global environmental issues n.
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Global Environmental Issues PowerPoint Presentation
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Global Environmental Issues

Global Environmental Issues

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Global Environmental Issues

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  1. Global Environmental Issues

  2. Environmental issues are negative aspects of human activity on the biophysical environment. Some of the issues that came up during a quick Google search for environmental issues: Climate Change Conservation Energy Environmental degradation Environmental Health Genetic Engineering Intensive Farming Land Degradation Soil Land Use Nanotechnology Nuclear Issues Overpopulation Ozone Depletion Pollution Reservoirs Resource Depletion Consumerism Toxins Waste

  3. Food Distribution Maps Percentage of population that is undernourished Daily grams of protein per person Daily calories per person Daily grams of fat per person

  4. Life Expectancy & Population Growth

  5. Dare I say it? Consumerism Your thoughts?

  6. Are you an eco-consumer? Do you consider the consequences of consumerism? Have I just ruined your day?

  7. How about Styrofoam containers from restaurants? Weeden to-go container Number of Styrofoam containers I have avoided by bringing my own

  8. I am not suggesting that we stop buying things. I am suggesting we think about the things we are buying and take just one second to think past the moment…..

  9. World Population and the consequences thereof….. Percentage of Population Without Reasonable Access to Safe Drinking Water Reasonable access to safe drinking water is defined as the availability of at least 20 liters per person per day from an improved source within 1 kilometer of the user's dwelling. Population graphics and information obtained from:

  10. Water Resources……. Percent of water on the surface of the earth? Roughly 70% What percent of that water is salty and therefore not potable? Roughly 97% What percent of that fresh water is held up in glaciers? Roughly 1.74% Getting thirsty?

  11. One estimate of global water distribution

  12. How do we, as humans consumer water? Is the rate at which we consume it sustainable? Water use

  13. Groundwater depletion (mm/year) Groundwater recharge (mm/year)

  14. Glen Canyon Dam: a lesson in hydrogeology

  15. What does all this mean for your future water security?