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Missouri NEA

Missouri NEA

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Missouri NEA

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  1. Missouri NEA The Best Choice

  2. Who We Are … We are the teachers who help children learn to read, write and think. We are the bus drivers who safely take children to school and back home. Missouri NEA

  3. Who We Are … We are the counselors who help students solve problems and assist in their preparation for college and vocational programs. We are the custodians and the maintenance people who keep learning places safe and clean. Missouri NEA

  4. Who We Are … We are the coaches, musicians and artists who teach children to shoot a basketball, play a trumpet, sing a song and draw a picture. We are the school nurses who care for medically fragile children who require the assistance of skilled medical professionals in our schools, who administer medications, and who bandage skinned knees and respond to everyday hurts and tears. Missouri NEA

  5. Who We Are … We are the library specialists who open the door to a world of information. We are the people who cook healthy meals and the secretaries who answer the phones and respond to students’ and parents’ needs. Missouri NEA

  6. Who We Are … We are the special education professionals, including certified occupational therapy assistants, physical therapy assistants and sign-language interpreters, who provide services for children with special needs. We are the paraprofessionals and teacher aides who help teachers teach. Missouri NEA

  7. Who We Are … We are the students in colleges and universities who aspire to work with students daily in our public schools. We are the college professors teaching tomorrow’s professionals. Missouri NEA

  8. Who We Are … We are the people retired from education after a career of helping students think and dream. We are the educators, future educators and retired educators who love children, the art and science of teaching, and the opportunity to make a lasting contribution to the community. Missouri NEA

  9. We are the Missouri NEA.

  10. “The hope of our nation’s future is public education. I belong to MNEA because this organization is the best advocate for public schools, public school children, and public school teachers. Without MNEA’s constant vigilance, support and influence in our state, public education would be in jeopardy. I am proud to teach in a public school, and I am proud to be a member of MNEA.” -- P.C., Pattonville NEA

  11. With over 35,000 active members and still growing, Missouri NEA is a true grassroots organization governed by its members. Holding membership at the local, state and national levels, MNEA members have influence at every level where important education decisions are made.

  12. MNEA’s top policy-making body is the Representative Assembly, a group of more than 350 locally elected members who meet in November and April.

  13. Between R.A. meetings, the MNEA Board of Directors sets policy. The state is divided into 11 board districts. Each district has one or more representatives elected by delegates in their districts at the Spring R.A. The Board also includes at-large representatives.

  14. Missouri NEA members serve on statewide standing committees and task forces that research important education issues such as school safety and charter schools.

  15. “Taking an active role at the district, regional and state level has allowed me to understand that the power of MNEA comes from the members who are willing to get involved.” -- J.M., Neosho EA

  16. Count on MNEA and NEA for Information The following publications are available to members:Something Better, MNEA’s official member magazine, published four times a year; In the Loop, a monthly members-only e-newsletter highlighting news, events and benefits;NEA Today, a monthly member magazine published by NEA during the school year;The Leaders’ Update, a newsletter received by mail, email, or on the MNEA website twice a month;and Legislative Update, a weekly publication during legislative sessions received via email or on the MNEA website.The Read Across America e-newsletterBNetS@vvy, a bimonthly newsletter from the NEA Health Information Network, provides tools to help children stay safe online

  17. MNEA ListServs Increase Communication MO-NEA Activist MO-Beginning-Teacher-Network MO-NEA-Bullyfree-Schools MO-NEA-ESP MO-NEA-FEA MO-NEA-HigherEdactivist MO-NEA-LEGIS-UPDATE MO-NEA-NBCT MO-NEA-Retired MO-NEA-Students

  18. Other MNEA Online Resources MNEA Podcasts Missouri NEA’s Facebook page MNEA events photos on Flickr MNEA website Tools You Can Use Member Benefits Programs And MUCH MUCH MORE!

  19. “I joined MNEA because of a desire to be a part of an organization whose purpose is to help provide quality public education for our nation’s children and provide support for the classroom teachers in our public schools.” -- J.M., Neosho EA

  20. Beginning-Teacher Programs “I Can Do It” Classroom Management/Beginning Teacher Assistance Program Start Smart Teacher Handbook Beginning Teacher ListServ $100 Graduate Tuition Assistant Grants Mentor Training

  21. Professional Development Offerings No MOre Bullying: Developing a Whole School Campaign Professional Learning Communities: Closing the Achievement Gaps Praxis II Preparation Seminars Visiting Scholars Series – free online presentations NEA Works4Me Library NEA Academy – online classes such as Differentiated Instruction for Successful Inclusion, School Indoor Environmental Quality, and The 5 Practices of Highly Effective Classrooms

  22. Other Workshops Available to Members C.A.R.E. (Culture, Ability, Resilience, Effort) Mentoring New Teachers Effective Parent-Teacher Conferences Autism: Useful Techniques and Instructional Strategies Facilitation Skills for Professional Learning Communities Family-School-Community Partnerships National Board Certification Professional Development Committee Training Missouri Mentoring Standards Missouri NEA

  23. 2010 Fall Conference Friday, Nov. 12Fall Representative Assembly Saturday, Nov. 13 Holiday Inn, Kansas City Southeast Missouri NEA

  24. “I joined NEA/MNEA because of the national clout our organization has. Politicians and local leaders need to hear a collective voice for how those of us in the education profession and education support profession believe and think before new education legislation is passed.” -- M.M., Columbia MNEA

  25. Legislative Advocacy Friends of education in government leadership roles are essential in making laws that bring the reforms necessary to make public schools the best they can be. Missouri NEA plays a leading role in the political arena, winning more than 72 percent of its political recommendations.

