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VOCABULARY UNIT 9. APT. (adj.) suitable, fitting, likely; quick to learn. The appropriate greeting card for a particular occasion is one that expresses APT sentiments. Synonyms appropriate, fit, proper, liable. Antonyms inappropriate, unlikely, slow. AWRY. (adj., adv.)

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  2. APT (adj.) suitable, fitting, likely; quick to learn

  3. The appropriate greeting card for a particular occasion is one that expresses APT sentiments. Synonyms appropriate, fit, proper, liable Antonyms inappropriate, unlikely, slow

  4. AWRY (adj., adv.) in a turned or twisted position or direction; wrong, out of the right or hoped-for course

  5. When something goes AWRY during a countdown, NASA officials will cancel a shuttle launch. Synonyms crooked, askew, amiss Antonyms straight, symmetrical

  6. BLUDGEON (n.) a short club used as a weapon; (v.) to strike with a heavy club; to use force or strong arguments to gain some point

  7. Early humans fashioned BLUDGEONS from the thick limbs of trees. Synonyms cudgel, clobber, clout Antonyms

  8. CAPITULATE (v.) to end resistance, give up, surrender, throw in the towel

  9. When I saw that I had been outmaneuvered by my opponent, I had no choice but to CAPITULATE. Synonyms Antonyms hold out, persist

  10. CHAFE (v.) to wear sore by rubbing; to feel annoyance or dissatisfaction; annoy, irk (n.) a sore or injury caused by rubbing

  11. To keep that raw CHAFE from becoming infected, you should put a clean bandage on it. Synonyms irritate, scrape, abrade Antonyms soothe, mollify, please, elate

  12. DEFILE (v.) to make unclean or dirty, destroy the purity of; to march in a single line or in columns; (n.) a narrow passage; gorge, canyon

  13. The citizens believed cell phone towers would DEFILE the beauty of their historic town. Synonyms pollute, contaminate, desecrate Antonyms cleanse, purify

  14. DIRE (adj.) dreadful, causing fear or suffering; warning of trouble to come; demanding immediate action to avoid disaster

  15. Environmentalists warn of the DIRE consequences of the destruction of the world’s rain forests. Synonyms disastrous, ominous, sinister, urgent Antonyms favorable, auspicious, beneficial

  16. DISARMING (adj.) charming, tending to get rid of unfriendliness or suspicion

  17. My best friend has a most DISARMING smile. Synonyms endearing, winning Antonyms alarming, troubling, disquieting

  18. DISGRUNTLED (adj.) in bad humor, discontented, annoyed

  19. When flights are delayed because of bad weather, airline passengers may become extremely DISGRUNTLED. Synonyms displeased, grumpy, surly Antonyms pleased, satisfied, content

  20. ENCROACH (v.) to advance beyond the usual or proper limits, trespass

  21. Where suburbs ENCROACH on unspoiled forests or wetlands, delicate ecosystems may be disrupted. Synonyms intrude, infringe Antonyms

  22. ENDOW (v.) to furnish, equip, provide with funds or some other desirable thing or quality

  23. Wealthy individuals often make provisions in their wills to ENDOW their favorite charities. Synonyms grant, bestow, present, bequeath Antonyms take away, deprive

  24. FEND (v.) to ward off, resist; to get along, manage

  25. A novel’s heroine may have to FEND off the proposals of unappealing suitors. Synonyms stave off, cope Antonyms

  26. IMPUNITY (n.) freedom from punishment

  27. Bullies must be made to realize that they cannot push other people around with IMPUNITY. Synonyms exemption from penalty, immunity Antonyms

  28. MIEN (n.) air, manner; appearance; expression

  29. A person may adopt a cheerful MIEN in an attempt to conceal sorrow or anger. Synonyms look, bearing, demeanor Antonyms

  30. PENAL (adj.) having to do with punishment

  31. Devil’s Island, off the coast of French Guiana, was once the site of an infamous PENAL colony. Synonyms correctional, disciplinary Antonyms

  32. PERTINENT (adj.) related to the matter at hand, to the point

  33. The joke you told was very amusing, but I fail to see how it was PERTINENT to the conversation. Synonyms relevant, germane, apropos Antonyms unrelated, irrelevant, immaterial

  34. PREDOMINANT (adj.) the greatest in strength or power; most common

  35. Cy Young, for whom the coveted pitching award is named, was once the PREDOMINANT pitcher in baseball. Synonyms chief, major, paramount, prevalent Antonyms secondary, minor, subsidiary, rare

  36. PRODIGY (n.) a child or young person with extraordinary ability or talent; something wondering or marvelous, monstrous or abnormal; an unusual feat

  37. The careers of some musical PRODIGIES have turned out to be short-lived. Synonyms marvel, wonder, genius Antonyms dumbbell, dunce, dullard

  38. RECLUSE (n.) a person who leads a life shut up or withdrawn from the world

  39. An individual who has suffered a great emotional loss may become something of a RECLUSE. Synonyms loner, hermit Antonyms

  40. RENOWN (n.) fame, glory

  41. Some writers earn acclaim during their lifetime, but others win RENOWN only after their death. Synonyms reputation, celebrity, prestige Antonyms obscurity, infamy, notoriety

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