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Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico. Written by: Rachel Eiseman. Map. Charts & Graphs. Flag.

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Puerto Rico

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  1. Puerto Rico Written by: Rachel Eiseman

  2. Map

  3. Charts & Graphs

  4. Flag The flagof Puerto Rico is very important to Puerto Ricans. First of all, on the flag the red means blood shed by warriors, blue means sky,and coastal waters, and white means liberty, victory, and peace. Then, from 1892, the blue in the flag was a light blue and in 1952-1995, the blue turned to a dark blue tone. In conclusion,the flag of Puerto Rico was influenced by the U.S. flag because it has the same colors.

  5. Human & Physical Features There are a lot human and physical features.First of all, the U.S.has3,780,293 more square miles than Puerto Rico. Next, the population of Puerto Rico is 3,620,897,while the U.S. is 299,846,897.The life expectancy in Puerto Rico is 79.46,while the U.S. is 78.2. In Puerto Rico there are 12 airports,and in the U.S. there are 13,513 airports.Finally, in Puerto Rico the birth rate is 10.9,and in the U.S. 14.0.In conclusion, that is a few of the human and physical features.

  6. Government • National symbol - Puerto Rican spindalis.(birds) • National anthem - La Borinquena (the Puerto Rican) • No diplomatic representation from the U.S. • No diplomatic representation in the U.S. • Senate - last held on November 6, 2012. • Capital - San Juan

  7. Flag There are about 3-4 different religions in Puerto Rico.To begin with , 85% of peopleare Roman Catholic and they believe in one god who is a trinity of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.Also, they read from the Bible and they believe in the afterlife, you either get eternal heaven or hell.Lastly, they practiceprayers, Bible study, baptism, communion, and church on Sundays.In conclusion, Roman Catholicismis the main religion in Puerto Rico.

  8. Timeline

  9. Animals,Plants&Natural Resources There are so many animals and natural resourcesin Puerto Rico.To begin with, DwarfGeckco’s are known as GGA’s , Neo tropical birds are woodpeckers,and an endemic genius. Also, the snake in Puerto Rico isknown as El Yunque, and oil is used to make make-up, furniture, medicines, etc. Lastly, the Hibiscus is Puerto Rico’s state flower and it’s in the T. Grandiflora group.

  10. Glossary 1. Coastline: The land along the edge of a coast. 2. Agriculture: The Science or occupation of farming. 3. Terrain: Land of a particular kind. 4. Expenditure: Amount of money that is spent on something. 5. Currency: Money.

  11. Video

  12. Photo Gallery

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