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  1. JR-Group Ways to get your brand noticed Introduction

  2. JR-Group TOUCHPOINTS Who is it that you’re trying to reach? What do they know about your organization and its products or services? And, really, why should they care? Unless you create a touchpoints with your brand, an emotional connection, you’ll be overlooked. We’ve assembled this collection of marketing touchpoints to show you all the ways customers interact with your brand. Let’s get started. Contents

  3. JR-Group Testimonial Help Newsworthy Our customers Sourcing Us Communications Integrated Packaging Originality Trademarks

  4. TOUCHPOINTS JR-Group All about you • Your marketing goals. Your competitive challenges. Your unique strengths. Your brand personality. Here at JR-Group, everything we create, design, write, build, or strategize is ALL ABOUT YOU – Advancing your brand and strengthening your presence. • In short, the most important thing to know about us is that we’re all about you. • About us?!! We have helped and established partnerships with several companies and corporation around the globe, and we still on the same track. We’ve injected excitement into mature product lines and differentiated new products in crowded markets. Testimonial Next

  5. JR-Group TOUCHPOINTS Originality Viewpoint • Originality: What does it take? • Approaching your audience with originality will always deliver more effective results – no mater how large, small, serious, or clever your business objective. With indistinguishable offerings saturating many industries, originality might even be your most important asset. • What does it take to be original?! … Good question • COURAGE. Unknown can be frightening. And nothing more unknown than an original idea, especially before you have it. Muster the courage to shake up traditional strategies. Next

  6. TOUCHPOINTS JR-Group Originality, Creative designs Next

  7. JR-Group TOUCHPOINTS Us… Vision Confident, qualified and Prepared to take challenges JR-Group is fit , fresh and forward thinking, With design at the core of every effort. Full of energy and vigor Progressive, ever-evolving and optimistic in our Pursuit for improvement in every task. Next

  8. JR-Group TOUCHPOINTS Us … Mission Enthusiastic commitment to our daily work and to the design community at large With passion and dedication to design , we Provide the strategic advantage of excellent design For every client and every project. Successful translation of our clients’ need to results always Next

  9. JR-Group TOUCHPOINTS Us … Position Results in intelligent and sound recommendations for our clients With wisdom and superb judgment Resulting from our depth of experience And breadth of expertise, JR-Group creates Compelling integrated design solutions. Remarkable knowledge acquired over Years in industry Significant skills represented across many Design and related services Beautiful and persuasive work resulting from a collaboration Of design disciplines Next

  10. TOUCHPOINTS JR-Group Marketing communications • Create Ideas. When the challenge demands it, you need to work to develop new substrates, structures, coatings and finishes to help meet your requirements for performance and aesthetics. And that what exactly we will do for you. • How?!! … we know materials and how they perform, where there trade-offs, we understand printing technologies, adhesives, logistic shipping conditions, and filling lines. • And also there is power in network beyond our resourceful team, we have built relationships around the world with technologies providers. next

  11. TOUCHPOINTS JR-Group Creative designs Next

  12. TOUCHPOINTS JR-Group • Does your product sit on a shelf with a whole heap of similar products all shouting for your customer’s attention?! • Unless you sell fish and chips, you are probably going to need something to package your products in, we all know the saying “don’t judge the book by it’s cover” but the reality is, most of us do, as a consumers we don’t have time properly research every single buying decision, so we base our decisions on information we can easily access such as what’s on the wrapper. And that’s why first class products need first class packaging. And here at JR-Group we offer just that. We can help Next

  13. JR-Group TOUCHPOINTS • Packaging: Your brand in 3-D • The product is the package – and the package is the product. • And as they say “The physical manifestation of a brand is shocking important”. • How do you ensure your packaging has a real presence?! • - Know your competition. • - Know yourself. • - Establish Design Criteria. • - Distill your message. • - Tell a consistent story. • - Hammer out the details. • - Test Design options. • - Strive for production value. • - Dress your product well. It will be away for a long time. Packaging Next

  14. TOUCHPOINTS JR-Group Our Customers Next

  15. JR-Group TOUCHPOINTS JR-Group Companies News worthy JR Leksun (kunshan) Metal Manufacturing Co., Ltd. TJSMK Metal Manufacturing Co., Ltd. JR Kahdat (Tianjin) Metal Manufacturing Co., Ltd. (US$450,000) / month TOTAL US$ 900,000 / month Next

  16. JR-Group TOUCHPOINTS Newsworthy Overview of JR-Group Shares Packaging & Printing International Trading Investments and partnerships in Printing facilities in China and Malaysia. Trading of mobile phones and spare parts for mobile phones for Indonesia and Philippines market. Sourcing for toolmakers and manufacturers in China for various European and American companies. Fabrics sourced and sold to Africa. Printing of various instruction manuals, books and carton boxes. 54% 33% 13% Mechanical Solutions JR-Group is more than a manufacturer supplier, we are a true manufacturer partner Providing world-class stamping, fabrication & prototyping, Welding and assembly solutions To our customers and partners. Next

  17. JR-Group TOUCHPOINTS Sourcing & partners CHINA - Hong Da Printing (SHEN ZHEN) - Li Hua Printing (SU ZHOU) - BaoXinPrinting (BEIJING) - Sheng Chuan Paper (SHANG HAI) - CT Paper (SU ZHOU) - Shun Xin paper and plastic trays (SU ZHOU) VIET NAM - International Paper (HCM city) MALAYSIA - ASL Printing (Johor) - Phoenix Printing (Penang) - IPG Printing (Penang) Next

  18. THE END JR-GROUP When you have a unique packaging situation that demands enhanced strength, thermal protection, or critical cost considerations, we have a range of proprietary products to choose from. Engineered specifically for these distinct situations, our proprietary lines deliver unparalleled benefits. Contact us today and we will help you create an unique packaging solution that your customers won’t help but notice. JR International(s) Pte Ltd email: 24-hours: (+86)-18622412635 “China branch ” Tel: (+65)98643427 “Singapore branch” Website: THANK YOU