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Bhutan tourism

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Bhutan tourism

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  1. Bhutan

  2. Introduction : Bhutan Bhutan, the Land of the Thunder Dragon, is not any standard place. it’s a chain kingdom replete with myths and legends, wherever the simplest of ancient culture thrives and therefore the latest world developments area unit sky-high embraced.

  3. “ BHUTAN TOURS ”The Low Volume, High price touristy Tourism in Kingdom of Bhutan is exclusive and therefore the Bhutanese pride themselves on a property, eco-friendly approach in line with the country’s in style philosophy of Gross National Happiness. Firstly, to bust a myth: there’s no limit to the amount of tourists.

  4. The fee is panoptic – accommodation, food, transport and a politician guide area unit all provided. Not solely that, however your native guide can reveal the country’s superb landscape and Buddhist heritage, and can additionally introduce you to the everyday charms of the Bhutanese. you

  5. SURPRISING Kingdom of Bhutan: • Bhutan holds several surprises. this can be a rustic wherever shopping for cigarettes is prohibited, wherever the rice is red and wherever chillies are not simply a seasoning however the most ingredient. • It is also a deeply Buddhist land, wherever schoolkids wear the gho and kira (traditional male and feminine consumer goods, respectively) wherever large protecting penises area unit painted beside the doorway to several homes.

  6. And whereas it visibly maintains its Buddhist traditions, Kingdom of Bhutan isn’t a depository neither is it a nation of supernatural ascetics rejection the remainder of the planet. you’ll realize the Bhutanese well-read, fun caressive and vivacious.

  7. So just pack your bags and ride this roller coaster for a journey to the mysterious kingdom of Bhutan

  8. Contact Us & Book Now! Visit Us: Contact No. :+911126217072 | +911126214762 Our Address: 137, Sant Nagar East of Kailash New Delhi – 110065 (India)