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  1. Welcome to Ningbo Changqi

  2. What is an influenza pandemic? A pandemic is a global disease outbreak. An influenza pandemic occurs when a new influenza. A virus emerges for which there a little or no immunity in the human population, begins to cause serious illness and then spreads easily person to person world wide while you are in an area where avian influenza cause have been reported. At this time, CDC recommends that travelers to countries experiencing Outbreaks of this disease in poultry should avoid areas with live poultry. Such as live animal markets and poultry farms. Large amounts of the Virus are known to be excreted in the droppings from infected birds. Influenza viruses are destroyed by heat. Therefore, as a precaution, All food from poultry including eggs, should be thoroughly cooked.

  3. What is the general risk to humans from bird flu? • According to the US Centers for Disease Control, the risk from bird flu is generally low for most people. This is because the viruses occur mainly among birds. And they do not usually infect humans. • However, during an outbreak of bird (avian) flu among poultry (domesticated chicken, ducks, and turkeys). There is always a possible risk to people who have contact with infected birds or any surfaces that have been contaminated with the excretions from infected birds. • The outbreak of avian influenza A (H5N1)among domesticated poultry in Asia is an example of an avian flu outbreak that has caused human infections and deaths. In these situations, people should avoid contact with infected birds or contaminated surfaces, and should be very careful when handing and cooking poultry. • Is there a vaccine to protect humans from H5N1 virus? • No. There currently are no vaccines that protect humans.

  4. Influenza (Flu) Pandemics During the 20th Century • During the 20th century, the emergency of new Influenza A cirrus subtypes caused three pandemics, all of which spread around the world within 1 year of being detected. . 1918-1919 outbreak: “Spanish flu," [A(H1N1)] . 1957-1958, "Asian flu,"[A(H2N2)] . 1968-1969, "The Hong Kong flu," [A(H3N2)] . 1977-1978, "The Russia flu," [A(H1N1)] • THE NEWEST Influenza (Flu) Pandemics • 2002-2003, SARS • 2009, “The Mexico flu," [A(H1N1)] • 2010, 2011, 2012 …….

  5. Are you protected? HAND-FREE HYGIENE SYSTEM Eliminate cross-contamination Variety of solutions available for systems Reduce solution costs 1 year unconditional warranty TOUCHLESS))))))))

  6. Touchless Soap Dispenser Touchless Spray DispenserSystem Touchless Foam Dispenser ON/OFF switch: infrared sensor Dispensing volume: 1.0~1.5ml IR sensing distance: 5~15cm Capacity: 500/800ml Material: ABS plastic/Aluminium/Stainless Steel One-off pouch or bottle cartridge is available Features: 1) Smart inteligent electronics skill being adopted ensure sits high performance. No contact, to effectively prevent cross-infection of bacteria, prevent human damage & waste. 2) Because of advanced pump fit to all kinds of liquid can be applicable, like shampoo, liquid soap, sanitizer, etc. 3) Power consumption is very low, battery life reaches more than 10,000 ~ 30,000 cycles. 4) Flashing LED indicates low battery. 5) There is a device for protect from stealing off. 6) Primary application: school, health care, institutions, hospitals, office, hotel, food factory etc.

  7. Product Line Materials

  8. Instruction for ASR5-4Hand Sanitizer Dispenser System Hello…  ASR5-4 ( patent product ) Logo and color box printing are available Material: ABS/Stainless Steel/Aluminium Unit dimension: 11.0*9.0*20.5cm Power: 4 AA batteries Lockable design Volume: 400ml Drop volume per time: 1.0ml Color: white & color available Packing: 6 pcs/case HS code: 85099000

  9. Instruction for ASR5-5Hand Sanitizer Dispenser System ASR5-5 ( patent product ) Logo and color box printing are available Material: ABS/Stainless Steel/Aluminium Unit dimension: 13.0*11.5*26.0cm Power: 4 C batteries Lockable design Volume: 800ml Drop volume per time: 1.0ml – 1.5ml Color: white & color available Packing: 6 pcs/case HS code: 85099000

  10. User Manual Installation

  11. Patent & Technology Advantage Modularization design brings 3 special advantages: 1) Easy for function change between the regular drop, spray & foam nozzle with 3 in 1.

  12. 2) Easy for maintenance with less labor cost & man-hour, you only need to replace the control box instead of the whole dispenser because of the removable electronic black box. Delivery box to you Replace control box No such trouble anymore! Lower labour & cost! Only to change a new one!

  13. 3) The 3 kinds of different white sliders change droplet from small to bigger. Change it for different purpose by self at easy!

  14. Usage in Commerce Public/Aisle/Hall of Airport, Hotel, House, School, Kindergarten, Restaurant, Hospital, Clinique, Office building, Shopping mall, Commercial center, Gymnasium, Waiting room and so on.

  15. Frequently Asked Questions • What is the reliability of the unit? We have tested our system and it has been reliable when used consecutively for over 1 million applications. The batteries will last for a minimum of 15,000 dispensing cycles. Our testing has proven that they can last much longer, as much as double this amount. • How much solution is dispensed? The dispenser typically dispenses 1 ml of solution per application, but can be adjusted to meet the customer’s needs. The black box, which controls the application being dispensed, can be interchanged should any problems arise or if the amount of solution needs to be adjusted, without removing the outer component from the wall. • What are the advantages of hands free over conventional pump systems? We run a sealed tube directly from the bag of solution, which prevents any type of risk of contamination. Other units that use the reservoir system break the contamination barrier when they refill the unit with soap. Unless the soap is contained in a sealed bag, there is always the possibility of contamination.

  16. Why change now? • Everything else has changed in the public/aisle/hall area; the last step is the hands free dispenser systems. It is easier to use, thus empowering people to use it more often. Government regulations are changing to support the use of hands free systems.  The CDC has come out with new guidelines that are mandating changes in the work place to help eliminate cross contamination and reduce the spread of infection. • How much does it cost? • What is it worth to the client to reduce sick time in his work force, or to eliminate the possibility of contamination in the work place? We are here to provide the customer with an evaluation of our unit to help them improve their current working conditions in their place of business. • What trends are currently shaping the market place? • Everything is pushing towards hands free items in the foodservice, medical and safety environments.  This is inclusive of, but not limited to restrooms, food prep areas, surgical sterilization areas, emergency rooms and in elderly/long term care facilities. You will be able to provide your customers with the latest technological products, there by positioning yourself as the industry leader, and enhancing customer loyalty along with brand recognition.


  18. Thank you!