divergent n.
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  1. Divergent Author: Veronica Roth Powerpoint by, Ross Duffus $_#

  2. Genre • The genre of the book Divergent is Science Fiction!!!!!!

  3. Main Characters • The main characters in this story are….. • Beatrice (Tris) • Tobias (Four) • Eric

  4. Beatrice Beatrice is the main character. She is the divergent one. It is dangerous to be divergent. She is brave, suspicious, and good at being a dauntless.

  5. Tobias • His nickname is Four. They call him four because he only has four fears. He is good at fighting and is brave. He also is divergent. He is not the main character but is close.

  6. Eric • Eric is a young ( 16 year old) Dauntless leader. He is EVIL!!!!! He is a hunter of the divergent. He acts like a Dauntless but inside he is truly a Erudite. He is also a leader of training. He is dangerous and mean. You have to be careful what you say when your around him.

  7. Plot • The plot is where Beatrice has to make the choice of her life. She has taken the aptitude test and chosen Dauntless. She has to survive the Divergent hunter Eric. While she does all this she has to live through the hardest thing she has ever done. Initiation!!!

  8. Factions • The setting is in a made up world. The world is made up of 5 factions (Civilizations). There is the Dauntless who are brave and selfish. The Erudite who crave knowledge. The Abnegation who don’t have a selfish bone in their body, and the Amity who are basically farmers on miles of farm land.

  9. Setting • Most of the book takes place in the Dauntless compound. It is a place underground where there is a humongous chasm. They call where it is the Pit. It is the center of where everything happens. The dorms are off from there and so are the training rooms. Above the ground is the fences that the dauntless protect from who knows what. It is a place where bravery is tested. Everyone wears black clothing.

  10. Conflict • The conflict (problem) is that Beatrice is divergent. It is not a good thing to be and you will be killed for being divergent. She has to find a way to hide her divergence from her whole faction and the rest of the factions.

  11. Main idea • The main idea is that Beatrice has to make it through initiation while hiding her divergence. She has to do things that normal initiatives wouldn't do.

  12. Recommendations • I would recommend this book to anyone who likes made up worlds. Also if you like sitting on the edge of your seat to see what happens next.

  13. The End • Thank you for WATCHING!!!!!!!