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Executing Effective Diversity Programs PowerPoint Presentation
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Executing Effective Diversity Programs

Executing Effective Diversity Programs

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Executing Effective Diversity Programs

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  1. Executing Effective Diversity Programs Gregory Jenkins

  2. Overview • Diversity as a Strategy • Diversity Plan Initiatives • Establish Policy, Goals & Criteria • Best Practices • Execution Plan • Recommendations for Success In Pursuit of Greatness Through Diversity

  3. Diversity Our Nation derives strength from the diversity of its population and from its commitment to equal opportunity for all. We are at our best when we draw on the talents of all parts of our society, and our greatest accomplishments are achieved when diverse perspectives are brought to bear to overcome our greatest challenges.₂ President Obama Executive Order 13583 In the National Guard, Diversity is a cultural climate which allows people to maximize their potential by embracing and promoting each other’s holistic characteristics.₁ 1. 2. In Pursuit of Greatness Through Diversity

  4. In Pursuit of Greatness Through Diversity

  5. Identify & Establish aCulture of Diversity • Diversity includes differences in characteristics, background, attributes, and experiences. Expansion is necessary in order to create a culture that fosters: • Absolute respect for all people no matter their rank, function, or position. • Inclusion, engagement, and management of talents to capitalize the potential power. • Diversity in thoughts, ideas, and perspectives to promote moral courage and trust. • Confidence in equal opportunity for all. • An interdependent mindset where collaboration is the standard. In Pursuit of Greatness Through Diversity

  6. Diversity Plan Initiatives • Develop and execute a strategic diversity plan that incorporates: • Vision • Mission • Goals • Strategies • Evaluation In Pursuit of Greatness Through Diversity

  7. Diversity Plan Initiatives • Execute the strategic plan: • Define diversity • Identify who will do what and according to what priorities • Define strategies for managing accessions and career development, involve leadership, and ensure accountability • Establish metrics to guide progress In Pursuit of Greatness Through Diversity

  8. Establish a Policy • Establish a core policy on diversity and inclusion: • Embrace a culture of inclusion that brings to bear the best of every employee.  • Value and leverage diversity; our different points of view and collective wisdom. • Promote creativity and innovation to sustain a competitive advantage, fuel growth, and achieve superior performance. In Pursuit of Greatness Through Diversity

  9. Establish Goals • Workforce Diversity. Recruit from a diverse, qualified group of potential applicants to secure a high-performing workforce drawn from all segments of American society. • Workplace Inclusion. Cultivate a culture that encourages collaboration, flexibility, and fairness to enable individuals to contribute to their full potential and further retention. • Sustainability. Develop structures and strategies to equip leaders with the ability to manage diversity, be accountable, measure results, refine approaches on the basis of such data, and institutionalize a culture of inclusion. In Pursuit of Greatness Through Diversity

  10. Criteria • Commitment - is the foundation of a successful effort to build and maintain a diverse, high-quality workforce • Assess the Current Situation - develop a workforce profile (a complete picture of the workforce and how it reflects diversity at all levels, in all key occupations, and in all organizational components) In Pursuit of Greatness Through Diversity

  11. Criteria • Environmental Assessment- survey and measure the organization’s strengths and weaknesses in promoting diversity (i.e. “cultural audit" or "organizational assessment”) • Workforce Planning- analyze workforce trends and projections, determine skills gaps and needs, and devise succession planning strategies In Pursuit of Greatness Through Diversity

  12. Criteria • Design and implement a diversity program through • Recruitment • Hiring • A Supportive Work Environment • Learning and Development • Rewards & Recognition In Pursuit of Greatness Through Diversity

  13. Criteria • Sustain commitment - the foundation of a successful effort to build and maintain a diverse, high-quality workforce • Monitor Results • Accountability • Celebrate Success • Continuing Communication & Development In Pursuit of Greatness Through Diversity

  14. Best Practices • Develop a business rationale for diversity • Educate senior managers so that they can develop and support the business rationale • Customize your diversity management approach so that it will not create ‘culture shock’ but rather is respectful of the organizational cultural norms • Commitment should come in the form of leadership, participation of a representative workforce, and dedicated human and financial resources In Pursuit of Greatness Through Diversity

  15. Best Practices • Individuals charged with responsibility for diversity management must be knowledgeable, credible, and well-grounded personally and professionally • Building knowledge through audits, benchmarking, and other sources is essential to the development of a relevant strategic plan • Diversity-driven goals and strategies can be centralized or driven through business units and departments In Pursuit of Greatness Through Diversity

  16. Best Practices • All strategies should be evaluated intermittently • Training and education must be linked to business goals and practices • Some type of formal evaluation to measure impact and institutionalization should take place at the second year of an initiative • Modification of strategic goals and strategies is inevitable In Pursuit of Greatness Through Diversity

  17. Best Practices • Changes must be made in systems, policies, and procedures that impact the workforce • Organizational change through diversity to meet desirable business goals can be systematically planned and implemented • Visibility must be given to the initiative within and outside of the organization to reinforce credibility In Pursuit of Greatness Through Diversity

  18. Execution Plan • In order for diversity strategies to work, a well-rounded execution plan must be in place: • Tone at the Top: Leadership must lead and actively participate in diversity strategies and practices • Communication: Direct communication for diversity efforts throughout the organization • Goals, Objectives & Evaluation: Adopt specific goals and objectives, and set measurable evaluation criteria • Training & Guidance: Provide regular training, education and guidance to management and staff In Pursuit of Greatness Through Diversity

  19. Recommendations for Success • Ensure the removal of any potential barriers that currently exist • Make recommendations that enhance the culture, career progression and recruitment of women and minorities • Grow the pool of eligible candidates • Consider commitment to diversity in officer promotions • Require diversity leadership education and training at all levels In Pursuit of Greatness Through Diversity

  20. Recommendations for Success • Create a diversity committee • Create and lead a cross-divisional implementation team • Design a research agenda focused on diverse population groups • Build accountabilities into the diversity program In Pursuit of Greatness Through Diversity

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