20of%20essays/Cause%20and%20effect%20Essay.htm Sometimes an event causes something to happen, and that situation leads to another event, and it causes another event to happen. This is called the causal chain or domino effect. Use of deodorants will bring the end of the world.

  25. Cause and Effect Essayhttp://www.buowl.boun.edu.tr/students/types%20of%20essays/Cause%20and%20effect%20Essay.htm There may be several causes or effects of a situation. However, in a student essay, it is advisable to keep the number of major points to 2 or 3, which form separate developmental paragraphs.

  26. Cause and Effect Essayhttp://www.buowl.boun.edu.tr/students/types%20of%20essays/Cause%20and%20effect%20Essay.htm Multiple Causes Effect Thesis statement: Air pollution is caused by the following factors: exhaust gases from cars, uncontrolled factory releases, and burning of low-quality coal for heating.

  27. Multiple Causes Effecthttp://www.buowl.boun.edu.tr/students/types%20of%20essays/Cause%20and%20effect%20Essay.htm Exhaust gases from cars A. not enough government control B. irresponsible citizens Uncontrolled factory gases A. poorly regulated gas releases B. factories within residential areas Burning of low-quality coal for heating A. no governmental control B. alternative energy too expensive

  28. Multiple Causes Effecthttp://www.buowl.boun.edu.tr/students/types%20of%20essays/Cause%20and%20effect%20Essay.htm Each body paragraph covers one of the causes of air pollution. Each cause is supported by two detail supports. The writer needs to explain, illustrate, describe or exemplify each detail support.

  29. Cause and Effect Essayhttp://www.buowl.boun.edu.tr/students/types%20of%20essays/Cause%20and%20effect%20Essay.htm Cause Multiple Effects Thesis statement: Watching too much TV is one of the major problems today, because of the many effects TV has on the physiology, psychology and productivity of people.

  30. Causes Multiple Effectshttp://www.buowl.boun.edu.tr/students/types%20of%20essays/Cause%20and%20effect%20Essay.htm Eating disorders A. TV meals B. obesity Communication problems A. more violence B. no interpersonal talk Productivity A. loss of productive time B. lack of mental stimulation

  31. Causes Multiple Effectshttp://www.buowl.boun.edu.tr/students/types%20of%20essays/Cause%20and%20effect%20Essay.htm Related effects are grouped into three Body paragraphs: physiological effects, psychological effects and productive effects. The writer needs to explain, illustrate, describe or exemplify each detail support.

  32. Cause and Effect Essayhttp://www.buowl.boun.edu.tr/students/types%20of%20essays/Cause%20and%20effect%20Essay.htm Causal Chain/Domino Effect EFFECT Thesis statement: Using deodorants with chlorofluorocarbon gas will bring the end of world.

  33. Causal Chain/Domino Effect EFFECThttp://www.buowl.boun.edu.tr/students/types%20of%20essays/Cause%20and%20effect%20Essay.htm Chlorofluorocarbon gases are contained in most deodorants and released by some factories into the air. This gas causes the ozone layer to become thinner and finally disappear in patches.

  34. Causal Chain/Domino Effect EFFECThttp://www.buowl.boun.edu.tr/students/types%20of%20essays/Cause%20and%20effect%20Essay.htm Unfiltered ultraviolet rays of the sun cause overheating in the poles of the earth where the icebergs start to melt. The huge amount of water released from the poles leads to a rise in the sea-level. The sea will cover the land and this will be the end of the world.

  35. Causal Chain/Domino Effect EFFECThttp://www.buowl.boun.edu.tr/students/types%20of%20essays/Cause%20and%20effect%20Essay.htm This essay could be longer with a body paragraph covering each link in the causal chain, or the causes could be coupled in two of the body paragraphs. Explanations and/or examples will be needed to support each point.

