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7 th Grade Curriculum Night PowerPoint Presentation
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7 th Grade Curriculum Night

7 th Grade Curriculum Night

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7 th Grade Curriculum Night

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  1. 7th Grade Curriculum Night Grizzell Middle School February 12, 2013 Room 242 7:00pm

  2. Time Flies 8th Grade Is Right Around the Corner! • It’s a year of comfort; • It’s a year of rigor; • It’s a year of fun; • It’s a year of stress; and • It’s a year to remember!

  3. It’s Never Too Early College and Career Readiness • All students should be prepared for the challenges of higher education and high-performing jobs when they graduate from high school. Now is the time to start thinking and planning.

  4. College & Career Readiness The knowledge and skills students need to be competitive to enter the workforce after high school are comparable to the knowledge and skills students need to enter college. The keys: • High expectations • Early awareness • Rigorous preparation • Readiness opportunities • Access • Participation

  5. The Testing Gauntlet • ACT • EXPLORE (Grade 8) • PLAN (Grade 10) • ACT (Grade 11 and/or 12) • SAT • PSAT (Grade 11 + 8, 9, and 10) • SAT (Grade 11 and/or 12) • End of Course Exams

  6. College Entrance Major Factors To College Admissions: #1 Academic Rigor #2 ACT/SAT Scores #3 Grade Point Average #4 A well-rounded kid

  7. Things Have Changed!

  8. 8th Grade Schedule Four Core Classes • Algebra IA, Algebra I, or Honors Geometry • Science 8 or Physical Science • Social Studies or Social Studies Seminar • Language Arts Fifth Core • Reading Intervention • Art 8 • STEM • World Language Related Arts Electives • Music (full year) • Study Center (A/B day or full year) • PE (A/B day course) • Technology Solutions (A/B day course)

  9. An 8th Grader’s Day at GMS There will be 7 periods (58 minutes) including lunch in the school day. Sample Schedule Homebase: 8:28-8:35 Period 1: 8:37-9:35 LA Period 2: 9:37-10:35 Math (Algebra IA, Algebra I, or Honors Geom.) Period 3: 10:37-11:30 Related Arts (Music, SC, PE, or Tech Solutions) Period 4: 11:32-12:02 Lunch Period 5:12:04-1:08 Science/Physical Science Period 6:1:10-2:08 Social Studies/Social Studies Seminar Period 7:2:10-3:08 World Language, STEM, Art 8, Reading Intervention

  10. Language Arts 8th Grade Language Arts has: • an emphasis on informational text and comprehension; • a focus on research processes; and • a focus on the development of expository writing skills. In addition, students will: • read a variety of literary genres; • respond to literature through literary analysis; • and extend word study.

  11. Math Algebra I • Algebra I extends the study of number systems to include new numbers and their concepts as well as their applications. The course also includes a study of graphing and algebraic manipulations, interpretations, and the meaning of linear and quadratic equations. • One high school credit will be issued and the grade earned will be part of the student’s high school GPA (Grade Point Average) and transcript. • Students in this course will proceed into HSCC Geometry in 9th grade.

  12. Math continued Algebra I, Part A • The Algebra I, Part A course provides additional time to learn the Algebra I content. Emphasized instructional strategies include extended practice opportunities, application to real life situations, use of concrete strategies and manipulatives. The Algebra I, Part A experience extends the study of number systems to include new numbers and their concepts as well as their applications. • Students in this course will proceed into HSCC Algebra 1 in 9th grade.

  13. Math continued Honors Geometry • Honors Geometry follows the same course of study as Geometry, however, this course will have a quickened pace that allows for the mathematical concepts to be explored with greater depth including a heightened level of critical thinking. • One high school credit will be issued and the grade earned will be part of the student’s high school GPA and transcript. • Students in this course will proceed into HSCC Algebra 2 in 9th grade.

