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High School Science Webinar PowerPoint Presentation
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High School Science Webinar

High School Science Webinar

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High School Science Webinar

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  1. High School Science Webinar Wednesday, August 20, 2008 8:30 AM Tammy Mims

  2. GoToWebinar Basics One-click Webinar Entry Simple Attendee Interface Audio Preferences Hand Raising Text Question and Answer Polls and Surveys Type your question here Focus attendees on your content, not the technology

  3. Why a Webinar? • Minimize travel costs • Accessible from individual computers (school, home, library, hotel room, Panera ) and does not require installation of software • Goes to the teacher • Saves time while still allowing for communication between teachers • County-wide participation (planning period meetings, after / before school, department, etc.) • Cost effective • 21st Century focus on future technology

  4. Mission Statement The mission of the Curriculum Department is to promote the success of all students by building the capacity of administrators, teachers, parents, and support personnel. This is a service-oriented department that provides professional development, curriculum support, and instructional resources. We address data-driven needs, the county’s goals, and research-based best practices through collaboration, communication and reflection among all stakeholders.

  5. Vision Statement All students need a high-quality science program designed to prepare them for competitive careers in the 21st Century. Gaston County Schools offers a rigorous and challenging science program for every student. The science program reflects a balance of quantitative and qualitative process skills, conceptual understanding, inquiry-based problem solving and critical thinking opportunities aligned with the North Carolina Standard Course of Study. All students are required to pass a Biology course / EOC to graduate and encouraged to complete advanced science courses needed for college.

  6. 07-08 Science EOC Proficiency

  7. S.M.A.R.T. Goal In the 2008-2009 school year, Gaston County will increase their Biology proficiency to 65%, their Chemistry proficiency to 66%, their Physical Science proficiency to 60%, and their Physics proficiency to 82%. Other high school science courses will provide instruction within their courses that reinforces and supports the curriculum within EOC courses. Specific Measurable Attainable Realistic Timely

  8. Important Dates • Professional Learning Workshops • Benchmark Calendar

  9. Major Focus Projects for 08-09 • Science Fair and Graduation Projects • Professional Learning Communities and • Formative / Common Assessments • 5E Lesson Planning • 21st Century Science Skills and

  10. Other Important Information • DPI Curriculum Units • SCASS / NAEP username (ncsci), password (6nc5cs) • Donors Choose • Vocabulary Reinforcement Strategies

  11. Local Field Trips … AND … Teacher Workshops • Daniel Stowe Botanical Gardens and • Schiele Museum of Natural History • Discovery Place

  12. Gaston County 6-12 Science Resources • 6-12 Science Resources Website (GCS Home > Departments > Secondary Instruction > 6-12 Science Resources) • 6-12 Science Wikispace

  13. Your Turn! What I want from you… TODAY: • A school specific vision statement (for science) • A SMART Goal for each department • For each course, complete the “Collaborative Planning: Establishing Outcome Goals” can be found at: • A sign-in sheet with all teachers and the courses they teach (indicate present or not present during the webinar) NEXT WEEK: • One 5E lesson plan from each teacher (to share with other teachers and will be posted on the wikispace for everyone to use)

  14. Thank You! Tammy Mims 366 West Garrison Boulevard Gastonia, NC 28052 704-718-0684 (cell) or 704-866-6241 (office)

  15. Perspective…