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  1. Divergent De’Andre Simmons Reginald Hartman Andrew Scharf

  2. Setting • In the beginning, the story is in the corpse of what used to be Chicago, Illinois. The time is what could be the year 2025 (the future). In the beginning, she lives in Abnegation headquarters. Later on , she lives in Dauntless headquarters. In the end, Four (Tobias), Tris, Marcus, and some others take a train to Amity headquarters. •

  3. Tris / Beatrice • Beatrice Prior is the main character that narrates the story. She has blond hair, a long, thin nose, large wide round eyes, a narrow face, and blue/gray eyes. She is sixteen years old. She is also protagonist because she . Beatrice is dynamic because she changed factions. Therefore, she changed who she was as a person. Before she was in the Abnegation (selfless) faction. Now she is in the Dauntless (Brave) faction. However, she is still selfless. This is because she climbed up the Ferris wheel to help her team in capture the flag. She also is self loathing because she won’t admit she is selfless. Finally, Tris is brave because she jumped100 story building.

  4. Four/ Tobias: • Four is tall and buff. He is a friend of Beatrice. He always helps her, therefore he is protagonist. In addition, he always stays the same no matter what, so he is static. He is also tough. He is a major character because he is the main character’s boyfriend and instructor. This is because he got ranked first when he fought with other people in stage one of becoming dauntless.

  5. Rising Action • Beatrice took the test to decide her faction and she got assigned divergent. Divergent means her test results were inconclusive. • She then chose to be Dauntless, which means she chose the fearless faction. • She changed her name from Beatrice to Tris. • She took her first initiation, which was jumping off the train. • She took the second initiation which was wrestling with other initiates. These first two initiations were both part of stage 1.

  6. Rising Action Continued • She got placed in the middle of other opponents. Some did better than her and some did worse. • She started stage two, which was going through humiliations of her fears. • People also got ranked on this stage for how long they stayed in their fears. They got out of their humiliations by being calm. Tris got ranked first out of all the other initiates. • Al helped Peter and a few other people try to through Tris off a bridge. • Al, Tris’s old friend, did suicide because Tris didn’t forgive him for • what he did. •

  7. Climax • The climax was when the Erudite forced most of the dauntless to attack the Abnegation. They did this by injecting them with a fluid and they all sleepwalked. Tris and Four (Tobias) along with the other divergent people weren’t affected by the fluid.

  8. Falling Action • Tris and Tobias were taken to the erudite leader. • Tobias got injected with a fluid that made him confuse friend with enemy. • Tris mom told her where some of the Abnegation were hiding from the dauntless and the Erudite. • Her mom got shot trying to protect her. • Tris made it to the Abnegation.

  9. Falling Action Continued • Tris, her dad and some of the other Abnegation attacked some of the Dauntless guards. • Tris found Tobias and convinced him that she was his friend. • They both got the microchip that was controlling the Dauntless, and turned it off. This stopped the Dauntless from attacking. • Tris’ dad got shot and died. • They lead the remaining Abnegation to the Amity compound.

  10. Conflicts • Tris doesn’t agree with the dauntless tests with the humiliations. This happens only at first. This conflict is considered man vs. society. • Tris and Peter don’t get along. Peter tried to through her off the bridge and yanked the towel off of her when she wasn’t wearing anything underneath. This conflict is considered man vs. man. • Tris is sad because her friends, Al and Will, died because of her. This conflict is considered man vs. self.

  11. Theme • One choice can change you and how you live, who your friends are and what you believe in. • (Basically it is saying that the choices that you make now will dramatically change you in the future. So you should make sure you are making the right decisions now so that you get the best that you can. :D)

  12. Resolution • The resolution is when Tris grabbed the Chip which controlled the dauntless and turned the chip off. This stopped them from attacking the abnegation any longer. But the fight caused many casualties and deaths of both Abnegation and Dauntless. And they remained almost factionless.

  13. Thanks for Watching!!! :D