  36. Why Would Anyone Smoke?Cause Multiple Effects With just five cigarettes, a teen can become addicted for a lifetime to nicotine and the most popular drug delivery system of all, cigarettes. Most people begin smoking in their teens before they are mature enough to understand the lifelong ramifications of experimenting with this powerful drug, nicotine. Before they know it, these teens are addicted to nicotine and

  37. cigarette smoking. As a result the cigarette manufacturers have a life-long buyer . Most everyone knows that cigarette smoking is unhealthy, but few comprehend the incredible toll it takes on a person’s budget, social life and, most importantly, physical well-being. Cigarette smoking is very expensive. On average a pack of cigarettes costs around four dollars. A person smoking a pack a day spends $28 a week, $120 a month and $1,460 a year on cigarettes. Assuming that a person begins smoking at the age of 16 and lives

  38. to be 65, then over a lifetime, a smoker spends $71,540 on cigarettes. As if the expense of cigarettes is not enough to discourage one from starting, medical costs for a smoker are significantly higher than for the average individual and can add up to over a $100,000 in a lifetime. In addition, smokers pay more for health insurance and life insurance and no doubt even have to spend more money on cleaning clothing, furnishings and car interiors because of their habit. I would not be shocked if cigarette smoking cost a person $200,000 or

  39. more in a lifetime. This alone should motivate people not to get started. Cost aside, cigarette smoking impairs a person’s lifestyle. The longer one smokes, the less active one becomes. Reduced breathing capacity due to smoking inhibits a person from enjoying many physical activities. Smokers have to avoid so many places such as public buildings, restaurants and sports venues where smoking is prohibited. Also, many people do not enjoy being around smokers, and often times people who smoke end up only with

  40. friends who smoke are smokers. Many young people will not even consider dating a smoker, not to mention marrying one. Smoking really puts limits on a person’s lifestyle. If the negative impact of smoking on a person’s pocketbook and social life are not enough to deter one from this ugly habit, the physical consequences surely should. The scientific evidence is indisputable when it comes to smoking. Smoking cigarettes not only shortens one’s life expectancy significantly, but the diseases attributable to smoking, such as

  41. lung cancer and emphysema, are so bad that the last years of a smoker’s shortened life are lived in misery and pain. Anyone who wants to experience what it is like to function when breathing is impaired should try doing any activity while breathing through a straw. This is how smokers feel after years of smoking. Smokers are also more susceptible to illness due to decreased lung functioning, lack of exercise, and increased stress and anxiety which are side effects of the stimulant nicotine. Illness affects all aspects of one’s life. Since

  42. nicotine is a physically addictive drug, quitting is a very difficult and uncomfortable process that demands an incredible effort on the part of the quitter, and many smokers fail often in their attempts to quit. Cigarette smoking leads to an incredible domino effect of deteriorating health, serious illness and an early death. Knowing the cost, the negative effects of one’s lifestyle and the awful toll cigarette smoking takes on one’s health, why would one even experiment with this habit? The answer is complicated. Family and peer influences play

  43. major roles of influence on a teen. In addition, advertisements and adolescent curiosity tempt youngsters into experimenting with smoking. If one gets to the age of 21 without smoking a cigarette, the odds are great that he or she will never start. Hopefully, more and more young adults will avoid this dangerous habit and experience a smoke free lifetime of health, wealth and happiness.

  44. Cause and Effect Essay You will write a 5 paragraph cause and effect essay using one of the three formats we will study.

  45. Writing Rubric Does the student: use the 5 paragraph essay format? (15 pts.) use a proper cause/effect format? (15 pts.) follow a Thesis Statement? (20 pts.) punctuate correctly? (10 pts.) create a variety of sentences? (15 pts.) use proper grammar mechanics? (10 pts.) spell correctly? (15 pts.)

  46. TOEFL Vocabulary List #17 The following is a list of vocabulary words that often appear on the TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) test. http://www.southampton.liunet.edu/academic/pau/course/webword.htm

  47. TOEFL Vocabulary List #17http://www.southampton.liunet.edu/academic/pau/course/webword.htm fantasy(noun): a creation of the imagination that cannot be real, a daydream fantas (show) + y (noun. condition) When Miguel was a child he had a fantasy about being a super hero.

  48. TOEFL Vocabulary List #17http://www.southampton.liunet.edu/academic/pau/course/webword.htm philosopher(noun): a person who seeks (loves) wisdom philo (love) + soph (wise)+ er(person who does something) Plato wrote about the Greek philosopher Socrates.

  49. TOEFL Vocabulary List #17http://www.southampton.liunet.edu/academic/pau/course/webword.htm phonetic(adjective) relating to speech sounds phonet (sound) + ic(adj. relating to) The phonetic alphabet is useful when studying languages or linguistics.

  50. TOEFL Vocabulary List #17http://www.southampton.liunet.edu/academic/pau/course/webword.htm depict(verb): to portray, to represent de (to take away from) + pict(show) In the movie the character was depicted as evil.