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外贸函电写作秘籍 Skills of Business Letter Writing PowerPoint Presentation
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外贸函电写作秘籍 Skills of Business Letter Writing

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外贸函电写作秘籍 Skills of Business Letter Writing

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外贸函电写作秘籍 Skills of Business Letter Writing

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  1. 外贸函电写作秘籍Skills of Business Letter Writing 主讲人:林婉旎 Lectured by: Wanny Lin

  2. Self-Introduction • Graduated in 2006, major in English and WTO regulation • Obtained the Master degree in 2012 • Work experience from 2007-2013: • Interpreter • Foreign Trade Specialist • Business English Teacher

  3. Essential skills to be a foreign trade specialist • Be very much familiar with the production process • Excellent oral English • Knowledgeable • Have a strong body • Talkative • Be patient

  4. Case Lead-in

  5. Dear Sapre and Nayan, • How are you? • I am writing to your in order to reply your mail below. Have you received my mail sent on 4th Jan? • First, we can provide 0.062 to 0.064mm wire as per your specification. If you would like to, we can send you sample of SWG 47 again for test. Pls confirm it. • Second, since SWG 36 and 44 the sample wires are OK. Could you place us small lot order to start our cooperation? Of course I will send you the latest quotation after you confirm it. • Third, If you don't mind, may I have your SKYPE or MSN ID? I hope to contact you more convenient by MSN or Skype. • I am looking forward to your prompt reply! • Have a nice day! • Thanks and regards • Mocy

  6. Principles of Business Letters Writing外贸函电的写作原则 • 1. Clarity 清晰 • The business letter must be clear and easily understood. • The writer should use simple and accurate words and short and simple sentences where appropriate.

  7. 1) 避免用词错误: • 例如:As to the steamers sailing from Hong Kong to S • an Francisco, we have bimonthly direct services. • 此处 bimonthly 有歧义:可以是 twice a month 或者 once two month. • 可以改写为: • We have two direct sailings every month from Hong • Kong to San Francisco. • We have semimonthly direct sailing from Hong Kong to San Francisco. • We have a direct sailing from Hong Kong to San Francisco.

  8. 2) 注意词语所放的位置: • 例如: • We shall be able to supply 10 cases of the item only. • We shall be able to supply 10 cases only of the item. • 前者则有两种商品以上的含义。

  9. 3) 注意句子的结构: 例如: • We sent you 5 samples yesterday of the goods which you requested in your letter of May 20th by air. • We sent you, by air, 5 samples of the goods which you requested in your letter of May 20th.

  10. 2. Conciseness 简洁 • To express a message completely in as few words as possible.

  11. Such as: • 1) We wish to acknowledge receipt of your letter... • 可改为:We appreciate your letter... • 2) Enclosed herewith please find two copies of... 可 改为: We enclose two copies of... • 3) due to the fact that----->because • 4) a draft in the amount of $1000----->a draft for $1000

  12. 3. Courtesy 礼貌 • 1)To be thoughtful and polite in writing a business letter. • We have received with many thanks your letter of 20th May, and we take the pleasure of sending you our l atest catalog. We wish to draw your attention to a special offer which we have made in it. • You will be particularly interested in a special of fer on page 5 of the latest catalog enclosed, which you requested in your letter of 20 May.

  13. 2) Consider the reader's needs • Which expression is better? • “You earn 2 percent discount when you pay cash. We will send you the brochure next month. ” • “We allow 2 percent discount for cash payment. We won't be able to send you the brochure this month.”

  14. 3) Punctuality is stressed as an important aspects of courtesy in business letter.

  15. 4. Completeness 完整 • Provide all the information and data necessary for a specific issue. Such as: the exact date and place should be included in an invitation letter.

  16. 5. Correctness 正确 • The business letter should be linguistically correct. Incorrect grammar, improper punctuation and wrong spelling are not allowed.