  26. Legislative Advocacy MNEA’s five professional lobbyists, plus the president, vice president and the executive director, regularly contact legislators at the Capitol and testify at legislative hearings on issues of concern to MNEA members. They are joined by a team of Association members and UniServ directors who maintain regular contact with legislators and members of Congress.

  27. Legislative Platform Elected delegates to the Representative Assembly annually debate, amend and adopt the legislative platform. MNEA’s legislative platform expresses the belief that: 1. Every child deserves a safe place to learn, with the facilities to prepare each child for a challenging future. 2. Every child has a constitutional right to a free public education, and all citizens benefit from a system of free public schools open to all children. 3. Every child deserves highly qualified teachers. 4. Teachers and other school employees are empowered to do their best work on behalf of Missouri’s children when the rights of these employees are respected.

  28. Political Action MNEA members decide if office holders and candidates measure up on education issues. Members meet in local groups to interview candidates and report their findings to the PAC council, which the Representative Assembly elects. The PAC council also reviews the voting records of officeholders. At the end of this process the MNEA PAC recommends candidates who measure up for children and public education.

  29. “I investigated who represented the teachers and wanted to find out who has the power, who really is speaking out and who people are more likely to listen to. I chose NEA because they are a strong, active group and will back you up if you need it.” -- Margaret Williams, 2008 Missouri Teacher of the Year

  30. A National Voice NEA’s Government Relations program supports MNEA’s efforts to restore public confidence in public education by promoting bipartisan federal legislation and policies aimed at strenghthening public schools. Delegates to the NEA Representative Assembly annually debate, amend and adopt the national legislative platform.

  31. Some of NEA’s Current Legislative Issues Repeal the Government Pension Offset and Windfall Elimination Provision (GPO/WEP). Overhaul the “No Child Left Behind” Act and fund the requirements of NCLB and the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act. Provide incentives to help low-income rural and urban schools attract and retain teachers and renovate school buildings. Increase the deduction for teachers for classroom supplies and extend this deduction to include qualified professional-development expenses.

  32. “I am a fourth year teacher who teaches second grade. I joined MNEA because I feel comfort in having support if anything happens… I have always taken an interest in creating a fair and comfortable atmosphere for my school, and I feel I can do that by being involved in MNEA.” -- P.H., Bayless NEA

  33. Legal Services MNEA provides unbeatable employment protection, with $2 million liability protection and a front-line defense team through our UniServ directors. Located in regional offices around the state, these professionals are just a phone call away. There is no charge to members for UniServ assistance.

  34. Unique Coverages Every probationary teacher member who is nonrenewed may receive a consultation with an attorney. Members who have Children’s Division complaints filed against them are entitled to legal advice/representation. Members who are subpoenaed to appear in court or administrative hearings related to what they might know or have seen in their jobs are entitled to legal advice prior to testimony. Every member subject to RIF (Reduction in Force) may receive a consultation with an attorney. Members who face challenges to their certification are entitled to legal advice and/or representation. Missouri NEA

  35. Attorney Referral Program All Missouri NEA members and their immediate familes are entitled to two 30-minute consultations every program year with any attorney participating in our referral program. Any type of legal matter, except tax matters, may be discussed. MNEA members and their immediate families are entitled to a 30 percent discount with participating attorneys in five core areas of the law: wills and estates, real estate, domestic relations, consumer protection and traffic violations.

  36. “Missouri NEA is always just a phone call away. From questions regarding state laws to local school board policies, MNEA staff will study, answer and give suggestions for dealing with concerns. A personal or group visit by a UniServe director is available at all times for our members. MNEA is there for us.” -- K.H., Lexington MNEA

  37. Member Benefits Free life insurance coverage up to $1000 Free accidental death and dismemberment coverage up to $5000 $50,000 for accidental death or dismemberment for loss incurred on the job or involved in Association activities $150,000 benefit if death results from an unlawful homicide occurring on the job

  38. Member Benefits Auto and Home Insurance Credit Cards Investment and Savings Programs Health and Disability InsuranceAD&D, Dental, Disability, Hospital Care, Long-Term Care, and Medicare Supplement Life Insurance LoansHome FinancingNational Board CertificationPersonal Loan TravelCruises & Travel AbroadCar Rental Theme Park Discounts Identity Fraud Protection NEA Magazine Service And MUCH MUCH MORE!!! Missouri NEA

  39. Benefits of Membership Advocacy and Representation Join the Premier Advocacy Education Association in the State! Missouri NEA

  40. Benefits of Membership Professional Resources Join the Education Association dedicated to ensuring you are the Best you can be! Missouri NEA

  41. Benefits of Membership Your Voice at the Capitol Join the organization that provides full-time lobbyists working on your behalf at the state AND national levels! Missouri NEA

  42. Benefits of Membership Support for Children and Public Education Join the organization that provides media campaigns to build community support for education, training to assist in building successful family-school-community partnerships, materials to promote education excellence and parent involvement, and annual Read Across America celebrations including educational materials for families and schools! Missouri NEA

  43. Benefits of Membership Big Savings with NEA’s Buying Power Join the organization that’s 3.2 million members strong! Missouri NEA

  44. “Missouri NEA is a vehicle for expressing my hopes and dreams for Missouri schools, a connection to the news and politics that affect me and my students, and protection that allows me to do my job more effectively.” -- J.M., Neosho EA

  45. Join Missouri NEA -- Missouri’s number-one advocate for public education!