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Quality Security Environment PowerPoint Presentation
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Quality Security Environment

Quality Security Environment

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Quality Security Environment

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  1. Quality Security Environment • Membership and Partnership

  2. Members of the working groupMembership • Niyazi Akdas • Yuri Gousakov • Bertrand Jouslin de Noray • Wolfgang Kaerkes • Michaela Schröder • Tiia Tammaru

  3. Present situation • 31 National Representatives • 10 EOQ members • 10 partners

  4. Objectives of the working group • Adapt the EOQ Membership and Partnership to the evolution of EOQ activities • Clarify the different categories of membership and partnership • Open EOQ to new partners • Develop network with European Regions • Open EOQ to the business community • Bring income to EOQ • Promote EOQ

  5. Agreement Antalya • Update existing definitions of members • Clarify difference between Members and Partners • Create Business partners • Create EOQ Ambassadors

  6. Present situation • Update of EOQ Membership policy including new definition of affiliate member and affiliate partner • Committee on Business partners

  7. EOQ Network EOQ Affiliate Member EOQ Associate Member General Assembly EOQ National representatives (effective members) Partners Honorary Members World Region Branch Business University/ Research Ambassadors Advisory board Individuals EOQ Executive Board Secretary General

  8. 31 EOQ National Representatives

  9. 10 EOQ Associate Members

  10. Next steps • Updating the EOQ handbook • Name the first ambassador during the EOQ 50th Anniversary • Launch Business partnership

  11. EOQ • Organization

  12. Working Group on OrganizationPresent situation • 5 fields of activity • Next Executive

  13. Quality Security Environment • Communication and Marketing

  14. Members of the working groupCommunication and Marketing • Anne Elisabeth Zobl • Estibaliz Rollon • Sylvie Hendrick • Christine Weisenborn • Natalia Tomson

  15. Proposals • Create a communication and marketing network • Use ESQH website • Have a EOQ website page for EOQ members • Define Media Relations • Strategy about products • Strategy about Quarterly Newsletter • Need of European magazine

  16. Create a communication and marketing network • What has been done:

  17. Communication and marketing network • During the EOQ congress in April 2005 in Antalya, Turkey a group dedicated to communication among EOQ members met to discuss different projects. • To follow is the list of participants: • Natalia Chevchenko, RussiaNatalia Thomson, RussiaYury Samoylov, RussiaThomas Varina, Czech RepublicViktor Yagodzinsky, UkraineMichaela Schröder, GermanyAnneliese Zobl, AustriaWolfgang Schöndey, GermanyGeorge Georgiades, Cyprus Liliana Nitu, RomaniaUlf Gustavsson, SwedenPal Molnar, HungaryThomas Varina, Czech Republic Marijan Juric, Croatia

  18. COM & MKT meeting outcome • Among others Creativity and Innovation was one of the products EOQ members decided to focus on. Here is the decision taken: • 7 Creativity tools training • 4 countries have been nominated to develop the creativity training namely; • Ukraine, Romania, Cyprus and Estonia • Ukraine – Quality Club Leaders – training for CIS countries • Cyprus, Romania – to conduct training programs in future • Estonia- having already experience with the training

  19. COM & MKT follow up: • On September 29 a group of people met virtually to discuss the possibility of 7CT training in Europe. (Virtual and non virtual) • Participants were: • Wolfgang Schondey, Germany • Ilknur Ozbay, Turkey • Liliana Nitu, Romania • Martine Vanremoortele, Belgium • Viktor Yagodzinski, Ukraine • Bertrand Jouslin de Noray, France • Tiia Tammaru, Estonia • Michalis Gregoriou, Cyprus • Erzsebet Szegedi, Hungary • Bob King, USA

  20. PRU MKT Tasks decided on in Antalya, April 2005 • Create one page for WEBsites for each PRU-partner in English to promote the EOQ-certificates(June 2005) • Questionnaire on development of EOQ-certificates compared to national certificates and proposals for improvement (June 2005) • Promotion Folder in English for EOQ-certificates as PDF for each member(Draft by November 2005) Presentation of results on Dec 11, 2005 by A.Zobl

  21. Proposals • Have a meeting in Antwerp during the congress and 50th EOQ anniversary to discuss further • Follow up on Creativity and Innovation • PRU marketing follow up

  22. New EOQ Statute

  23. Change in EOQ Statut • " The GA and Board accepted to correct the EOQ statute to obey the new Belgium law on non-for-profit organizations, to ask a lawyer to do the adaptation and to confirm the agreement of the General Assembly in December. The Executive will check that the adaptation do not change anything in the content of the present statutes."

  24. Process • 1)      The modified statute is sent by e-mail to the members of the General Assembly. • 2)      The General Assembly give his agreement in Vienna • 3)      A special General Assembly will be called in the office of our lawyer in Belgium (March 1st, 2006). Only Annette Geirnaert will attend with the "law procuration" of each EOQ Member signed during the General Assembly in Vienna.

  25. Change in the Statuts • 1) The General Assembly and The Board are merged in one Assembly (as it is the practice now within EOQ). • 2) There are four types of membership • Effective Members • Associate Members • Affiliate Members • Honorary Members • 3) There is a simplification of tax regulation for small organizitions like EOQ

  26. Types of Membership • Effective Members (Existng EOQ National Representative and before FMO's). We shall continue to call them "EOQ National Representative" • Associate Members (Existing EOQ Members not being National Representative). We shall call them "EOQ Associate Member" • Affiliate Members (a new category) • Honorary Members (Existing Honorary Members)

  27. Modification • With modification of article 12.3 : delete the 5 last words "of the three vice presidents" and add 5 words : "at least four Vice Presidents"

  28. Sustainable developmentSurvey • 14 countries have answered • Questionnaire : • What have you done in the field of Sustainable development and CSR in 2005? • What is your plan for 2006? • What actions could be initiated at EOQ level (common product, common training, common information….) ? • Have you any comments?

  29. Sustainable developmentSurvey • The activity has increased in 2005. • 7 countries have organized seminars within companies and public conferences. • Spain Turkey, Germany and Austria have proposed training in 2005. • Plans for 2006 confirm the development of Sustainable Development. • There is a wish to have a common training in EOQ. • The social aspect of Sustainable development stay a question mark. • The result of the survey will be sent to countries having answered the survey.

  30. Sustainable developmentSurvey Initiatives • Spain: CD • Spain: In company training • Portugal: Partnership with Association of Entrepreneurial Ethics and World Council for Corporate Governance • France: Method for SME's with questionnaire • Austria: Training if CSR Manager/Auditor with EOQ certificate