  17. How to write busines letter?外贸函电的书写 • 1. Establishing business relations 建立业务关系 • 建立贸易关系,可以通过多种途径,比如通过驻外机构、国外商会、同业商行、银行、出国访问、商品交易会、报纸广 告、市场调查等等。 • 建立贸易关系的信函,要写得诚恳、热情、礼貌、得体,并将写信人的意图清楚地叙述完整,给对方留下深刻地印象,使其愿意与你交往。

  18. Dear Mr. Jones, • We understand from your information posted on that you are in the market for textiles. We would like to take this opportunity to introduce our company and products, with the hope that we may work with Bright Ideas Imports in the future. • We are a joint venture specializing in the manufacture and export of textiles. We have enclosed our catalog, which introduces our company in detail and covers the main products we supply at present. You may also visit our website,which includes our latest product line. • Should any of these items be of interest to you, please let us know. We will be happy to give you a quotation upon receipt of your detailed requirements. • We look forward to receiving your enquires soon. • Sincerely, • John Roberts

  19. 客户开发信 1 • Dear Mr Scott, • How are you? • I am Sally from ****** wire company. • I knew your company from Internet and your company is making power transformers. I think your factory must use our products, magnet wires. • I am going to introduce our products to you because our factory is one of the leading manufacturers in making the fine quality magnet wires. • Pls review our company introduction and advantages below for your reference and let me know whether you have any enquiry of our products.

  20. Company Profile • ****** has been aggressively engaged in the developing, manufacturing of ENAMELED COPPER AND ALLUMINUM WIRE for more than 10 years.Our products are widely used in electronic field of industry especially for relays, small motors, small transformers, magnetic heads, coils, valves, instrument coils and so on. • Our Advantages: • · Over 10 years enameled wire design and manufacturing expertise.Design, facility and office located in Zhuhai, China. • · Our size from 0.015mm to 0.55, with insulation material of polyurethane, polyester, polyester-imide, polyester amide-imide, with thickness of Grade one, grade two etc. • · ISO 9001, ISO14001,TS16949,ROHS,REACH,UL certificated. • · Strong R&D for fine enameled wire and thick coating enameled wire. • · High customer's satisfaction • I am looking forward to your quick reply! • Best regards • Sally

  21. 客户开发信 2 • Dear Sir or Madam, • How are you? • This is Bill from ABC packaging company,I am very glad to write you an email just because I was acknowledged that your company did made cosmetics and did cosmetic containers and packaging in the past.

  22. Company Profile • ABC Packaging Company is one of main manufacturer in Consmetic containers and Cosmetic packaging • We offer a full line of cosmetic packaging products which widly used in • Our advantages: • Over 14 years cosmetic packaging design and manufacturing expertise. Design facility and office in Zhuhai, China. • Our core products are: • Large selection of materials: plastic,surlyn, PETG, PE, AS, PMMA , HDPE, ABS,SAN and aluminum. • Custom in house design, expert cosmetic packaging consultation, tooling, prototype to production, long & short run, minimum lead time, competitive pricing and on time delivery. • ISO 9001:2000 projects are welcome. • We are happy to offer earth friendly cosmetic packaging without compromising the quality and appearance of our products.

  23. Our contacting information: • Contact person:Bill • Tel:0086- • Fax:0086- • • Msn: • Skype: • The attachment is our new products list, please kindly refer it and kindly let me know if there is any demand. • Looking forward your early reply • Best wishes • Bill

  24. 2. Making an inquiry 询盘 • When making an inquiry, begin with the question or questions you want to ask. • Keep your enquiry short and to the point.

  25. Dear Sir or Madam, • We learn from Sept.Ditta Fratelli of Rome that you are producing for export hand-made gloves in a variety of natural leathers. There is a steady demand here for gloves of high quality and although sales are not particularly high, good prices are obtainable. • Will you please send me a copy of your glove catalogue, with details of your prices and terms of payment? I should find it most helpful if you could also supply samples of the various skins of which the gloves are made. • Yours faithfully

  26. Dear Sirs, • We received your promotional letter and brochure today. We believe that your would do well here in the U.S.A. Kindly send us further details of your prices and terms of sale. We ask you to make every effort to quote at competitive prices in order to secure our business. We look forward to hearing from you soon. • Yours faithfully

  27. 3. Making an offer 发盘 • 报盘函是指卖方在销售某种商品时,向买方报价、介绍商品 情况。提出交易条件(包括商品名称、数量、价格、付款条件、交货日期等)时所写的一种外贸信函。

  28. Thank you for your inquiry of June the 1st concerning the Deer Mountain Bike. It gives us great pleasure to send along the technical information on the model together with the catalog and price list. After studying the prices and terms of trade, you will understand why we are working to capacity to meet the demand. We look forward to the opportunity of being of service of you.

