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NEA Plan

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NEA Plan

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  1. NEA Plan Josh Jones

  2. Concept and Intertextuality First piece of intertextuality is the chase scenes in my music video which link to the chase scene in ‘A Nightmare On Elm Street’ when Krueger chases Nancy to her house. My second piece of intertextuality is ‘The Blair Witch Project’ as it takes place predominantly in the woods like in my music video. My final piece of intertextuality is in Michael Jackson’s Thriller music video when he turns into a werewolf and chases the girl he is with. This links to my music video as it has gothic conventions and both involve chase scenes. The concept for my music video is one older singled out man who is chased through woods and across fields by three unidentified younger men who want to kill him and this fits into the sub-genre Darksynth by featuring a fight which creates build up and a gothic effect as the men are in dark costumes and there is a sense of enigma

  3. Characters/Costumes/Props • Protagonist in lighter outfit to represent social group 2. • Costume will consist of: • Grey Wig. • Shorts • Old mangled top.. • Worn out trainers. • Props I am using are: • Rock (to skim). • Three men in all black to represent social group 1 . • Costume will consist of: • Black top/vest • Black jeans • Black/Navy Shoes

  4. Locations The third location I will use is the quarry to represent the cliffs in my ending scenes where the old man is cornered and pushed to the edge of the cliff. I will use three different locations within my music video. The first will be at Ravensthorpe reservoir, where the old man will skim a rock and he will meet the younger men for the first time. The second location I will use will be Harlestone Woods and will represent the woods within my music video where most of my scenes including the fight scenes will take place.