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Chapter 4

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Chapter 4

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  1. Chapter 4 Review

  2. Were medieval cities larger or smaller than ancient cities? A. smaller

  3. Medieval universities were guilds that produced educated individuals. What is a guild? A. corporation

  4. In which century did the Catholic Church have the most political power? A. 13th

  5. Which two countries fought against each other in the Hundred Years’ War? A. England and France

  6. In what city did Francisco Pizarro set up Spain’s American capital? A. Lima

  7. Name three things that contributed to the decline of the Maya? A. Internal revolt, invasion, and reduced crop yields due to overuse of land

  8. What is the name of the ruler who ruled during a decisive period of Inca expansion? A. Pachacuti

  9. What year did the Aztec found their capital on the island of Lake Texcoco? A. 1325

  10. Who commanded the forces that destroyed the Aztec capital? A. HernanCortes

  11. What is the idea of investing for the purpose of profiting called? A. Commercial capitalism

  12. In which city did the first European university appear? A. Bologna

  13. The Romanesque style of church construction featured what distinct shape? A. A basilica shape

  14. What was the earliest Central American civilization? A. Olmec

  15. What civilization created a sophisticated writing system based on hieroglyphs? A. Maya

  16. What achievement of the Aztec linked islands to the mainland? A. Stone roadways

  17. Name three characteristics of Mayan society? A. Skilled artisans, officials, and merchants; a class of nobles and scribes who helped the rulers; and a majority of people who were farmers

  18. What is an agricultural estate run by a lord and worked by peasants? A. manor

  19. Who were required to provide labor services, pay rents, and be subject to the lord’s control? A. serfs

  20. What was the order formed by a group of Benedictine monks who were unhappy with the lack of discipline in their order? A. Cistercian

  21. What was the most highly regarded subject of study of the medieval university? A. theology

  22. Before this invention, medieval churches had very thick walls and few windows. What is it called? A. Flying butress

  23. What was the most common form of Black Death? A. Bubonic plague

  24. Many scholars believe that groups of people from Asia came to North America on a land bridge that once crossed what water way? A. Bering Strait

  25. What was the first civilization in Mesoamerica around 1200 B.C.? A. Olmec

  26. On what present day site did the Aztec establish their capital? A. Mexico City

  27. Who commanded the Spanish force that arrived at Tenochtitlan? A. HernanCortes

  28. Who was the Inca leader who expanded the empire in the 1440s? A. Pachacuti

  29. The Inca experienced an epidemic that devastated their population. What is an epidemic? A. An outbreak of disease

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