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Vocabulary Unit 9

Vocabulary Unit 9 . Caustic: Adjective- Able to dissolve or eat away by chemical action. Sharp and biting. Acid is a highly caustic material.

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Vocabulary Unit 9

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  1. Vocabulary Unit 9

  2. Caustic:Adjective- Able to dissolve or eat away by chemical action. Sharp and biting.

  3. Acid is a highly caustic material.

  4. Censor:Noun- An official who examines art for immoral, offensive, or dangerous, and is empowered to remove this material.Verb: To examine for and remove objectionable material.

  5. Noun: Being a censor is a difficult job. It is not always easy to distinguish art from obscenity.Verb: Many parents think reality shows should be censored.

  6. Censure:Noun- Open and strong criticism or disapproval.Verb- To severely criticize.

  7. I am wary of anyone who is quick to censure and slow to forgive.

  8. Chagrin: Noun- Irritation, embarrassment, or humiliation caused by disappointment or frustration.Verb- To cause such a feeling.

  9. Much to my chagrin, I made a fool of myself in “Dancing with the teachers.”

  10. Charlatan:Noun- Anyone who claims to have skills or knowledge that he or she doesn’t possess.

  11. The man who came to fix my dishwasher was a complete charlatan. He had no idea what he was doing.

  12. Chronic:Adjective- Continuing over a long period of time or recurring often.

  13. My mother suffers from chronic arthritis.

  14. Circuitous:Adjective- Indirect or roundabout; long winded.

  15. I took the circuitous route home from school.

  16. Circumspect:Adjective- Cautious or prudent, especially in regard to the consequences of actions or statements, tactful.

  17. Always be circumspect when dealing with people you don’t know well.

  18. Circumvent:Verb- To get around or avoid, especially by trickery or deception.

  19. We planned our route so as to circumvent the road construction.

  20. Clandestine:Adjective- Concealed from view so as to hide one’s purpose.

  21. The spy held a clandestine meeting with officials from Russia.

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