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Plagiarism Plagiarism Plagiarism Plagiarism

Plagiarism. Plagiarism Plagiarism Plagiarism Plagiarism. What's it all about ?. This newspaper article is a story warning students about the danger of losing their unversity degree. http://prawo.gazetaprawna.pl/artykuly/402161,za_plagiat_student_moze_stracic_tytul_magistra.html.

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Plagiarism Plagiarism Plagiarism Plagiarism

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  1. Plagiarism PlagiarismPlagiarismPlagiarismPlagiarism What'sitallabout?

  2. This newspaper article is a story warning students about the danger of losing their unversity degree http://prawo.gazetaprawna.pl/artykuly/402161,za_plagiat_student_moze_stracic_tytul_magistra.html

  3. This newspaper article is a story of a court ruling in the case of two NCU students http://torun.gazeta.pl/torun/1,48723,6973155,3_tys__zl_za_plagiat___studentki_UMK_skazane.html

  4. But why punish people? A plagiarist is a person who has committed plagiarism (illegally promoting oneself , usingsomeoneelse'sworkor idea under his own name ) (http://www.sjp.pl/plagiator )In other words, he is a...thief ...

  5. But there are worse offences ! Sure, but in Latin plagiarius also means kidnapper (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Plagiarism). • Someone has devoted effort, time and money to study materials, analyse a problem / coin a term /created a theory / describe something very aptly / illustrate and intricately construct a text ....and nowsomeoneelsetakesitawaysfromhim by "copy " and " paste . „ It's not fair

  6. But is this piracy? The author does not lose money here ! It's not about money, and if the argument of honesty is not convincing here, how about this:The whole point of studies is taking the trouble to s-t-u-d-y something. Intellectual effort, like physical effort, leads to growth and development. A lazy person does harm to himself: the incompetence of a graduate who cuts corners by plagiarising will sooner or later be exposed in the workplace.

  7. But then couldn’t this someone just develop on-the-job and become very professional? • Plagiarism can be revealed years later, when someone has secured himself a professional position. • And then the disclosure of his dishonesty is only going to hurt even more and may haunt him forever . Someexamples, perhaps?

  8. An NCU doctor lost his degree and was banned from university teaching for 10 years http://www.rmf24.pl/fakty/polska/news-torunski-naukowiec-ukarany-za-plagiat,nId,135599

  9. http://wiadomosci.wp.pl/kat,1356,title,Annette-Schavan-nie-ustapi-mimo-utraty-tytulu-doktora-ze-stanowiska,wid,15312759,wiadomosc.htmlhttp://wiadomosci.wp.pl/kat,1356,title,Annette-Schavan-nie-ustapi-mimo-utraty-tytulu-doktora-ze-stanowiska,wid,15312759,wiadomosc.html A German politician and minister of education and science ... - left in disgrace .

  10. And another story of a disgraced German politician http://wiadomosci.onet.pl/swiat/niemcy-kolejny-polityk-oskarzony-o-plagiat,1,4240019,wiadomosc.html

  11. Now you got me scared; I always copied things at school for my presentations • It’s partly schools’ fault: they should warn students about plagiarism from the beginning. • At NCU one needs to unlearn copying, hence this presentation • Moreover, let people who want to copy be afraid.Honest people simply have to demonstrate due knowledge and diligence

  12. But a dishonest person will do it so that no one would ever figure it out ... Wrong 1. a student’s text that appears on his teacher ‘s desk out of the blue (without the process of negotiation of its structure and early versions ) will always be suspect,

  13. …teachershave a way to know… 2. a teacher simply enters a characteristic phrase into a search engine and, voilà, its source gets revealed • 3. Besides, an experienced teacher can easily tell a student’s academic style from someone else’s .

  14. Would I be punished? • Yes , but thosewhosimplyhavedocumentedsomethingwrongly, as a result of ignoranceorcarelessness, withoutfraudulentintent , will be treatedmoregently (but will hearsomethingfromtheirteachers). Real punishment is for those who have bought the work of others or have knowingly been dishonest (rewrote, copied things, pretending they never did)

  15. What would happen then? If no fraudulent intent is suspected, the matter is between the student and his teacher. It is mandatory that a teacher should report to the dean any plagiarised end-of-term paper. Then, in consultation with the teacher, the dean may decide on a written reprimand (for the student’s file), which is the softest approach, or the Disciplinary Board may be involved which, in turn, may refer the matter further to the Prosecutor's Office. (You’d better not find this out for yourself)

  16. So when am I committing plagiarism ? Whenyou do not givethesource of otherpeople'sthoughtsorwords, whethergivenliterally, paraphrased, orsummarized (sometry to disguiseplagiarism by making a mixture of theirlanguage and someoneelse’s) .Thisincludesgraphics (charts), data collected by someoneelse, orexamples and factscited by anotherauthor. (Trimmer, J. F. 1992. Writingwith a Purpose. HoughtonMifflin. p. 416)

  17. But I am just a student ; I'm no expert yet; I have to rely on others. What am I to do? That's obvious. "The work of science is not created in isolation from the achievements of their predecessors.” (http://www.uw.edu.pl/ogloszenia/plagiat2.html) You have to prepare for writing by making careful notes on what you have found and where. If you rewrite a sentence, you need to carefully mark where your words end and somebody else’s words begin.Then you can quote, paraphrase and summarize the sentences, words and thoughts of others, BUT ALWAYS GIVE THEIR TRUE AUTHOR AND THE ACCURATE SOURCE. This restriction does not apply to well-known facts.

  18. What are "well-known facts„ that do not require a citation? How do I recognizethem ? http://libweb.lib.buffalo.edu/guide/guide.asp?ID=58

  19. I would be willing to cite and quote honestly but then some 90% of my chapter would consist of quotations! Help! A summary or paraphrase is a default way of refering to a source with, of course, a mention of the original. And when to quote verbatim? 1 ) When you want to draw one’s attention to the language itself (when it is unusual, distinctive, controversial or so concise that you could not convey the thoughts better ) 2) When the acknowledgment will be of crucial importance for the work (for example, we want to emphasize the authority of the source or we want to refer to someone else's definition or analyze a section) .3 ) When we want to distance ourselves from the content (we do not agree with a point of view; we are going to argue with it) . If we confine ourselves to those cases, quotes will not be dominant . Besides, repetition is a normal phenomenon in theoretical chapters .

  20. Whenissomethingsufficientlyparaphrased ? If it works inyour text, if it is not copied word-for-word, and if it has clear indication of which wording is yours and which is not. Definitely do not try to hide the original text by replacing words here or there or changing their order. However well you paraphrase, always add the original source of your knowledge.

  21. And if… Your remaining questions you’ll have to discuss with your teacher..

  22. Text prepared by Original pictures by Olga Markiewicz (our department graduate) A team of English Department teachers PS Oh, by the way: if you use this presentation or a part of it without referring to this source, you’ll be plagiarizing too.

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