  29. 4. Making a counteroffer 还盘 • 买方收到卖方的报盘后,如果不接受或者不能完全接受其交易条件,可以针对价格、支付方式。装运期等主要条件进行修改和提出不同的建议。这种修改称为还盘。

  30. Dear Sir or Madam, • We confirm having received your telex No.LT/531 of May • 17, asking us to make a 10% reduction in our price for Men's Shirts. Much to our regret, we are unable to comply with your request because we have given you the lowest possible price. We can assure you that the price quoted reflects the high quality of the products. • We still hope to have the opportunity to work with you and any further enquiry will receive our prompt attention. • Sincerely,

  31. We have received your price lists and have studied it carefully. However, the price level in your quotation is too high for this market, If you are prepared to grant us a discount of 10% for a quantity of 200, we would agree to your offer. You should note that some price cut will justify itself by an increase in business. We hope to hear from you soon.

  32. 5. Acceptance 接受 • 接受是交易的一方完全同意对方的报盘或 还盘的全部 内容所作的肯定表示。一经接受,交易即告成立,买卖双方分别 承担自己的义务。

  33.  Accept the quotation • Thank you for your letter of June the 8th. We have accepted your offer on the terms suggested. Enclosed pls find a special price list that we believe will meet your ideas of prices. You should note that the recent advances in raw materials have affected the cost of this product unfavorably. However, for your order we have kept our prices down.

  34. Refuse the quotation • Thank you for your letter of June the 8th. We regret that we cannot meet your terms. We must point out that the falling market here leaves us little or no margin of profit. We must ask you for a keener price in respect to future orders. At present the best discount offered for a quantity of 200 is 5%. Our current situation leaves us little room to bargain. We hope you will reconsider the offer.

  35. 常见问题及其对策 • (一)数字、单位方面 • (1)数字 • (2)单位

  36. (二)专业术语方面 • 掌握外贸英语中的那些约定俗成的写法 • FAQ(Fair Average Quality) 良好平均品质 • Open policy 预约保险单 • FOB 指定装运港船上交货价 • CIF成本、保险费加运费

  37. (三)外贸函电的翻译问题 • (1)外贸函电中的惯用语与缩略词 • as per 按照 • be for one's account 费用由。。。承担 • WAP 水渍险

  38. (2)一词多义 • 对于同一英语词汇,在商务英语情境中的含义与普通英语文体中的含义会有很大不同,甚至对于商务英语情境中不同的句子含义也会不同。

  39. 1)“subject to" 的一般意义是“从属于”、“易遭......的”等,在商务英语里的基本意思是“以......为条件的”,根据不同的情况有不同的含义。 • 例1 The above prices are subject to fluctuations of the market. • 上述报价随市场波动而变化。 • 例2 Subject to your shipment in May, we will order 5000 metric tons of the captioned goods. • 如果你方能五月份装运,我方将订购5000公吨标题所列货物。

  40. 例3 Our quotation is subject to 3% discount if your order exceeds US$100,000 in value. • 如果你方订货价值超过十万美元,我方可按所报价格给予3%的折扣。

  41. 2)“cover"的基本意思是”覆盖“,但在商务英语不同语境中却相差甚远。2)“cover"的基本意思是”覆盖“,但在商务英语不同语境中却相差甚远。 • 例1 The goods under our Order No 3356 are covered against All Risks. • 3156号订单下的货物已投保了一切险。

  42. 例2 We are now airmailing you under separate cover our latest price list and cutting sample. • 现另邮给你方最新的价目单和剪样。 • 例3 Please ship the ten chests of tea covered by our Order No.2213 at an early date. • 望你方能早日装运我方第2213号订单项下的十箱茶叶为宜。

  43. (3)一义多词 • 1)如果有兴趣与我方做生意,请报最低价。 • If you are interested in doing business with us, please quote us your best price. • 2) 我们已按最低价向你方报盘。 • We have made you an offer at the most competitive price.

  44. 3) 我们的报价已是最低价,折扣不能再给了。 • As we have quoted you our rock-bottom price, we can't grant you any discount. • 4)你们将会看出我们这批货物的价格是最低的。 • You will find our prices for these goods on the lowest side.

  45. To sum up, master the princpile and skills of business letter writing, the foreign trade specialists can write a good business letter and establish more business relations. • Most important of all, it can make more profits for the company.

  46. Thanks for your listening!