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Flow. Abstract Introduction problematique Methodology Indy Test Results and Discussion Formadas Institut A Jakarta/Manila Indymedia Conclusion. anti-democracy agenda symposium nov. 7+8, Zurich, Switzerland Center for Individual and Society, University of Sussex.

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  1. Flow • Abstract • Introduction • problematique • Methodology • Indy Test • Results and Discussion • Formadas • Institut A • Jakarta/Manila Indymedia • Conclusion

  2. anti-democracy agenda symposium nov. 7+8, Zurich, Switzerland Center for Individual and Society, University of Sussex PEKAN ANTI OTORITARIAN: SOME OBSERVATIONS ON ANARCHIST GATHERING AT INDONESIA Randy T. Nobleza, Marinduque Indymedia

  3. June 3-6, 2010/ Sibolangit, Medan Anti-Otoritarian Gathering

  4. abstract These preliminary observations also deals with two diverse traditions of Anarchism in the Philippines and Indonesia. The two traditions continue to develop through exchange and introduction of open source technologies being appropriated in local contexts. Both countries share distinct but related colonial histories with the Netherlands, Spain and United States.

  5. abstract Given so, its colonial history also produced a long tradition of peoples’ struggle and creative resistance during different stages of development. Such development also provided a conducive environment for anarchism to flourish and become a valid alternative not only for the Philippines or Indonesia but also to other nations in Asia as well.

  6. introduction The main idea of the pekan anti otoritarian is to provide a venue for exchange and discussion for Indonesians outside the core. I was invited to participate in a community-based multimedia seminar organized by the deli serdang institute I had just finished a preliminary field work in the province of Marinduque;

  7. Anarchism in Indonesia The respondents: • -Mita (in an individual capacity and for the Institut-A collective. • Contact: detha@riseup.net & instituta@alphabetthreat.co.uk • Lives in Jakarta and is at the moment building and running the Institut-A- Infohouse & Community Center which focusses on documentation and distribution of anarchist literature, free school, skill sharing and building up an alternative economy. Also interested in issues around women, sexuality and consumerism. • -Jicek (in an individual capacity) • Contact: optimis.tragis@gmail.com

  8. Problematique • The papers problematizes the divergence and convergence of related developed of anarchism as praxis in small communities in both Indonesia and Philippines. • -It also makes use of development communication to explain the emergence of Independent Media Centers in the said countries to show its response to the inadequacies of globalization.

  9. methods • Indy Test is based on the praxis of development communication • It emerged as a response to the social realities of developing nations • problems could be addressed by tracing it to root causes by means of documentation in different forms and manners.

  10. Results and Discussion Formadas Institut A Jakarta/Manila Indymedia

  11. Anarchism Situationer in Indonesia • Mayday 2007 • Mayday 2008 • Post Mayday 2008

  12. A. Formadas (Medan) formadas started on 22.10.2001 in our campus in institut teknologi medan (ITM) after the fall of the Suharto regimeit. strated with local issues about facility in campus after that we also participated in other issues, i mean formadas move not just in campus. and now and now.we also have bases in campus Universitas Islam Sumatera Utara (UISU). we engaged in many actions, if action is calculated has been a lot ofwhat we do. organizing petani persil IV againts PTPN II, organizing students, organizing movement againts the goverment etc. –Sunjut from Medan

  13. b. Institut A Our Info House name is Institut A, in Jakarta. It started since one year ago. This is the first Info House in Indonesia. We started this Info House as a collective project to made some place for all the anarchist activist get the free informations about the anarchism movement in Indonesia, publish some pamphlet, made a flyer, zine, free learning space, DIY shopand many more. – andre from Sulawesi

  14. c.Jakarta indymedia • we began indymedia in Jakarta by 2004 and we had some process and by January 2005 we got indymedia.jakarta.ng. We had a team about 10 persons, now we only have 4 still active to maintain the website. Because most news we for indymedia in Jakarta are about local issue and we want Indonesia people can understand the local issue too. But our target is Indonesia people. – cikko from jakarta

  15. Close-up/wide angle Marinduque Indymedia

  16. High/Low angle Indonesia/Philippines

  17. 30 minute shooting • Jicek: • With the ongoing process that has been taking place, I think there is lots of space that can be filled by anarchists in Indonesia. More than a few people who used to be Marxist-Leninist are beginning to think that all forms of power corrupt and repress. People that have become victims of corporations also start to feel that government will only ever take the side of corporations, and so it it is necessary to do something stronger than just asking the government for help.

  18. conclusion Mita: I feel very positive, especially in the context of Indonesia where there are so many problems. More and more different people and groups start to feel that their form of struggle is arriving at a dead end, and anarchy is seen as something very logical. Nevertheless, all this will need a long process and hard work, we need to build up collaborations and firm solidarity between us. I believe we will see the seeds of anarchy which we sow and scatter today start to grow everywhere...

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