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NEA Academy

NEA Academy

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NEA Academy

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  1. NEA Academy The NEA Academy provides practical courses to meet professional development and continuing education needs. What are the benefits of the NEA Academy? What is offered? How can you use the resources in your work?

  2. Benefits of NEA Academy? Great Course Selection • Continuing Education • University Programs-Bachelor’s and Master’s Degrees, plus Graduate Certificates • Leadership Development for Leaders and Staff • Discounted Pricing for Members • Credits Can Be Used to Advance Careers • Cutting Edge Learning Environment

  3. NEA Academy: Benefits and Options The NEA Academy provides: • A platform that is used to create a personal profile to help the member identify course offerings that meet personal needs and interests • Availability of programs regardless of your location • Options for your learning style • Broad-based professional learning community – network with teachers and other students across the country.

  4. NEA Academy: Specialized Website

  5. NEA Academy: Log in Members log into the NEA Academy with their same login as NEAMB:

  6. NEA Academy: Ease to Search Once logged in, the NEA Academy courses are at your fingertips:

  7. NEA Academy: Course Catalog Course Catalog • The goal of the NEA Academy is to provide high quality professional development. • 600+ courses are available and new ones are being added. • All courses are peer-reviewed by NEA’s Content and Quality Review Board: • K-12 classroom educators • Higher education members • Education support professional members • State staff

  8. NEA Academy: Course Provider Info • * Learning Bridges * NEA * Professional Learning Board * VESi * Wisconsin Education Association Council • * NYSUT • * Knowledge Delivery Systems • * NEA Foundation • Course Catalog • Can be browsed by • Course Providers • * Anti-Defamation League • * Autism Pro • * Berklee College of Music • * CE Credits Online • * Educational Impact • * I CAN Learn * Idaho State University * Bullying Prevention Studies * ITZ

  9. NEA Free Courses • Effective Teaching in Diverse Classrooms • I Can Do It! • English Language Learners: Culture, Equity, Language • Treasurers Training – Basic • Treasurers Training – Advanced • Managing Asthma in the School Environment: What NEA Members Need to Know • TEF – Tax Structures, Economic Development Policies, and Funding for Public

  10. Free Courses by Our Partners Educational Impact: • Mastering RTI: A Step by Step Approach • Mastering RTI-2: A Leadership Primer • What's Your IEQ? A Roadmap to School Indoor EnvironmentQuality Professional Learning Board: • Reading Across the Curriculum Self Study (5, 10, 15 hours)

  11. Classroom Management Offered by the NEA Academy: • I Can Do It! (no cost to members) • Conflict Management: Tips for Education Support Professionals • The Five Practices of Highly Effective Classrooms • Effective Teaching in a Diverse Classroom • Rights and Responsibilities of the Disciplinary Process • Giving Directions Students Will Follow • Stopping Disruptive Behavior • And more…

  12. Common Core Offered by the NEA Academy: • Common Core Mathematics for All Teachers • Common Core in ELA: Instructional Shifts for Effective Implementation, Grades 3-5 • Common Core in ELA: Instructional Shifts for Effective Implementation, Grades 6-8 • Common Core in ELA: Instructional Shifts for Effective Implementation, Grades 9-12 • Transforming Classroom Lessons to Teach Common Core Standards • Teacher Support Tool (integrate resources and professional development) • And more…

  13. English Language Learners Offered by the NEA Academy: • English Language Learners: Culture, Equity, and Language • Teaching the ESL Learner • Working with ELL Students in the Regular Classroom • Developing Listening Comprehension in English Language Learners • Improving English Language Learner Instruction through the Use of Technology • Content Based Instructional Strategies for ELL • And more…

  14. NEA Academy: Degree Programs • Bachelor’s Degrees • Western Governors University • 5% discount off tuition • Scholarship offers ($2,400) • Application fees waived • Degrees: Education, Math, Science, Business, Nursing, Marketing, Technology, and Health

  15. NEA Academy: Degree Programs • Master’s Degrees • Through this partnership, members enjoy: • 5%-15% NEA member discount • Special access to NEA Member-only scholarships • Waiver of certain application and technology fees • Savings of $500-$2,700 depending on Master’s program selected

  16. NEA Academy: Degree Programs • Master’s Degrees • Evaluated and reviewed to partner with the best public, private, and non-profit universities • Walden University • Western Governors University (WGU) • Southeast Missouri State University (SEMO) • Northcentral University (NCU)

  17. NEA Academy: Degree Programs • Doctoral Programs • Through this partnership, members enjoy: • 10% NEA member discount • Waiver of certain application and technology fees

  18. NEA Academy: Certificate Programs • Graduate Certificates (non-licensure) • Post Graduate programs for professionals: • Certificates: Curriculum, Diversity, Teaching Leadership, Ed Policy, Technology, Organization Leadership, K-12 Online & Instructional Design • Special access to NEA Member-only scholarships • Certain application and technology fees waived

  19. NEA Academy: Leadership Development • Leadership Development • NEA’s Leadership Development features online resources and materials designed to complement a member’s Association journey. It is designed to help capture current leaders at their personal best - as they lead others, and serves as a vehicle to help introduce and invite future leaders to join NEA in the challenge of transforming public education. • This is the channel that will hold all of the trainings from the new Regional Leadership Summits.

  20. NEA Academy: Leadership Development • NEA Fundamentals • Vision, Mission, and Values • NEA History • Leadership Development and Capacity • Robert’s Rules of Order • Treasurer’s Trainings • Free Complete Toolkit for Boards • Organizational Issues and Priorities • TEF • NEA’s State Affiliates Defense Campaign

  21. NEA Academy: Leadership Development • Great Lakes Center for Education Research & Practice • Creative Commons • Actor Tony Danza Talks about Respect for Public School Teachers • VIDEO: NEA President Dennis Van Roekel: "We are the Ones Who Can Make Public Schools Great." • BLOG: NEA Vice President Lily Eskelsen writes "Lily's Blackboard"

  22. NEA Academy – Online learning for YOUR life • What professional development do you or your members need? • How can the NEA Academy help you build membership? Register at and make online learning work for you!

  23. NEA Academy – Online learning for YOUR life Questions? Comments? Concerns? Contact information:Lisa Guzmán 480-215-0433