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  1. Coffee

  2. Para One Two words expressing time • (in the 1600s)Controversy: many doctors said… others insisted… • (today) Global drink One third of the world’s population consumes coffee. The past and today of coffee

  3. effects of coffee on animals and people Para Two Actually act as a poison Produce negative or even poisonous effects on them It is by no means a poison.

  4. Para Three caffeine Most people believe that it is the caffeine that produces all the effects that coffee has on the body. Most people believe that it is the caffeine. The caffeine produces all the effects. Coffee has effects on the body.

  5. Effects of coffee on body parts Para Four The blood vessels in the brain open wider so that the circulation is improved. Some of the poisonous substances are removed from the brain. Coffee increases the pulse rate which means it stimulates the heart, and the muscles can thus work harder. Coffee makes the stomach work more actively.

  6. Effects of coffee At different times of the day Para Five It helps the body get rid of waste products produced during the night. It helps digestion. It acts on the muscles and helps us feel less tired. It may stimulate the mind and the imagination. It has a stimulating effect and therefore makes it hard for people to fall asleep.

  7. The disadvantages of coffee Para Six Transitional sentence Two disadvantages • If people drink coffee at night, it will be hard for them to fall asleep, because caffeine is __________. • Some people _______________ coffee because of the caffeine. stimulating get hooked on

  8. a ( great /good) deal of a great amount of/ amounts of a ( large) number of a quantity of/quantities of U U C C/U

  9. He still insists that he was not be there at that time. (主张,声称) • I insist that we should take actions at once to change the situation. (坚决要求) • 我坚决主张每年去出国旅游一次。 • I insiston having a holiday abroad every year.