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Genius Hour

Genius Hour . Alexander alford jr. Topics. Hottest Artists of 2013. New Faces in the Music industry. The image artist are sending to children across the world. The school closings and the teens behavior. Next Big piece of technology. Topic Decision. Out of my five topics,

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Genius Hour

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  1. Genius Hour Alexander alfordjr

  2. Topics • Hottest Artists of 2013. • New Faces in the Music industry. • The image artist are sending to children across the world. • The school closings and the teens behavior. • Next Big piece of technology.

  3. Topic Decision Out of my five topics, • Hottest Artists of 2013. • New Faces in the Music industry. • The image artist are sending to children across the world. • The school closings and the teens behavior. • Next Big piece of technology. • I decided to tackle the first one, "Hottest Artists of 2013." I picked this one because, in my school, there seems to be a lot of debate about who is better. I hope my blog will determine, who is hot, and who's not. Who do you think is the best in the game?

  4. Research/Interviews • http://www.thetoptens.com/best-rappers-2013/ • (A list of people, top 10, that people believe are the best of 2013. It also has people's reasons as to why they decided to vote for that person.) • http://www.jsonline.com/blogs/entertainment/219498651.html • (Has Kendrick as the best, and dives deeper into why) • Derek Jones: "Nas, because he's the best rapper alive." • Desmond Wilson: "Big Sean, he's just tough. And if you listen to 'Hall of Fame' or 'Born Sinner,' they have meaning to it." • Cameron Moore: "Drake, the way he use metaphors, and he says things you already know. But, he goes back to like pre school 'When the last time you did something for the first time.'" • Marcell Denmark: "Kendrick Lamar, because he is a lyrical genius and he can murder anybody or anything on a track. HE IS A FREAKIN' BEAST AND WILL MURDER TO WIN! Plus, he has 14 nominations at the hip hop awards."

  5. More research… • http://www.bet.com/shows/bet-awards/2013/nominees/best-male-hip-hop-artist.html  • (top 5 in order out of Kendrick, A$AP Rocky, Future, Drake and 2 Chainz.) • http://www.rap-up.com/2013/03/07/kendrick-lamar-tops-mtvs-hottest-mcs-in-the-game-list/ • (Kendrick) • I believe it's safe to say that Kendrick is the top rap artist of 2013. Enough Said. But, who do you think is the best rapper? I believe Kendrick, do you agree? Or Do you believe in someone else takes the crown? Do you think Nas is, as Derek Jones believes. Drake? Is he too emotional? A$AP Rocky?  Who do you believe is the champ?

  6. http://www.billboard.com/charts/rap-albums Since I know that most people's would involve their opinion in my question (The Hottest Rap Artist of 2013), I decided to go on google and type the same question, but make it base on sells. Kendrick, is number 8; Drake, is number 1. I believe it's because of Drake's new album. I'm going to take the question a step further, but also make more of debate for those around me. "Who is better out of Kendrick Lamar, Drake, Wale, and J. Cole?" With the obligation of why they feel that way This is a response from my friend, Jordan. He is a huge Drake fan, so the fact that he said Drake, was completely expected. However, his reason as to why Drake is the hottest rapper is cliche.

  7. More, and more research…. • http://www.billboard.com/charts/r-b-hip-hop-songs • Drake takes the lead with the songs. • Recently, I have been hearing a bunch of J. Cole songs on Pandora, he is very lyrical. • My next attempt to prove this topic, will be to interview different people, or have a kind of group interview to see what people think.

  8. Conversation/question • There was a conversation in class of who that maybe. For the most part, I heard a bunch of Kendrick Lamar's which was very expected. But at one point, someone threw 2-Chainz in the mix. Odd, I though. Is he one of the top artist this year? I haven't really listened to him as much as I have Drake, Wale, Kendrick, and J. Cole. But my opinion may be shifting a little bit. When I go for my runs on Saturday mornings, J. Cole comes on. He is fire! Who do you think is better, lyrically? Flow wise? Who speaks the truth in their raps, and whose a fake? How good is 2-Chainz?

  9. My interest in the project from start - finish • In the beginning, I really was enthusiastic about the topic I picked. I thought, it wouldn’t be hard to determine the best in the rap game. However, I was greatly mistaken! As the weeks went on, the research became harder, the time I decided to put in was harder, it just wasn’t as much fun anymore.

  10. How Satisfied am i? • I am content with the work I did. I went into the project under the pretenses that the project that would be easy, even though Mr. Hasty told me it wouldn’t be. I think I have some strong points, but, I also believe that my project slacked greatly as well.

  11. How far will I continue my research? • As far as my research goes, I’m done. I believe I collected enough information from the web. I also believe, that my question does not have a direct answer because everyone has their own opinion. I may believe that Kendrick Lamar is the best, but there are people who believe otherwise. So, I see no reason in continuing my research in this topic.

  12. Did I get an answer, to my question? • I would say no, because once again, this is a question that could be debated for hours. Everyone believes that somebody is better then the other. My question, I feel, has no direct answer.

  13. Effect of my question? • I don’t think my question had a direct effect on anyone. I do, however, think It would cause a debate because of the topic. That debate could get heated a little bit, but what would a debate be without a little frustration?

  14. The thought process of my question… • I didn’t know how my project would have turned out. I think I thought it was going to be a just look up and find your answer, but the thought process that I had to put into this topic was way more difficult. I didn’t even really realize how difficult it was until I made this powerpoint.

  15. The difficulty level…. • Throughout the project process, this was a very hard process! A lot of research, and I tried to keep my opinion out of it the whole time. But, I had to put my thoughts into the project as well. The main two, that seem to come up in conversation, was Kendrick and Drake. I’m a Kendrick fan, and I know huge Drake fans. To me, Kendrick takes the crown, because, he knows how to flow and is a lyrical genius! Drake on the other hand, is more of show/flashy to me. That sells, a lot, but at the end of the day fans want the real deal. Wale and J.Cole

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