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  1. Cheetahs! By: Emily Schneider

  2. Table Of Contents Introduction Adaptations Habitat Life Cycle Camaflodge Fun facts Conclusion

  3. Introduction Are you interested in cheetahs? Because if you read on we can travel to Africa and learn a cheetahs adeptations,where they live, there life cycle, how they camaflodge, what they eat and some fun facts!!

  4. Adaptations We`re hear! First lets look close at there adaptations. Wow look close at that cheetah ,it is using its strong legs to catch its prey! And look at that fast cheetah it is using its claws to grip on the ground allowing the cheetah to run rely fast! Did you know that I read a book that made me interested about how a cheetah has excellent eye sight to find its prey, I also learned that a cheetah is the fastest mammal known and can run up to 70 miles per hour!Oh my! look at that deep chest that holds big lungs and a big heart I think that’s all the cheetahs adaptations!!!

  5. Habitat How about we look a little more close at the there habitat! Lets go explore the grassy open plains, where the cheetahs habitat is! Cheetahs live in the south and east of Africa. They also used to live in Asia in the east and south too, but the cheetahs moved to Africa. Now there is 7,000 to 10,000 cheetahs in africa!ohh, that cheetah is slowing down because of the trees. Cheetahs do not like trees because when running the trees can slow the cheetah down.

  6. Life Cycle Know lets learn about a cheetahs life cycle! Come on, wow that adult cheetah is having 4 cubs. A adult cheetah often has 4 cubs at a time. Did you know that cubs are born blind and gray with no spots? A mother raises her baby with milk and meat! After 3 months the cub no longer depends on milk and there spots begin to grow and they learn to hunt!!! Did you know a cheetah leaves mother when its only a year and a half years old!? What's rely cool is a cheetah can weigh up to 75-150 pounds! That is a cool life cycle!

  7. Camaflodge Lets move on to a cheetahs camaflodge!! Do you see that? Not up there down there in the dry grass! A cheetah can easleycamaflodge in the high dry grass with there spotted coat. A cheetah can also camaflodge in dirt or leaves on the ground.

  8. Fun facts Now don’t leave, its time for fun facts!!! Did you no a cheetah is related to all cats!? Because it is!! Have you ever felt a cheetah! Because its black fur is more softer than its tan color fur! Believe it or not most cheetahs are kind to humans! Did you know the use of cheetahs as train hunters is called coursing?!Don't leave now because my last fun fact is hear!! Did you know cheetah were once raced by gray hounds!!

  9. Conclusion Are adventure is over and you can go and tell all you friends you are an expert at cheetahs and you know a cheetahs adaptations, where they live, there life cycle, how they camaflodge, what they eat and some fun facts!!