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The Leprechaun and the Man. PowerPoint Presentation
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The Leprechaun and the Man.

The Leprechaun and the Man.

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The Leprechaun and the Man.

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  1. The Leprechaun and the Man.

  2. Once there was a leprechaun that lived in a small house at the edge of the forest.

  3. The leprechaun was a smart fellow but very greedy. He loved gold.

  4. He loved gold so much that if no one was looking, he would steal their gold right out from under their noses.

  5. The funny thing was that the animals and people that he stole from still wanted to be his friend, because he was so cleaver he made them believe that someone else had stolen their gold!

  6. Perhaps he fooled them because he had such a warm smile. Perhaps he fooled them because he was a fast and smooth talker.

  7. Whatever the case, he always managed to fool others.

  8. Until one day he met his match… A handsome, well dressed, and well mannered man visited the leprechaun. “I could make you very rich he told the greedy leprechaun.” If only you had some gold to invest….

  9. The greedy leprechaun started thinking about what the man had said. He loved gold, gold, and more gold.

  10. I want to be the richest leprechaun of all, he thought.

  11. Therefore, he went to the man and said, “I want more gold. What can I do to get more?”

  12. The man told the leprechaun to hide his pot of gold at the edge of the rainbow for everyone knows that a leprechaun is supposed to put it there.

  13. The greedy leprechaun did not hesitate. He quickly put his gold at the end of the rainbow and waited for his fortune to double or perhaps quadruple.

  14. But the man was as tricky as the leprechaun. As the leprechaun hid his gold at the end of the Rainbow, the man hid and watched.

  15. You see, the man had greedy dreams of his own.

  16. When the leprechaun was off dreaming about The gold he would soon have, the man stole the leprechaun’s gold and hid it in the bushes. He left the leprechaun an empty pot.

  17. However, the man did not notice that others were watching…. so to trick both the man and the leprechaun, they re-hid the gold.

  18. When the man and the leprechaun each noticed that their gold was gone, they became very angry at one another. The leprechaun stomped his feet when all that he found was a pot of clovers.

  19. The man was as mad as a bull. He threw down the shamrocks that had been left for him and walked off deeper into the woods where he hoped he could find another leprechaun.

  20. As for the mouse and the worm, they shared their riches with all the poor children of Dublin.

  21. The moral of this story is -greedy people get what’s coming to them

  22. and…. -never trust a leprechaun or someone just because he is dressed nice and a smooth talker.

  23. The end of the story. Happy St. Patrick's Day! Brought to you by Capen’s Chatter Children

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