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  1. Created for Tehama County 4-H Program Members 4-H RECORD BOOKS

  2. What are 4-H Record Books? • 4-H Record Books are books which contain knowledge about a project. • 4-H Record Books can contain one or many projects. For example: • Electricity • Horse • Leadership • Animal Science

  3. Life Skills Gained Through 4-H Record Books • Communication skills • Decision making skills • Categorizing & Organizing data • Analyzing & Utilizing information • Sharing information with others • Civic responsibilities in the community

  4. What Do You Do With the 4-H Record Book? • Expand your knowledge from year to year. Learn more about the project using other sources and organizations. • Choose an activity that you would like to do that involves using the knowledge you have learned. • Complete the activity. • Document what you did and learned using the proper record book forms.

  5. 4-H Record Book Forms • 4-H Record Book Forms are divided into 2 age categories: • Primary Members (5-8 years old) Please note that Primary books are not submitted for competition. A 4-H member must be 9 years old to begin competition. • Regular Members (9 years and older)

  6. Personal Development Report (PDR) • Members record all activities that they have completed during the year. • Members may earn Star Ranks based on their participation in 4-H over a number of years. • The PDR is available in four versions: Primary, mini, short, and long. This presentation will be using the Mini version Now for the Form...

  7. Adding Photo is a nice touch Complete Basic Information Attendance *Very Important to get all necessary signatures

  8. If you are eligible for Star Rank, get the Club Leader’s signature Page 2 of PDR Update the table to the right every year. If it’s members first year, “Total Past Years” column will be empty. Items with * listed next to them are required for that Star Ranking

  9. Attendance at Project Meetings Fill in with Completed Projects Figure average attendance Fill in activities from all completed projects Don’t forget your totals in boxes at top  Example: Participated Livestock Judging Day Page 3 of Mini PDR The more details - the better your score

  10. Record 4-H events, other than 4-H Club and Project Meetings Examples: State Field Day, Countywide events like Fashion Revue Record Jr/Teen Leader years here Page 4 of Mini PDR Leadership consists of being an Officer, on a Committee, Jr./Teen Leader, and even a Teen Staff at Youth Camp

  11. *Presentations are required for Star Ranks – Record them here Page 5 of Mini PDR Record Citizenship & Community Service activities for club and Projects Examples of Communication Skills: Presentations, Prepared Talks, Radio/TV appearances, & Newspaper Articles written by member

  12. #7 is for listing Significant and Notable Honors; • Some examples are: • Star Rank achievement • County Winner • 100% Club Attendance • County All Star • State Record Book Winner Lifestyle Activities include– School Sports, Musical/Theatrical Arts, Church, non 4-H Organizations, to being involved in a Camp Skit Remember – the more detail, the better

  13. You • 4-H’s Impact on You • Leadership & Citizenship • 4-H Projects and Activities Last Page of Mini PDR For every 50 words written, member receives 1 point at club level judging The story is to reflect on 4-H work completed thus far and emphasize on the current year. You are not required to use the form to the left. If you do not choose to use this form, be sure to follow formatting instructions in the Tehama County 4-H Record Book Manual Things to write about:

  14. 4-H Record Book Projects and MANY MORE • Animal Science • Citizenship • Community Service • Creative Arts • Photography • Clothing & Textiles • Foods & Nutrition • Archery • All Star/Leadership • Animal & Livestock Projects

  15. Now for the Form... Annual Project Report • Used to document specific project work. • Members complete an Annual Project Report for every completed project. • Optional items to include with Annual Project Report: • Include an Expression Page • Junior/Teen Leadership Development Report • Advanced Animal Report • Annual Project Reports come in two lengths – Short and Long This presentation will be using the Short version

  16. Project meeting Attendance Complete Basic Information 1st meeting was held- we introduced Still Exhibits Fair – I entered my quilt 2/1/09 12/1/08 L C into the fair. I didn’t win, but got a ourselves to the group. We made a schedule of meetings for the year. great idea for my next project. Did you know there is a whip-stitch? Community Service Examples of Learning Experiences: 4-H Events Project Meetings The more details - the better your score. Talk about what you did, learned and skills gained Activities Shows

  17. 3rd place Showmanship Boer goats for Market 2 Group I Market Goat Helped neighbor wash and trim Taught lesson on foot trimming as part of my Jr. Leader responsibilities their goats Purchased Boer Goats 100.00 600.00 2 Don’t forget to figure out your totals *Very Important to get all necessary signatures Refers to your project – whether its an animal or crafts More Description the Better!

  18. Order of Items • Title Page • Table of Contents • Personal Development Report (PDR) • My 4-H Story • Annual Project Reports for each project • Collection of 4-H Work • Newspaper Clippings, Flyers, Letters, Photographs • Previous Years’ Records

  19. Things to Know About 4-H Record Books • Only regular 4-H members, 9 years and older can participate in Record Book Competition. • Primary Record Books are not submitted for competition. They are for fun and practice only. • It is suggested that you submit an Annual Project Report Forms for each of your completed projects. • There is always help – just ask your leaders or 4-H Office

  20. Things to Know About 4-H Record Book Competition • You may not make improvements or changes to the 4-H Record Book once it is turned in to the Club Leader. • You can be named a County Winner in a project only once a year. • Incomplete 4-H Record Books are not accepted for Club or County Competition. • Obtaining Record Book signatures is the Member’s responsibility.

  21. Supplemental Record Book Forms • Advanced Animal Form • Jr./Teen Leadership Form • Horse Project Supplemental Form • Dog Project Supplemental Form • Daily Egg Supplemental Form Ask Club Leader for assistance if needed

  22. Dates To Remember • Project Records are due to your Club Leader on October 15th. • The Record Books will be judged at the Club Level. • Record Books that qualify at the Club Level will move on to County Competition. • Senior Members are encouraged to compete at the State Level

  23. Adult Supervision • Feel free to help your child as needed. • The 4-H Record Book work should be the work of the 4-H member, not the adult.

  24. 4-H Record Book Recognition • Club Seals – Green, Blue and Gold • County Awards are given for each Project Group. • Top Score - County Winner • Top Scoring Percentage - Record Book Medalists • Star Ranks

  25. I hope this has helped you to better understand the 4-H Record Book Call your Project Leader, Club Leader or 4-H Office if you have any questions.