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Genius Hour Proposal

Genius Hour Proposal. Bashir Thomas . KNICKS MOST LIKEY WILL NOT GO TO THE PLAYOFFS.

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Genius Hour Proposal

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  1. Genius Hour Proposal Bashir Thomas

  2. KNICKS MOST LIKEY WILL NOT GO TO THE PLAYOFFS. I'm interested because that is my favorite team in the NBA. Also because I know they are better then that they beat the best teams in the NBA. They just need a new coach and they need new players to go around Carmelo Anthony in order for them to win the championship .

  3. Questions? • I’m looking to answer the question why they only play hard when they play the good teams in the NBA. They are suppose to play hard every night not just when they feel like it. • Another is why haven’t they tried to get better players on the team , they have one all-star surrounded by a bunch of corny role players. • Lastly I would like to know when will they get a new coach because I don’t think Mike Woodson is a bad coach but there are to many selfish players on his team to control them all . • The question that I’m to look up is , Do the Knicks have enough energy to keep pushing for a playoff spot or will they give up ?

  4. Top five • 1. Knicks- Will they win the championship ? • 2. Broncos- Will they go back to the championship ? • 3. Carmelo-Will he stay since Phil came ? • 4. NCAA- Who will win? • 5.Boys Latin- Is it the best school in West Philadelphia ?

  5. KNICKS SLIPS AWAY ! Frustrated Carmelo Anthony had no answer Sunday night against the Cavaliers as the Knicks' winning streak ended at eight . Hours before the Knicks took the floor Sunday night the Atlanta Hawks lost again, opening the door for the Knicks to pull within two games of the final playoff berth in the Eastern Conference. Knicks coach Woodson saw the score, knew the numbers, but still approached the Knicks game with a simple strategy. Without their best player, Kyrie , the Cav’s got a season-high 31 points from Jarrett Jack, including a pull-up jumper with 24.7 seconds left over Felton and Chandler to put the Cav’s up four.

  6. Knicks Making the playoffs Before the game, Woodson talked about how important it was for the Knicks to remain focused, regardless of whether Atlanta won or lost . “It’s good if they lose, but again, it’s about what we do at this point,” Woodson said. “Our focus is not on Atlanta or Charlotte. It’s on the Knicks and how we’re playing and competing. Every game is important. We just don’t have any room for error. We’re trying to get in.” The Knicks erred Sunday night, losing a game they expected to win. Their margin for error got even smaller, with a five-game trip ahead.

  7. how will your topic affectsomeone? • My Topic Will affect all the knick fans because they are not that bad of a team but they are going to make it. • Why? Because they were suppose to make the playoffs and they are a good team and its in New York • How ? Because they are in New York. When you are in New York your going to have a lot of stuff on your back because it a lot of people living there.

  8. How Hard ? • It will not be that hard because the season is still going and they are still going. They are almost there and still going hard.

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