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  1. Divergent Veronica Roth 2011 Science fiction

  2. Setting • There are two main settings in divergent they are the dauntless compound and abnegation city. • The dauntless compound is in the dauntless faction the compound is where they all live. It is a main part where they have half the story. Training, eating, where they all live. • The abnegation city is where tris used to live she then moved to dauntless faction. Her family lives there and most of her friends. It is the selfless compound where they treat each other better than themselves. • The story would be a lot different if the setting were changed because then she may be in a different faction and that would make it way different.

  3. Characters • The main characters are Tris (Beatrice) and Four (Tobias). Tobias- he is a dynamo, strong, and brave. He is tall, brown eyes and, brown hair. He is a dynamo because he pushes other people to their limit, he is brave because of what his father did to him, and he is strong because he built himself up like that in emotion and body strength. Tris- she is stubborn, analytical and divergent. She is short, blonde hair, and a small narrow nose. She is stubborn to everyone because of how independent she is, she is analytical because before she does anything she thinks it through and always asks questions, finally she is divergent she stands out, she's different.

  4. Conflict • Tris is divergent and she trades factions and becomes Dauntless she has to learn to change to their ways and learn to fit in. • She goes through simulations struggling with her fears, fighting them and trying to learn to control them. • Man vs. self

  5. summary • Tris a 16 year old girl has to choose her new faction. A new life, new beliefs, a new look. Must choose between candor, Amity, Abnegation, Dauntless, and erudite. She finds out that she is divergent along the way that means a lot, but some people have a major problem with that and she has to keep it secret. Tris ends up choosing Dauntless and meets four. They go on a long journey fighting against people and simulations before anyone can be safe.

  6. Theme • Selflessness and bravery aren't that different. Three pieces of evidence: Tris almost has to give up her life for her family. Four leaves his home to be in a safer environment. Tris has to give up herself to save four.

  7. Point of view • The point of view is first person. It helps me by letting me know what the reader is thinking and saying. • The story would be very different if the point of view were changed because if it were third person it would be confusing with everyone's thoughts and dialogue.

  8. Symbolism • I brought a dream catcher because in the book there are simulations. These are like bad dreams. You get a shot then you go into this world of pain and fears. You can ,touch, see, smell, and taste everything like its real. Almost like a bad dream. I brought in a dream catcher because Tris is like it in a way. A dream catcher is for stopping bad dreams (simulations), Tris is like a dream catcher because she tries to stop the simulations.

  9. Recommendation • This book is a must read. It has great detail and you always feel connected with the characters. You feel as if you are by there side the whole way. One reason I love this book is because every time you think you figured it out there is another twist. This book is amazing for anyone because there is romance, comedy, and A TON of action.

  10. THANKS!!!