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Guidebook Revision PowerPoint Presentation
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Guidebook Revision

Guidebook Revision

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Guidebook Revision

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  1. Elements for a Maintenance Plan Consultants view Guidebook Revision Tinus Pulles & Justin Goodwin

  2. EMEP Steering Body Endorses the Guidebook officially • Upon recommendation by the TFEIP TFEIP Maintains the Guidebook’s content • Updates Guidebook Chapters • Provides new/updated emission factors EEA Maintains the Guidebook’s presence • Presents the Guidebook on its website • Proof reading of updated chapters ? Responsibilities • What is “TFEIP”? • The body mentioned in the reporting guidelines? • The participants to this meeting? • The expert panels? • The co-chairs? • Here: option 1. • Maintenance plan could explain how Question: Could the Guidebook be only present in the virtual reality of the web or are printed copies needed? Tinus Pulles & Justin Goodwin

  3. 2006 2008 2012 1996 1996 Guidelines 1996 Guidelines used Partiesnegotiate target Parties report using 1996 GLs 2006 Guidelines Emission Factor Database 2006 2008 2012 1996 EMEP/CORINAIR Guidebook EMEP/EEA Guidebook Protocol Protocol Protocol Protocol Parties report, using changing Guidebook Protocol Guidance update Time Line: comparison GHG and Air Pollutants Greenhouse gases: Air pollutants: Emission Factor Database ? Tinus Pulles & Justin Goodwin

  4. Guidance update Time Line: annual cycle would optimally link to procedures Meetings • EMEP Steering Body meets once a year • TFEIP meets twice a year • Experts meet whenever possible and needed Deliverables • Updated or new chapters • Updated or new EFs Questions • Could EFs be updated or new EFs be made available without updating the relevant chapter(s)? • Formally: • What is TFEIPs view • What is EMEP Steering Body’s view • Technically • Depends on availability of Emisison Factor Database Tinus Pulles & Justin Goodwin

  5. Aspects of Guidebook Maintenance Following responsibilities as set out above: • Two maintenance tasks • Contents • Presence • Two supporting tasks • Providing support • Manage the system Tinus Pulles & Justin Goodwin

  6. Maintaining the Guidebook’s contents Mandate Draft 2007 Reporting Guidelines • Assume the availability of the “latest version” of a Guidebook that is • prepared by the TFEIP • endorsed by the EMEP Steering Body • Do not mention anything on Guidebook maintenance 2002 Reporting Guidelines “encouraged” parties to contribute to “regular updates”; this encouragement is not retained in the 2007 Guidelines! Two possibilities: • The 2007 Guidelines do not require or expect “regular updates” • The Guidelines assume that budgets for updates are not a problem Updates must be funded by parties: Commission and Member States Tinus Pulles & Justin Goodwin

  7. Maintaining the Guidebook’s contents Recommendation • Parties to be encouraged to support Guidebook development • To improve budget availability • To improve sense of “ownership” • Set up a formal annual procedure for updating Guidebook chapters • Decide on the role of an emission factor database • New and updated EFs to be published in EFDB? • Add footnote to each table in Guidebook, asking to check EFDB for new and/or update values Tinus Pulles & Justin Goodwin

  8. Maintaining the Guidebook’s contents Updating process • TFEIP identifies a need for a Guidebook update • New methods • New “technologies” or “practices” • New or updated Emission Factors • TFEIP assigns the task (consulting the relevant Expert Panel) • Who? • When? • Deliverable? • Delivery and Review • Relevant expert panel prepares a draft TFEIP decision • TFEIP decides whether or not to recommend endorsement by EMEP Steering Body • Publication and archiving TFEIP to • Set up a specific (e-mail) address where improvement needs can be submitted • Ensure appropriate response to such submissions Tinus Pulles & Justin Goodwin

  9. Maintaining the Guidebook’s contents Updating process in practice • Translate an improvement need into an inprovement task Tinus Pulles & Justin Goodwin

  10. Maintaining the Guidebook’s contents Updating process in practice • Assign the task to a team Tinus Pulles & Justin Goodwin

  11. Maintaining the Guidebook’s contents Updating process in practice • Review, accept and publish the update Tinus Pulles & Justin Goodwin

  12. Maintaining the Guidebook’s presence Tasks • Static document • Proof read new chapters • Produce • PDF • Hyperlinked (?) HTML • Printed copies? • Ensure the latest version of all chapters is available on the web • Emission Factor Database (?) • Needs to be decided • Do users want to have one? • Do TFEIP and EEA want to support it? • Software maintenance • Database maintenance Tinus Pulles & Justin Goodwin

  13. With EFDB No EFDB Updated or new Methods Updated chapters to be • Produced • Edited • Published Updated chapters to be • Produced • Edited • Published Updated or new Emission Factors Data to be uploaded into the database Updated chapters to be • Produced • Edited • Published Maintaining the Guidebook’s presence Emission Factor Database (EFDB): yes/no ? Would require all EF tables in the chapters to have a footnote: “please check EFDB for new or updated emission factors” Tinus Pulles & Justin Goodwin

  14. Maintenance management Tinus Pulles & Justin Goodwin

  15. Tasks • TFEIP: • development and quality of the information in the Guidebook; supported by: • Expert Panel leader(s) Review • Expert Panel leader(s) Projections • Expert Panel leader(s) Combustion and Industry • Expert Panel leader(s) Transport • Expert Panel leader(s) Agriculture and Nature • recommends Guidebook updates for endorsement by the EMEP Steering Body. • EEA: • publishes the Guidebook as an EEA report and on its web site, supported by • Copy editors (proof reading) • Database manager • Web Master Tinus Pulles & Justin Goodwin