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Life in a New Nation

Life in a New Nation. Chapter 11. Gerogie Boy becomes PRESIDENT .

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Life in a New Nation

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  1. Life in a New Nation Chapter 11

  2. Gerogie Boy becomes PRESIDENT • Why do you think!? He was the man. GW paved the way for all the following presidents. George was an army hero, a great leader, and let’s face it, the man had style! At his inauguration, a crowd of people cheered as he was sworn in to his first term of presidency.

  3. Cabinet The cabinet is full of the advisors to the president! No, they do not actually live in a cabinet. But they are always ready for business! Washington was very careful not to have too much power, and the cabinet made sure no man was too powerful!

  4. Political Stance Political parties are organized groups of people who share the same political views. Democrats want more central government and have a liberal perspective. Republicans feel that government should be limited, and only be involved when necessary! Political Parties Rap-Smart Songs.org

  5. Jefferson wins election of 1800!

  6. Pioneers • First settlers to move west, the edge of where they settled is called the frontier. • Daniel Boone is the Michael Jackson of the pioneers. He had skills that paid the bills. Daniel was a woodsman and a leader for the pioneers. Boone even created his own trail called Wilderness Road. I’d call my train Fitz’s Pathway to Awesomeness!! What would you call yours?

  7. Boone vs. M.J.

  8. Louisiana was one EXPENSIVE deal • The pioneers found many routes along the Mississippi River. They used waterways and ports to do trading, and ship products from New Orleans. Soon, this area, where all the business was being handled, was called Louisiana. Did you know that SPAIN owned Louisiana! That’s right, SPAIN? Jefferson insisted that the U.S. buy old Louy to ensure we had control over all our ports. So Jefferson sent his boy, James Monroe…

  9. So.... • Monroe goes to FRANCE, because the French decided to buy Louisiana from Spain. Monroe offered France $2 MILLION so the U.S. could own New Orleans. But, then the French dude, Napoleon, said to himself, “I want more sweet moolah.” And Napoleon offered ALL of Louisiana for one easy payment of $15 millions buckaroos. This deal became known as the Louisiana Purchase.

  10. Don’t spend it all in one place • Louisiana was that ENTIRE area, not just the state we have today. Not a bad deal for the U.S. now is it?

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