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Megaconference Jr.

Megaconference Jr.

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Megaconference Jr.

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  1. Megaconference Jr. Dr. Robert Dixon, OARnet, OSU Kim Breuninger, Chester County IU Jennifer MacDougall, MAGPI/UPENN Scott Bryan, St. Clair County ISD (remote) Sue Rutkofske, St. Clair County ISD (remote) Mike Maison, St. Clair County ISD (remote) Spring Internet2 Member MeetingTuesday April 20, 2004

  2. In the Beginning…

  3. Megaconference V Dr. Bob Dixon Chief Research Engineer OARNet Ohio State University Internet2 Megaconference Jr Meeting April 20, 2004 Washington, DC

  4. The Megaconference is: World’s largest Internet video conference. EVERYONE is invited. H.323 Standard. A professional conference with no central location. The speakers and audiences are distributed throughout the world. Fully interactive. Worldwide network of Multipoint Control Units, cascaded together. A test of and a push for the state of the art.

  5. About Megaconference V December 10, 2003 13 Hours, in 3 sessions because of global time 200 Organizations 1000 People 27 Countries 5 Continents

  6. New Features This year Musical Performances United Nations participation Use of H.323 beacon Five Year Awards ViDeNet Registration System Vendor Presentations All speakers see THEMSELVES SIP clients participate experimentally IPv6 Video Streaming Welcome from the Ohio State Univ President

  7. Some of the Presentations Remote Music Education - Canada Research Collaboration between Germany and New Zealand Business Collaboration Lewis and Clark Expedition Re-Enactment Lockerbie, Scotland and Syracuse University Joint Memorial Poland, Finland, Greece, United Kingdom Educational Collaboration Rural West Texas K-12 Education

  8. Some of the Musical Events Recorder Ensemble - Pennsylvania Fifth Grade Chorus - Texas Folk Song Sing-Along - North Carolina Tennessee Schmaltz - Tennessee Digeridoo - Australia Megachoir - EVERYWHERE

  9. Other Events Roll Calls, to give everyone a chance to say hello to the world. Fantastic DoorPrizes. The Megaconcafé, where anyone can talk to anyone. Forbidden Prank

  10. All Five Years of Megaconference Awards Syracuse North Dakota State Buffalo Michigan Tech Illinois SURFNet (Netherlands) CANARIE (Canada) Alabama at Birmingham Washington Ohio State OARnet Kent State Northwestern Oklahoma State Finnish IT Center for Science North Carolina

  11. Megaconference VI Coming this fall to a video conferencing station near you !

  12. Then along came Jr. Brainchild of an educator Embraced by Internet2 K20 community Embraced by International Community First of many (we hope)!!

  13. Motivation for Jr. Where are those 10,000 K12s? How to find International partners? How to sustain International partnerships? Get the technology into the hands of the teachers and students!

  14. MegaJr. Stats to Date 86 registered sites and growing 9 countries (Singapore, Turkey, Spain, Iran, Costa Rica, New Zealand, Chile, USA, and Canada) 22 states and growing 74 registered presenters

  15. A Sampling of Presentations Songs about love and friendship in Turkish and English Global Sun Temperature Project Costa Rica Pura Vida! News from Barcelona Civilization Building Project Biographical Wax Museum 2 Schools for the Deaf Cultural Exchange

  16. A Sampling of Presentations(con’t) MC2 (Math Cooperative amongst Countries) Math Improv! New World Symphony’s Not your grandfather's classical musicians Educational Presentations from the Middle of No Where featuring Lewis and Clark The Sea Around Us Hawaii/Japan …and Much More!

  17. Organization Steering Committee History Three primary working committees Technical Program Operations/Outreach Student Co-Chairs

  18. Technical Support and MCU Infrastructure Provided by OARnet, OSU, and the Internet2 Commons

  19. True Collaborative Effort PELEgroup

  20. Lessons Learned - Specific Students are motivated by the concept and are a great resources on the committees Integrated coordination of registrants and proposals More lead time for developing the schedule and holding rehearsals Common language is important (e.g., rehearsals vs. testing, presenters vs. participants) Glossary? Or new terms!

  21. Lessons Learned - General K12 brings new challenges Release forms, bell schedules, NAT, etc Correlating to international standards and curriculum Still a challenge to engage broad international community Broad education about potential uses of videoconferencing in K12 still needed

  22. See you on May 6th!!

  23. Q&A – Thank you!