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Du Bois

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Du Bois

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  1. Du Bois By: Gavin Parnell

  2. Introduction Du Bois was a great man. He started the NAACP and edited it’s magazine, “The Crisis”. He wanted blacks to be equal with whites. He made 16 research monographs on blacks.

  3. Agent Du Bois was accused of being a Russian agent. Even though he was not guilty, his life changed and America hated him. So, he moved to Ghana.

  4. Booker T. Washington Du Bois had a rival named Booker T. Washington. He told slaves to do their work and maybe their masters will bring joy. But Du Bois wanted freedom now! But, he didn’t have enough support.

  5. The Crisis Du Bois was the editor of “The Crisis”, the NAACP’s magazine. The magazine was one of the most popular civil rights magazines around the time.

  6. Democracy Du Bois wanted democracy for blacks and whites, and his destiny was to do just that.

  7. Essay He made an essay on Black Reconstruction. It was a very good selling book.

  8. February Du Bois was born on February 23,1868.

  9. Ghana After being accused of being an Agent, Du Bois moved to Ghana where he lived until death.

  10. Harvard University Du Bois got his PH.D from Harvard University.

  11. Investigations Du Bois did social investigations on black people.

  12. Jim Crow Du Bois hated Jim Crow and his segregation laws.

  13. Knowledge Du Bois had the knowledge to run the NAACP and stop segregation

  14. Leaders Du Bois was an important leader in the first half of the 20th century.

  15. Movement Du Bois led tons of Civil Rights Movements. One of them: The Niagara Movement.

  16. NAACP Du Bois Founded the NAACP in 1909 and became the editor of “The Crisis.”

  17. Opposition Du Bois had an opponent, Booker T. Washington. Du Opposed him.

  18. Protest Du Bois protested about segregation between blacks and whites.

  19. Quarrel Du Bois was always a rival with Booker T. Washington. They were in a quarrel.

  20. Research Du Bois made 16 research monographs on blacks in America.

  21. Social Science Du Bois studied Social Science and learned the behavior of mistreated blacks.

  22. Teaching After he stopped working for the NAACP, he became a teacher at Atlanta University.!920s%20Part%20II.htm

  23. University Du Bois graduated from 3 universities. Fisk University, University of Berlin, and Harvard University.

  24. Viewed Du Bois viewed his career as a case studying the segregation between blacks and whites.

  25. William Edward Burghant Du Bois Du Bois’s full name is William Edward Burghant Du Bois.

  26. X For ten years, Du Bois taught kids at school.

  27. Year After Death A year after Du Bois died The United States Civil Rights Act enacted many of the reforms for which Du Bois had campaigned his entire life.

  28. Zest Du Bois enjoyed the wonders of life and was happy.

  29. Conclusion He was once accused of being an unregistered Russian agent in 1951, but he was not guilty. Though, that messed up his life and the U.S.A. forgot about him. So, he moved to Ghana and became a citizen and died.,%20W_%20E_%20B_,%20with%20Nnamdi%20Azikiwe,%201950s_jpg.htm

  30. Bibliography Me, Myself, and I.