  14. Science Science 8 • Force and motion • Space Science • Earth Science • Life Science Physical Science • 2 years of curriculum in 1 year. All of the 8th grade science curriculum PLUS Chemistry, Physics, Astronomy, heat, sound, and light. • Successful students are able to master new material quickly, with little repetition. • This course will be included in the calculation of the students’ high school GPA

  15. Social Studies Social Studies 8 • American History from exploration of North America to reconstruction • Focus on primary and secondary sources Social Studies Seminar 8 • Challenging and rigorous instructional setting • Independent learning opportunities • Fiction and non-fiction reading utilized • Ideal for self-motivated students who possess a passion for learning

  16. The 8th Grade Fifth Core Students may choose between the following full year courses: • World Language (high school GPA) • Art 8 • STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) • Reading Intervention

  17. World Languages Level 1: • These courses will be included in the calculation of high school GPA • Spanish I offered at GMS (No previous experience in Spanish is required) • Other Level I classes to be offered at a high school include: German, Japanese, Latin, Chinese, and French

  18. Art 8 In this hands-on class, students will further develop and refine their skills in: • Drawing • Painting • Print Making • Ceramics Students will be encouraged to express their original ideas through a wide variety of art projects including both 2 and 3 dimensional forms. They will develop critical and creative thinking skills, technical ability, and an understanding of artistic heritage.

  19. STEM STEM is a year-long project-oriented, interdisciplinary course in which students use science, mathematics, engineering and technological knowledge to investigate real-world problems. Students will be experience: • an interdisciplinary course; • real world problem solving; • automation and robotics; • design and modeling; • energy and environments; • and other interesting topics.

  20. Pre-Engineering Course Students will learn more about engineering and problem solving, investigate and use the Design Process, build on measurement skills, learn about sketching and drawing (orthographic/isometric) and work with 3D Modeling software (Autodesk Inventor) Students will be investigating energy and energy sources, identify sustainable energy and learn how they can make an impact. Students will learn about automation and robotics, mechanical and automated systems. Design, build and program robots to perform tasks to solve problems. Using VEX Robotics kits.

  21. Reading Intervention Reading Intervention 8 • Reading 8 is available to eighth grade students who qualify based on their level of reading achievement. • Students work individually and in small groups to improve reading fluency, comprehension (fiction and nonfiction), word learning, assessment literacy and vocabulary as driven by student needs and data. • Students enroll in this class as a year long elective option. This course is graded S/U.

  22. Related Arts (One Period) Band 8 • 8th Grade Band is a continuation of the playing skills developed during the first years in addition to the development of more advanced ensemble skills needed for participation in a large musical group.

  23. Related Arts continued Choir 8 • Students will continue to explore and build on the foundations of healthy choral singing through exercises that focus on breathing, phonation, resonance, diction, musical literacy, expressiveness and musicality. • Students in choir use solfege to learn note reading and pitch. • Instruments are used to enhance the songs, such as: piano, drums, bells, flute, oboe, etc.

  24. Related Arts continued Orchestra 8 • Students enrolled in 8th Grade Orchestra continue to advance their string playing skills by playing in various string positions, 2-octave scales, complex rhythms, and more. • Students are encouraged to participate in small group ensembles. • Music history and theory is taught through the use of music samples and exercises. Music from various time periods and cultures are performed.

  25. Related Arts continued Technology Solutions • Technology Solutions is a semester-long (A/B day), project-oriented course where students will access, analyze, and critique messages in a variety of forms including commercials and advertisements. • Students will also develop digital resources through video broadcasting, graphic design, and other media tools to support their own learning or school programs.

  26. Related Arts continued Physical Education 8 • Physical Education 8 involves fitness activities, a net sport, and at least one additional unit per grade level. It is a semester A/B day course. • The fitness, net sports, and additional units include Fitness and Conditioning, Badminton, Pickleball, Table Tennis, Tennis, Volleyball, Acrosport, Basketball, Flag Football, Floor Hockey, Games, Golf, Soccer, Softball, Soft Lacrosse, Speedball, Team Handball and Track and Field.

  27. Scheduling for 8th Grade • Students will receive 8th grade course selection sheets on February 19th • Course selection sheets are due to guidance by February 25th • Middle School Course Handbook is available on our website