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  1. BANFF NATIONAL PARK Is located one hour west of Calgary. Has the trans-Canada highway running through Has boundaries with 3 other national parks

  2. Is on the border of BC and Alberta • Has a town in the middle of the park

  3. Recently had a 125 year birthday • It is our first national park

  4. Is still famous for it’s mineral rich hot springs

  5. Has much wildlife that many tourists see • Goats • Sheep • Elk • Bears

  6. Many Plans are made and being improved upon to help avoid Wildlife death on roads

  7. Banff Park Wolf Project The Central Rockies Wolf Project Studied Wolves. It has now disbanded. Wolves are the natural top carnivore of this ecosystem. They are now sadly low in number which in turn affects all other animals below on the food chain. Prior to the spread of humans throughout the world, the wolf was the single most widely distributed land mammal. Now, on this continent, only the northern tier of Canada and parts of the USA, including Alaska, are home to healthy populations of wolves.

  8. It is Rare to see a Wolf in Banff

  9. Prey such as Elk are now very numerous creating problems in townsites

  10. Mule Deer are also very Numerous

  11. Grizzly Bears can be seen but are often active only at NIGHT

  12. Some Grizzlies need to be relocated as they get too close for comfort In Banff, they have also been scientifically studied

  13. They even have a Restaurant in Banff

  14. The Banff Springs Hotel is a famous CP HOTEL

  15. The Park has 3 Ski Mountains

  16. A Famous Gondola ride is another tourist favourite

  17. The Icefields are in Banff and Jasper parks. All ice sheets get smaller every year. You can walk Glaciers here in Mid July

  18. Streets in Town have animal names

  19. The Museum has many stuffed animals from a time when it was park policy to kill these animals to protect people.

  20. Camping and hiking are also popular things for recreation

  21. Hiking can be in planned areas or in the “back country”

  22. Many issues and claims to fame are associated with Banff. This Park is on the Bucket List for many people in the world.Like all National parks it is set aside for the benefit, education and enjoyment of all Canadians. One benefit is that it preserves some unique natural habitat and creatures. This is often at conflict with education and enjoyment.

  23. Many animals and preservationists are probably ….

  24. Some interesting animal and people moments can happen in this park