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Environmental Issues PowerPoint Presentation
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Environmental Issues

Environmental Issues

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Environmental Issues

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  1. Environmental Issues “Think Globally…Act Locally!”

  2. WEBQUEST COMPONENTS • Introduction • Task • Process • General Resources • Assessment • Conclusion

  3. Introduction Back to Homepage • Welcome to our Global Environmental Issues Project! • Have you ever been to Patchogue Lake, Corey Beach, Davis Park, or any of our neighborhood streets on Long Island? What types of observations did you make when you were there? Was everything clean? How did you interact with the environment? Were you conscience of preserving the natural habitats of the animals and plants that live in our community? Did you see other people doing this? Or did you see people polluting, harming and destroying the community we call home? Ecology is the study of interactions that occur among organisms and their environment. Humans are harming the environment, and thus upsetting the natural interaction between living and nonliving things on our planet.

  4. Task Back to Homepage • You are an employee of the Local Government's Conservation Office. Your boss has decided that something practical has to be set in place to help save our planet from its various environmental issues. He has assigned you and your team the task of picking a global issue that is harming the environment. Your boss expects you and your team to research the global issue and its affects on the world. You will use your knowledge gained to create a proposal that you can enact locally in our community to help reduce the effects of the global issue. In addition to the proposal, you and your team will create an action plan.

  5. Back to Homepage Process • 1. Students will need to pick a role (Designer/Architect, Recorder, or Editor) • 2. Choose a global issue (click here for list of issues). You must get it approved by teacher. • 4. Research • See Student Handout for specific areas to research • 5. Write a proposal that would educate others about the global issue. Make sure to include in your team’s proposal the plan you have devised to help reduce the problem. Choose one below: 1) PowerPoint 2) Posterboard • 6. Put your proposal into action to inspire others in our school and community to join in on your plan to help save our community. Choose one below: 1) Letter writing to political leaders 2) advertisements hung around school or community 3) put your plan into action

  6. Back to Homepage General Resources • • this is an excellent site to help students generate ideas for proposing solutions to their community issue • • Department of Environmental Conservation • • Offers information about current environmental issues and actions proposed by the county government • • Government Environmental Agency • • Offers information about environmental issues in our town • • Offers information on environmental issues and proposed plans that our government in Patchogue Village is overseeing.

  7. Back to Homepage Back to Issues Waste Management    link:  Other Reports 2004 LI Garbage Index    link:  Waste Management    link:  Land Great Garbage Challenge    link:  Resources Sierra Club Hazardous Household Waste    link:  Chemical & Pollution Control    link:  Hazardous Waste    link:  Hazardous Waste Annual Report    link:  Resources                 Beyond Pesticides                 MnCHEC                 Preventing Harm                 The Chemical Scoreboard                 Tox Town                 ATSDR                 MCSGlobal

  8. Storm Water Runoff Explains what it’s and why it’s harmful Overuse of Nonrenewable Energy Sources Back to Homepage More Resources Back to Issues

  9. Overdevelopment of Land Farmland Preservation Resources Back to Homepage Back to Issues

  10. Beach Erosion Noise Pollution Resources Back to Homepage Back to Issues

  11. Air Pollution Light Pollution Back to Homepage Resources Back to Issues

  12. Conclusion Back to Homepage • We hope you enjoyed creating your proposals about our environmental issues. We would like to share them with other teachers/students in our school district. Please write a letter to another teacher or student, who will be reading your proposal. Describe your experience researching, planning and writing about the proposal you devised to enhance our community. • Thank you for all of your hard work!

  13. Back to Homepage

  14. ROLES Back to PROCESS PAGE • Designer/Architect: Responsibilities include: • - Research • -creating PowerPoint or Posterboard • Recorder: Responsibilities include: • - Research • -makes sure daily log sheets are checked by teacher • -responsible for organizing research materials in folder • -Work on Action Plan with Editor • Editor: Responsibilities include: • - Research • - formulating wording of presentation • -making sure information is not plagiarized • - Work on Action plan with Recorder

  15. ISSUES Back to PROCESS PAGE • Overdevelopment of our land • Overuse of Nonrenewable Energy Sources (oil, coal, gas) • Storm Water Runoff • Farmland Preservation • Waste Management • Air Pollution • Light Pollution • Noise Pollution • Beach Erosion • Hazardous Household Waste