autumn is here and the climate is cooler changing n.
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Lawn Care Tips For Fall Season PowerPoint Presentation
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Lawn Care Tips For Fall Season

Lawn Care Tips For Fall Season

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Lawn Care Tips For Fall Season

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  1. Autumn is here and the climate is cooler, changing the leaves and a period of time when nature is preparing for another winter season. To make sure your lawn is ready for the winter chill, we have put together 7 lawn service cumming tips to help you prepare your lawn. 1- Do not leave the leaves behind: It is important to remove the leaves from your lawn before the rainwater establishes them and damage the grassy areas. If you have a compost pile, cut the blades and mix them. Or, if the leaf cover is light, it is simply cut. 2- Know your green size: If you are not sure of the size of your lawn, go to Write your address and start exploring the boundaries of your lawn. This website gives you a good idea of how much grass and garden space you have, so you can buy the right amount of products. 3- Do a soil test: Test your soil using a soil test kit to know what nutrients your soil has or does not have. This information allows you to correct any irregularities in your floor. Remember that a healthy lawn starts with a healthy soil, just like a sturdy home needs a good foundation. 4- Use a winter grass fertilizer: Although the growth of the grass is delayed, the roots are stored energy for the winter. Fertilizes at the beginning of November with a natural fertilizer and cumming lawn care; If you exceed your lawn this year, do these two activities at the same time. The purpose of this fertilizer application is to help your wintertand nutrients for a healthier, greener, spring come grass. 5- Airing and planting the lawn: Plant grass seed in early autumn when the temperature fluctuates around 75 ° C during the day. To obtain the best results in spreading the seeds on a currently established lawn, aerate the soil, spread its seed and then with water. We recommend starting the seed with a seed initiator. Seed enhancers accelerate germination and increase root growth in all plants, including grass. Core aeration can be done by hiring the equipment or by paying a professional to do it for you. 6- Weed control with good mowing: Weed seeds germinate both in autumn and spring. University and private research firms have proven the lawn care alpharetta, year after year that proper mowing can only control up to 80% of potential weed problems on your lawn. Cut your lawn high, keep your blades sharp and reap your grass only if necessary. 7- Known rules of your state: Some states have fertilization restrictions that need both owners and professionals. Before applying fertilizer to your lawn, check local laws on timing and nutritional restrictions. Your lawn is an investment and can not only give you a sense of pride, but it can add value to your property if you keep it. This is a good time to start a DIY lawn care program, so be sure to consider us in your mix!

  2. If you are wondering about additional ways to prepare your lawn for autumn, please contact lawn service cumming ga. We are happy to answer any questions.