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Divergent Book Cover

Divergent Book Cover

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Divergent Book Cover

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  1. Divergent Book Cover By: Jordan

  2. I did a picture of the number 5 because in the book Divergent there are 5 factions. Dauntless, Erudite, Abnegation, Amity, and Candor.

  3. I did a doctor chair because when all the kids at Beatrice’s school they went into a room one at a time and they had to sit in a doctor chair. And that’s the chair she sat in when she found out she was Divergent.

  4. I did a room with chairs because that’s where the choosing ceremony takes place. The choosing ceremony is when the kids pick one of the five factions. This is also when Beatrice picks the Dauntless faction.

  5. I did the word brave because when you are in the Dauntless faction you have to be very brave.

  6. I did a picture of a train because Beatrice (Tris) had to ride a train to the Dauntless faction. They also had to jump out of the train onto a roof and if you didn’t jump out you would be known as factionless.

  7. I did a picture of people fighting because in the first round of training the head of Dauntless wanted to test the strength of all the people then they would rank them. Tris got paired up with Peter one of the strongest people there.

  8. I did a butter knife because one night Tris woke up to someone screaming and when she got up to turn the light on she saw one of her faction members on the floor with a butter knife stabbed in his eye.

  9. I did a picture of someone who is different. I did this picture because when Tris went to visit her brother she felt different because it was not her own faction.

  10. Credits Pictures from google images