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getting real about second life virtual worlds in higher ed n.
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Getting Real about Second Life Virtual Worlds in Higher Ed. PowerPoint Presentation
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Getting Real about Second Life Virtual Worlds in Higher Ed.

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Getting Real about Second Life Virtual Worlds in Higher Ed.
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Getting Real about Second Life Virtual Worlds in Higher Ed.

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  1. Getting Real about Second Life Virtual Worlds in Higher Ed. NACAS West 2009 Regional Conference - Saturday, June 13, 2009

  2. Virtual Worlds aka “MUVE” • MUVE refers to online, multi-user virtual environments, sometimes called virtual worlds that are not necessarily game-specific. • Modern MUVEs have: • 3D isometric/third-person graphics • Are accessed over the Internet • Allow for some dozens of simultaneous users to interact • Represent a persistent virtual world

  3. Magic Happy Learning Land

  4. Magic Happy Learning Land

  5. Are you “inworld?”

  6. Your kids are.

  7. Perception of users of virtual worlds: • More Immersive • Greater Sense of Place • Amongst many others…

  8. If perception is reality… Then virtual worlds ARE place

  9. As with any place, movement of processes and people into a new environment is a complex operation of assimilating your current culture to the culture of your destination.

  10. Gartner May 2008: Nine out of ten business forays into the virtual world fail within 18 months • Focused on the technology rather than user needs. • The projects were greenlighted because they were 'cool' - or because competitors were doing it - not business vital. • A lack of clear objectives and a limited understanding of the demographics, attitudes and expectations of virtual-world communities.

  11. Gartner May 2008:

  12. Journalism’s love for sexiness drives hype cycle. Journalism's love for a good failure story helps drives the trough of disillusionment.

  13. Pragmatic observations from Gartner Research

  14. Slope of enlightenment is accompanied by finding practicality.

  15. Enterprise Ready Platforms • Active Worlds • OLIVE • Protosphere • Qwaq Forums • Second Life • Web.alive • Custom Built • Open Simulator • Project Wonderland List from 11 Virtual Worlds Technologies That Will Change the Way We Work

  16. Don’t ditch your LMS…yet!

  17. Blend It!

  18. The Possibilities • Research • Conferences • Marketing and recruitment • Immersive learning experiences

  19. Research Workspace Awareness Toolkit and Collaboration Hub For software development teams Eclipse Interactive Development Environment (IDE) 3D Visualization

  20. Conferences Arthur D. Little Virtual Exhibit at the PDMA Conference

  21. Conferences U.S. State Department Event on Education Without Boundaries

  22. Show me the money!!!! IBM Academy of TechnologyOctober 21st 2008 $250,000 savings in travel and venue costs $150,000 in additional productivity gains Total Savings = $400,000 Cost outlay = $80,000 Estimated Final ROI = $320,000

  23. Marketing and Recruitment Case Western Reserve Chronicle article on Case Western Reserve's efforts

  24. Immersive Learning Experiences Rafting Adventures for 8th Graders on the teen grid This module used for students to visualize the agents of erosion and deposition, as well as seeing how these agents create different landforms over time.

  25. Immersive Learning Experiences Dr. Douglas Danforth, Ohio State Ohio State Riding Tour of the Male Testes

  26. Immersive Learning Experiences Ohio University Software Engineering Process Game A multiplayer, online software engineering process game inside the virtual world of Second Life. Players can form teams and learn about the software engineering process through the use of role-playing.

  27. VWs = Experience & Context ...We must move past the presentation of content to the creation of context wherein learners can apply and reflect upon the new knowledge they encounter. It is a matter of moving beyond "knowing" something to being able to do something with this new knowledge... Rick Nigol of eLearn Campus

  28. Immersive Learning Experiences Loyalist College Canadian Border Simulation


  30. Going forward… The world we are preparing students for is the same world we must ourselves be actively engaged in to effectively educate as residents as opposed to visitors. Global Innovation Outlook 2.0 Group at IBM findings: Enterprise in 50 Years – Notion of large corporation goes away. Industry served by interconnected "on-demand" individuals. Full realization of the individual “core competency.” Are we preparing students for this reality?

  31. Today: still paving cow paths.

  32. Tomorrow - continued movement towards fully augmented reality or merge of real-world and computer-generated data.

  33. Just like the early internet,There are challenges... We must navigate these challenges to move forward...

  34. Towards involvement and partnerships

  35. The BIG Question: Why do we want to do this? • Have you adequately identified the need? • Be sure it's not just what you want to do but what's best for the students / customers / clients / organization • What haven't you been able to accomplish in other tools? with other methods?

  36. Magic Happy Learning Land

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