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Mr. James Martinez

Mr. James Martinez

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Mr. James Martinez

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  1. Mr. James Martinez Chairman, Guam Workforce Investment Board

  2. Guam Workforce Investment Board (GWIB) Agenda: • GWIB Creation • GWIB Vision • About the GWIB • 5-Year Strategic Plan Delivery Points • One-Stop Career Center (OSCC) • WIA Funding • Registered Apprenticeship Training Program • Apprenticeship Funding Vehicles

  3. Guam Workforce Investment Board (GWIB) Creation: Executive Order No. 99-13 created the Guam Workforce Investment Board under the Workforce Investment Act (WIA) Federal Public Law 105-220

  4. Guam Workforce Investment Board (GWIB) Vision: Our vision is to provide leadership, strategic guidance, and resources that are valuable to the Workforce Investment System. We commit to improve the quality of life and standard of living of our citizens by maximizing their potential for employment in a competitive economy.

  5. Guam Workforce Investment Board (GWIB) The Act requires the establishment of a business-led Workforce Investment Board (WIB) consisting of the Governor and appointees of the Governor representing business (small to large), education, labor, local elected officials and partners of the One Stop Career Center.

  6. Guam Workforce Investment Board (GWIB) The WIB is responsible for the development and implementation of a comprehensive five-year strategic plan outlining workforce development activities and developing performance measures and allocation formulas for adult, youth and dislocated worker programs.

  7. 5-year Strategic Plan Delivery Points • Improve coordination and integration of services; • Provide universal access to services for adults; • Promote the use Individual Training Accounts in training services; • Increase local flexibility in determining training strategies; • Establish additional requirements for performance measurement and accountability.

  8. Guam Workforce Investment Board (GWIB) The WIB is also responsible for establishing workforce investment policies and the designation of the One Stop Career Center operators. They identify training providers, determine performance measures and monitor system performance against those established performance measures.

  9. One-Stop Career Center One Stop Career Center provides consumers with access to core, intensive and training services; focuses on building strong collaborative linkages between the public and private sector to meet skill needs of employers and the training and employment of job seekers at large.

  10. One-Stop Career Center Partners Department of Labor Agency for Human Resources Development Dept. of Public Health & Social Services Guam Housing & Urban Renewal Authority Division of Vocational Rehabilitation of the Dept. of Integrated Services for Individuals with Disabilities (DISID) Department of Education Veteran’s Affairs Office Guam Community College University Of Guam

  11. Workforce Investment Act Funding

  12. What is Apprenticeship Training Apprenticeship training is the process of learning a skilled occupation through both on-the-job training (OJT) (practical, paid experience) and learning the related technical knowledge in a classroom.

  13. Apprenticeship Training • Apprentices must be indentured • They must be employed • They must be 18 years of age or older • Work a minimum of 2,000 hours per year OJT under supervision of a journeyman • Attend a minimum of 144 contact hours per year for related classroom & technical instruction

  14. Funding Sources for Apprenticeship Training • Employer/Employee pays 100% of training • Manpower Development Fund (MDF) • Guam Registered Apprenticeship Program • Workforce Investment Act Funding

  15. Funding Sources: MDF • MDF is generated by fees collected by the Guam Department of Labor from employers who import H2B Visa Workers (foreign workers) • Employers are charged $1,000 per worker per year. • These fees are used exclusively for Registered Apprenticeship Training Programs at GCC. • GCA/GCATA/GCC MOU to use funds MDF at GCATA

  16. Funding Sources: GRAP 50% of eligible costs rebated through GRT credits: • 50% Apprentice direct wages • 50% Apprentice direct benefits • 50% Journeyman direct wages (OJT) • 50% Classroom instruction (Books & Tuition) • 50% Apprentice PPE

  17. Funding Sources: WIA • Pays 50% of Apprentice’s direct wages • Apprentice must meet income eligibility requirements.

  18. Funding Sources: WIA THANK YOU!