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ARTEMIS Industry Association & ARTEMIS Joint Undertaking PowerPoint Presentation
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ARTEMIS Industry Association & ARTEMIS Joint Undertaking

ARTEMIS Industry Association & ARTEMIS Joint Undertaking

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ARTEMIS Industry Association & ARTEMIS Joint Undertaking

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  1. ARTEMIS Industry Association & ARTEMIS Joint Undertaking ARTEMIS Industry Association The association for R&D actors in embedded systems

  2. What is ARTEMIS? ARTEMIS is: Advanced Research & Technology in EMbeddedIntelligence and Systems

  3. What is the ARTEMIS vision? Embedded systems will realise the dream of ambient Intelligence in everyday objects. This will increase the quality of life. The result makes life healthier and more secure.

  4. Structure ARTEMIS Joint Undertaking • ‘Industry’ is represented by the ARTEMIS Industry Association • ‘Public Authorities’ (PAs) are represented by the PA Board

  5. ARTEMIS Industry Association “ARTEMIS Industry Association is the association for all R&D actors in embedded systems. The association ARTEMIS continues the activities of the ARTEMIS European Technology Platform that started in 2004 and fosters the ARTEMIS Research Agenda.”

  6. ARTEMIS Industry Association The association is: • Founding member of the ARTEMIS Joint Undertaking • A membership organisation supporting and representing European Industries, Universities and Institutes in the ARTEMIS Joint Undertaking • Responsible for the Strategic Research Agenda: the research backbone for the ARTEMIS Joint Undertaking Programme

  7. ARTEMIS Industry Association The association is: • An opportunity to shape your own research environment • A boost for collaborative research and building of quality consortia • A networking organisation with more than 200 members all over Europe • A not-for-profit association under Dutch law for all actors in ARTEMIS

  8. ARTEMIS Joint Undertaking “ARTEMIS Joint Undertaking is the public private partnership in embedded systems.ARTEMIS Joint Undertaking houses the collaboration between the European Commission, 23 participating Member States, and ARTEMIS Industry Association”.

  9. ARTEMIS Joint Undertaking ARTEMIS Joint Undertaking launches calls for innovative project proposals: • A 2.7 b€ Research Programme • Running until 2017 • Focus on down-stream innovation: • Important for Europe’s industries • Important for Europe’s citizens

  10. ARTEMIS Member States ARTEMIS Member States – 23 Austria Belgium Cyprus Czech Republic Denmark Estonia Finland France Germany Greece Hungary Ireland Italy Latvia the Netherlands Norway Poland Portugal Romania Slovenia Spain Sweden United Kingdom

  11. Conclusions • ARTEMIS has ambitious goals to increase the productivity and innovation of major European industrial sectors and address societal challenges • The ARTEMIS Joint Undertaking is a new way to unite public and private resources to set up a broad, European scale program • ARTEMIS operational principles have been carefully crafted in Public Private Partnership mode to reach

  12. ARTEMIS Strategy

  13. ARTEMIS Projects Participation by partner types

  14. Conclusions • ARTEMIS is paving the way to greater ‘Europeanisation’ of the R&D scene • Focus on ‘Market Impact’ • Aims directly at improved competitiveness • Attracts large R&D projects supported by smaller, targeted initiatives • Targeted projects advance ‘dominant designs’ • Larger projects can integrate the ‘complementary assets’ • Leads to increased number of countries per projects ARTEMIS sees this as a start to broader, more effective collaboration structures

  15. Overall conclusions of QuestionnaireWorking Group Metrics • Analysis of the results shows that ARTEMIS is gaining momentum since 2010: • Networks have been established & are fully operational • Industry-driven approach & combination of scientific & industrial views are considered key strengths and motivators • New partnerships & involvement SMEs • Business impact on reduced development costs, reduced TTM & higher re-usability

  16. First results of QuestionnaireWorking Group Metrics Why ARTEMIS? • Industry-driven approach has become more explicit nr. 1 compared to 2010 • Existing network in ARTEMIS community is main newcomer (this was not yet existing that intensively in 2010) • Good blend of industry and university programmes • Particular technology challenges

  17. First results of QuestionnaireWorking Group Metrics Business impact

  18. Making it happen

  19. Thank you for your attention!