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  1. Divergent Author : Veronica Roth Date of Pub. : 2011 Science fiction By: Nichole Gordon

  2. Setting • The story takes place at two different factions. Shows why they do the things they do and think the way they do • Dauntless Compound- underground and dark, it shows that they want to be hidden from everyone • Abnegation City- city is really nice but homes and streets are not

  3. Characters • Tris- Skinny, short, blonde hair, pale • selfless , foolhardy, intrepid, stubborn • Four- Tall, muscular, brown hair • assertive , clever, dependable, versatile

  4. Conflict • Man Vs. self • Tris has to learn to control her fears and to trust others

  5. Summary • When a kid turns 16 they choose to choose a new faction and leave their family or stay with their family. When Tris is taking a test she finds out she is divergent and that she must not tell anyone. The next day at the choosing ceromy she chooses to leave her family ad chooses to join the dauntless. She has to go through training to become a dauntless member. During the training she falls in love with a guy name Four. Before final ranking they have to go through a fear landscape were they have to face all their fears. After the fear landscape the final rankings are posted and Tris is number one. Jeanine starts a simulation the mind controls ever dauntless except divergent. The ones that are mind controlled are forced to kill lots of people. Four and Tris end up getting captured and Jeanine puts Four under a stronger simulation that can control divergent. After that the try to drown tris in a tank but her mom saves her. While escaping Tris shoots her friend Will. Tris tries to shut down the simulation. Can she stop it ? You will have to read to find out.

  6. Theme • Some choices are harder then others • Choosing to leave family for another faction • Whether to shoot Will or let him shoot Her • Whether to trust people or trust no one

  7. Point of View • !st person- helps the reader know what Tris thinks and how she feels in the book • If it was from another point of view, it would show what other characters think and feel

  8. Symbolism • The faction symbols show you what symbolizes each faction and shows you what is special about each faction

  9. Recommendation • I defiantly recommend this book to someone. I think it is a really good book I love how so many things and how so much action happened in the book. It had really good characters and I love how it explains and describes each one. It was an awesome book and I love what happen it it. I think a lot of people would like it if they read it. When you start reading it you wont want to put it down.

  10. Divergent If you are wondering what divergent is it means you can tell that simulations aren’t real and you can finish them faster

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